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From The Moora Herald and Midland Districts Advocate newspaper, Friday 30 January 1920:
Carnamah Racing Club - Tenders for Catering
"Tenders are invited for the right of Luncheon Booth at Carnamah Races to be held on March 11th next. The Club will guarantee 150 luncheons at 2s 6d each. Tenderer must provide afternoon tea and tea after races, and must state his charges for each meal separately. The Club will supply accommodation, wood and water. Tenders close on February 10th next. The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted. Also Tenders are invited for the right of Publicans Booth at  Carnamah Races. The Club will provide accommodation and water. Tenders close on February 10th next. Address Secretary, E. J. Clark, Carnamah Race Club."

From The Moora Herald and Midland Districts Advocate newspaper, Friday 6 February 1920:
"Bottle-O - Mr Ted Hellewell, of Moora, has commenced in business as a buyer of bottles of all shapes and sizes for which he offers the best ruling prices. It is Mr Hellewell's intention to visit the farms, etc, around the district and collect all bottles there for sale. Will readers kindly note this and have all bottles ready pending his visit to their places."

From The Moora Herald and Midland Districts Advocate newspaper, Friday 13 February 1920:
Bottle-O! Bottle-O! Ted Hellewell of Moora is prepared to pay best prices for Bottles of all shapes and sizes, and will call and collect them - Look out for his visit - Have them ready."

From The Moora Herald and Midland Districts Advocate newspaper, Friday 13 February 1920:
Carnamah Race Club - Race Meeting - Thursday, March 11, 1920
"Officials:-  Patrons: Mr James Gardiner, M.L.A. and Senator P. Lynch
                  President: Mr Donald Macpherson
                  Committee: Messrs Macpherson, Darling, L. Parker, Palfreyman, McGilp and Davieson
1     Maiden Plate of 7 Sovs. 1st horse 5 Sovs; 2nd horse 2 Sovs. For horses within a radius of 80 miles of Carnamah Railway Station, w.f.a. Nom. 7s. Six furlongs.
2     Pony Race, of 7 Sovs. 1st horse 5 Sovs; 2nd horse 2 Sovs. 14 3 a u. For ponies within a radius of 80 miles Carnamah Railway Station. Nom. 5s; Accept. 2s. Five furlongs.
3     Flying Handicap of 12 Sovs. 1st horse 10 Sovs; 2nd horse 2 Sovs. Nom. 8s; Accept 4s. Six furlongs.
4     Local Handicap of 12 Sovs. 1st horse 10 Sovs; 2nd horse 2 Sovs. For horses with a radius of 80 miles of Carnamah Railway Station. Nom. 7s; Accept. 3s. Seven furlongs.
5     Carnamah Stakes, Handicap of 25 Sovs. 1st horse 15 Sovs; 2nd horse 7 Sovs; 3rd horse 3 Sovs. Nom. 15s; Accept. 10s. 1¼ mile.
6     Hack Race. For Farmers only. For horses that have never won an advertised race, and within 40 miles of Carnamah Railway Station. Horses to be approved by stewards. A sweepstake of 5s with 5 Sov added. Minimum weight 10 stone. Five furlongs.
7     Welter Handicap of 12 Sovs. 1st horse 10 Sovs; 2nd horse 2 Sovs. Winner of Flying Handicap to carry 7lb penalty. Winner of Carnamah Stakes to carry 20lb penalty. Nom. 8s; Accept. 4s. One mile.
Conditions -
     To be run under the Rules and Regulations of W.A. Turf Club Exempt Rules, 29 C D E, 33, 43, and A.R.6a for bona fide Hacks only.
     Events 1 and 4 for horses that have been the property of Nominator for three months before date of races.
     Nominations close Wednesday, March 3rd, 1920, at 8 o'clock p.m.
     Weights declared on Monday March 8th (see "West Australian").
     Acceptances - Wednesday, March 10th, at 8 o'clock p.m.
     Nomination Forms on application.
E. J. Clark, Hon. Secretary."

From The Moora Herald and Midland Districts Advocate newspaper, Friday 20 February 1920:
Carnamah Notes [From Our Own Correspondent]
    "Matters in connection with the local race club meeting, which to be held on March 11th, are well in hand now, and everything will be in apple pie order for that day, as the committee appointed are not men to let the grass grow under their feet; so patrons can rely on a good day's outing.
     Mr E. J. Clark has been appointed hon. secretary to the club who would only be too pleased to supply any information required by anyone in connection with the club's races.
     The repurchased estate of Yarra Yarra has at last been settled and disposed of by the Repatriation scheme, and up to date three soldier settlers have come along and intend clearing their blocks. I believe that we can expect a few more at any time to settler in this district. It is the duty of every settler in this district to assist these boys all they can.
     Wheat carting has finished up this way now and all the farmers report good returns.
     Bush fires have been giving a great deal of trouble again this year. To look at the country around here one could hardly credit how a bush fire could manage to travel, but did this year. Mr J. Bowman was the heaviest loser, but he was fortunate enough to save seven hay stacks in the next paddock. The midland [Railway] Coy. lost a self sown crop and a great deal of feed."

From The Moora Herald and Midland Districts Advocate newspaper, Friday 5 March 1920:
Carnamah Races
    "The following is a list of nominations for the Carnamah Races to be held on Thursday, March 11th.
Maiden Plate -
     Lord Welbeck, La Carnamah, Mardo, Wildjo, Bush Foundling, Wallajary, Dukana.
Pony Race -
     Example, Wooraling, Hurriedly, Lady Chelsy, Bush Foundling, Minka, Loughbegg, Lady Betty, Sandy.
Flying Handicap -
     Mural Lass, Lady Clasp, Arunbah (late Fidel), Turipa, Captain Alcock, La Carnamah, Mardo,
     Wildjo, Home Again, Lady Chelsy, Dukana, Lady Folly, Lenelle, Orello, Winchester.
Local Handicap -
     Mural Lass, Lady Clasp, Lord Welbeck, Spring Park, Turipa, La Carnamah, Mardo, Wooraling,
     Home Again, Lady Chelsy, Wallajarry, Minka, Winchester.
Carnamah State -
     Mural Lass, Arunbah (late Fidel), Spring Park, Leaped Home, Captain Alcock, La Carnamah,
     Mardo, Home Again, Fleetlock, Lennelle.
Welter Handicap -
     Lady Clasp, Arunbah (late Fidel), Spring Park, Turipa, Leaped Home, Captain Alcock,
     La Carnamah, Mardo, Wooraling, Wildjo, Fleetlock, Lenelle, Orello, Winchester."

From The Moora Herald and Midland Districts Advocate newspaper, Friday 19 March 1920:
Carnamah Races
    "The annual race meeting was held at Carnamah on the 11th inst. and provided an excellent day's sport. The following were the results:-
Maiden Plate - Six furlongs
     F. C. Woods' La Carnamah      … 1
     Dr and L. Allan's Lord Welbeck… 2
     G. Booth's Wallajery                … 3
     Time: 1 min 19 secs. Five starters
Pony Race - Five furlongs
     D. Macpherson's Wooraling… 1
     L. Byrne's Hurriedly           … 2
     Miss E. Hamilton's Minka  …  3
     Time: 1 min 6 secs. Seven starters
Flying Handicap - Six furlongs
     T. H. Daly's Aranbah        … 1
     D. Macpherson's Lenelle    … 2
     W. Griffin's Captain Alcock… 3
     Time 1 min 19 secs. Seven starters.
Local Handicap - Seven furlongs
     D. Macpherson's Home Again  … 1
     A. H. Jones' Turipa                      … 2
     Dr and L. Allan's Lord Welbeck… 3
     Time: 1 min 34 secs. Six starters.
Carnamah States - 1¼ miles
     D. Macpherson's Home Again… 1
     W. Griffin's Captain Alcock   … 2
     C. Brockman's Spring Park    … 3
     Time 2 mins 16 sec. Five starters.
Hack Race - Six furlongs
     Trix Queen… 1
     Chester     … 2
     Inering      … 3
     Nine starters.
Welter Handicap - 1 mile
     T. H. Daly's Aranbah    … 1
     A. H. Jones' Turipa       �� 2
     D. Macpherson's Lenelle… 3
     Four starters."

From The Moora Herald and Midland Districts Advocate newspaper, Friday 16 April 1920:
Marriage - McGilp-Lang
"At Grianaig, Carnamah, on 7th April, by the Rev. G. Nisbet Dods, St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Perth, Angus A. McGilp, Waddy Waddy, Coorow, to Janet McDougall Lang, eldest daughter of John Lang, sugar-refiner, late of Greenock, Scotland."

From The Moora Herald and Midland Districts Advocate newspaper, Friday 16 April 1920:
Wedding - McGilp-Lang
    "Much interest was created among a large circle of friends by the marriage of Miss J M Lang, eldest daughter of Mr and Mrs J Lang, of "Grianaig," Carnamah, to Mr A A McGilp, of the well known estate Waddy Waddy, Coorow, which was solemnised at the residence of the bride's parents, on Wednesday evening, April 7th.
     The ceremony was performed by the Rev G Nisbet Dods in the presence of an overflowing congregation. The bride, who was given away by her father, looked charming in a bridal frock of ivory crepe de chene and Georgette veil of embroidered Brussels net held by a spray of orange blossom, and carrying a bouquet of Easter lilies and white asters, and wearing a diamond and sapphire brooch, the gift of the bridegroom.
     Miss Lang, the bride's sister, who acted as bridesmaid, looked charming in a frock of shellpink chameuse under cream Brussels net, trimmed with rosebuds and carrying a bouquet of pink rosebuds, also wearing a gold bangle, the gift of the bridegroom.
     Mr Donald Macpherson, J.P., acted as best man.
     After the ceremony a reception was held at Grianaig, the home of the bride's parents, Mr and Mrs Lang. Mrs Lang, who wore a cream togo silk and filet lace, received in the drawing room where the bride and bridegroom also stood to receive the congratulations of their many friends. After the usual toasts were honoured the visitors indulged in dancing and games until the small hours of the morning.
     During the evening Mr and Mrs McGilp left by motor for their honeymoon, the bride travelling in a costume of hattier blue tricotine with hat to match.
     A long list of present were received and cheques to the value of £100 being received."

From The Moora Herald and Midland Districts Advocate newspaper, Friday 16 July 1920:
Carnamah Hall Fund - Popular Girl Competition
    "A social evening in the form of a euchre party basket social and dance was held in the State School, Carnamah, on the 24th ult. The Proceeds of which were for Miss O. M. Parkin, in the Popular Girl Competition. The ladies first prize for the euchre tournament was a lacquer box which was won by Miss Parkin, who handed it back to be sold for the hall fund, and it realised 9s. 6 d. The ladies second prize, a smaller lacquer box, was won by Mrs C. W. Turner. The gent's first prize was a set of gold studs, donated by Messrs Sharp Bros., Ltd., Perth, and won by Mr Oscar Williams. The gent's second prize was a tie between Mr D Macpherson and Master Francis Rooke. Mr Macpherson relinquished his claim, consequently Master F. Rooke was the recipient of a gent's mirror. Miss Beatrice Booth was presented with a large parcel of "Cure 'Em Quick" for being the booby; and Mr Fred Booth was the winner of the similarly gent's booby and he received a box of "Kill me Dead." The sale of the baskets was conducted by the hon secretary Mr E. J. Clark. All the baskets were prettily decorated, which showed the ladies had been very painstaking in making them. There were fifteen baskets which brought the total of £8 3s 6d. A large cake, made and donated by Mr A. G. Darling, raffled at 1s per ticket, realised the grand sum of £3 2s, and was won by Master Gordon Raffan. There were several smaller raffles, including a nice cake and donated by Mrs Haussler. The total of these was £3 1s 9d.
     The donations were: silk hand bag, donated by Mrs Raffan; chestnut colt, donated by Mr G. A. Newman; turkey gobler, donated by Mr G. A. Newman; large flowered vase, donated by Messrs G. and R. Willis and Co, Ltd, Perth; pair of fowls, donated by Mrs Parkin; hand embroidered cushion, donated by Miss Mildred Parkin; tea cosy, brush and comb bag, donated by Mrs R. O. Trewartha.
     The most exciting event of the evening was a guessing competition to guess the name of the stylish lady represented on a box of chocolates. As no one was successful in guessing her name, "Ida," the box was sold for 6s 6d.  The guessing competition alone brough 9s 3d making altogether a total of 15s 9d.
     Thanks is due to the secretary of the W.A. Turf Club, Perth, and the secretary of the Commercial Travellers Club, Fremantle, who supplied the playing cards. The few cards which were bought for the occasion will be sold for the hall fund. Dancing was kept up until 2 a.m., when the mail train came to take the Three Springs Springities home. Miss Parkin was lucky in striking a fine night, for it was raining before and after the social.
     Miss Parkin's votes now stand at 6,200. Miss Parkin wishes to notify the public that her 5s raffle of a tailor-made suit is still open and she will be pleased to receive new members."

From The Moora Herald and Midland Districts Advocate newspaper, Friday 10 September 1920:
Carnamah Notes [From Our Own Correspondent]
    "The Carnamah Racing Club are holding a Picnic Meeting on September 16th next. The seven events on the programme are for horses owned within a radius of 40 miles of Carnamah Railway Station, the A.I.F. Plate, being the principal race of the day. This race is for returned men only. The course, which has been cleared and is under crop, will make an ideal racing track. A good attendance of members and supporters of the club is assured.
     The building of a public hall is nearing finality and tenders will close at an early date.
     The number of new settlers here (returned men) is increasing at rapid rate and a place of meeting for social intercourse is badly needed.
     The Popular Girl Competition in aid of the hall funds will have people guessing as to who will be the ultimate winner. Miss W. Davieson, who unfortunately had to retire, is at present leading with 12,000 votes to her credit. Misses W. Lang, O. Parkin and L. Berrigan have each a strong following so at present it will be hard to pick the winner."

From The Moora Herald and Midland Districts Advocate newspaper, Friday 10 September 1920:
Clearing Sale
T. J. Berrigan has been instructed by Mr D. Macpherson to sell at his Homestead, Carnamah on Friday, September 24th at 2 p.m. sharp the following: a number of Thoroughbreds, the progeny of the well-known sires Carnamah and Glenell; also a quantity of Brood Mares - Hack, Farm, and Sulky sorts, 30 head in all. This will be a good opportunity for persons to secure a good class of horse at very reasonable prices. The whole line must be cleared. T. J. Berrigan, Auctioneer."

From The Moora Herald and Midland Districts Advocate newspaper, Friday 10 September 1920:
Carnamah Racing Club - Picnic Meeting - September 16th, 1920
"Notice is hereby given to nominators that the name of race "Maiden Plate" has been changed to "Maiden Hack Race. E. J. Clark, Hon Secretary."

From The Moora Herald and Midland Districts Advocate newspaper, Friday 17 September 1920:
A Well Sinker's Claim
"At the Moora Local Court on Friday last, before Mr A S Canning, F Higgins, of Coorow, well sinker, brought an action against R. Daintrey, of Coorow, to recover £39 4s balance due for work done in sinking a well for the defendant and also for monies otherwise due by the defendant. After hearing the evidence of the defendant, the magistrate gave judgement for £23 11s and costs, the claim for being boring being disallowed. Mr M O'Brien appeared for the plaintiff and defendant appeared in person."

From The Moora Herald and Midland Districts Advocate newspaper, Friday 24 September 1920:
Carnamah Notes [From Our Own Correspondent]
    "Shearing operations are in full swing in this district at the present time and good clips are expected.
     A matter of interest to all sheep owners in and around Carnamah is the new shearing shed just completed by Mr J Grant for Mr A G Darling. Your correspondent had the pleasure of being shown over the new building just after its completion, and the improvements effected in the pens should not cause any complaints for the shearers about wet sheep or carrying them too far to the board. The latest improvements are noticeable in the pressing room, and the next the loading into wagons, where all the labour saving devices have been studied out. The work put into the shed by Mr J Grant must indeed speak well for his efficiency as a tradesman.
     Settlement is still booming in this district, there being only two farms of the repurchased estate not settled on yet; but I am informed that have been selected and, if reports are true, our settlement exceeds that of neighbours Three Springs.
     Your correspondent cannot understand why we have not yet a station-master here by now. One has only got to look around the platform on train days and then at the pile of good that are put off here, and then to look at the scramble for one another's parcels after the train goes out is indeed no advertisement for the management of the Midland Railway Company in the delivery of goods consigned over their railway. If Mr Maley, M.L.A., happened to come along and see the state of things I am afraid that his opinion, as expressed in the House some time back, about the business lines of the Midland railway, his sentiment would be the same as the majority of the settlers are around here.
     All Carnamah turned out last Sunday afternoon to witness the flying exhibition given by Major Norman Brearley who had a very successful visit here. One humorous critic remarked that the plane could start from the black clouds are reach the white ones."

From The Moora Herald and Midland Districts Advocate newspaper, Friday 1 October 1920:
Carnamah Race Club
    "The Picnic meeting held on the 16th Sept. by the Carnamah Racing Club was a decided success.
     The weather was all that could be desired and the racing interesting.
     The A.I.F. Plate for returned men only was the chief item of the day, all horses had to be owned by returned men and ridden by a returned man.
     After an exciting race Mr Chas Dodd on Afalgar gained the verdict by a head from Mr Alex Jones, of Coorow, on Leaped Home.
     Children's sports and various athletic events were contested during the day. The Sheffield Hdcp. being won by A. Mortimer, scr, who beat Robbie, 1 yd, by a few inches.
      In the evening a dance was held under the direction of Messrs Cook, Malmgreen, Newman and Denslow and proved to be a most enjoyable and well conducted affair and in future the public can be assured of being catered for in this respect in a satisfactory manner.
     Special mention must indeed be made on behalf of Secretary and his committee who left nothing to be desired in the arranging of the days outing and with such a body as the above are and the ideal course that the Club have, there is no doubt that in the near future this club's meeting will be looked upon as the most successful meeting on the Midland line as your scribe is informed that it is the Club's intention of excelling all past efforts at their general meeting.
Maiden Hack Race - 5 Fur.
     Mr D. Macpherson's Youngar  ...1
     Mr D. Fitzsimmon's Olderfeet . ..2
     Mr D. Macpherson's Wallajeny…3
     Other Starters - Boomering, Grenenny, Winkie, Yarra, Dunkum.
     5 to 1 Youngar - Tote s.o. £3 16s 0d.
A.I.F  Plate - 6 Fur.
     Mr C. Dodd's Afalgar        ...1
     Mr A. Jones Leaped Home ...2
     Mr A. Mortimer's Chester . ..3
     Other Starters - Anyhow, Yarra, Evens, Afalgar.
     Tote £6 7s 6d.
Flying Hdcp - 6 Fur.
     Mr A. McGilp's Fleetlock ...1
     Mr D. Macpherson's Mardoo ...2
     Longmore and Bryant's Turipa ...3
     Other Starters - Goldon Gloss, Wild Joe, Mamamatta, Joe Brown, Woolleroe (Late Winchester).
     3 to 1 Fleetlock - Tote s.o. 12/-
Farmers Race - 5 Fur. Winner to pull 1 ton.
     Mr T. Daly's Gold Nugget ...1
     Mr C. Robertson's Wheat Bag ...2
     Other Starters - Folly, Scotty, Bobedebut, Nugget.
     3 to 1 Gold Nuget - Tote £1 1s 0d.
Picnic Hdcp - 1¼ miles.
     Longmore and Bryant's Turipa     ...1
     Mr D. Macpherson's Home Rose ...2
     Mr T. Daly's Joe Brown              ...3
     Other Starters - Wooraling, Olderfeet.
      2 to 1 Turipa - Tote s.o. 12/-
Pony Race - 5 Fur. 14.2 a.u.
     Mr J. Armstrong's Golden Papps ...1
     Mr J. Wingrove's Wankie           ...2
     2 to 1 Golden Papps - Tote s.o. 5.6.
Ladies Bracelet - 7 Fur.
     Mr C. Dodd's Afalgar            ...1
     Mr A. McGilp's Fleetlock       ...2
     Mr D. Macpherson's Mardoo ...3
Other Starters - Youngar, Woollero (Late Winchester), Lock Kiss, Coomalgabbo."

From The Moora Herald And Midland Districts Advocate newspaper, Friday 11 February 1921:
Carnamah Notes [From Our Own Correspondent]
"The opening of Carnamah Hall will take place on Thursday, February 17, and the people of the district are going to celebrate the event in a fitting manner. A full days sport has been arranged, including cricket, lawn tennis, children's sports, and various other events. In the evening, at 8 o'clock, Mr Donald Macpherson will officially open the hall, after which a good programme of vocal items will be rendered, and dancing indulged in. The finalising of the popular girl competition is one of the chief attractions."

From The Midlands Advertiser newspaper, Friday 25 February 1921:
Carnamah Notes
    "The Carnamah Public Hall was officially opened on the 17th inst. During the day sports of all kinds were indulged in. In the morning a cricket match was played between the married men and the single men of the district resulted in a victory for the married men. In the afternoon a cricket match was played between Three Springs and Carnamah, resulting in a win for Three Springs by 9 runs. Carnamah team put up a great game, taking into consideration that the team had not had any practise or played together before, and the exhibition put up by them shows that with a little practise they would be a team to give any team on the Midlands line a good match and would take a lot of beating.
     At 9 p.m., the Chairman of the Hall Committee tendered on behalf of the Committee a nice well worked speech placing before the gathering the hard battle that has been put up to obtain the present Hall, the first movement having taken place in 1914, but during the war all the people's energy was put to the use of obtaining money to provide comfort for the men at the war, but since the war the Hall Committee have worked hard with the result that they now have a nice substantial hall which is a credit to the contractors and the district. The Chairman also thanked the people for their attendance to celebrate the opening of the hall, and on behalf of the committee then called upon Mr Donald Macpherson to officially declare the Hall open after which the Chairman on behalf of the committee presented Mr Macpherson with a silver key as a souvenir of the occasion. During the evening vocal items were rendered by the following ladies and gentlemen:- Rev. Thos. Cook, Miss Field, Mr G. A.  Kempton, Mrs V. E. Bell, Mr and Miss Kroschel, Mrs Forrester and Miss O. Parkin. The Misses Russell and Joy of Perth gave an exhibition of the Highland Fling accompanied by Piper Oswald of Perth. Miss Joy also gave an exhibition of the sword dance and the Irish Jigg, all items of which received the loudest applause and were highly appreciated."

From The Moora Herald and Midlands District Advocate newspaper, Friday 25 February 1921:
"News comes from Carnamah of the death of Miss Maggie Macpherson, which took place last Tuesday."

From The Moora Herald and Midland Districts Advocate newspaper, Friday 4 March 1921:
Carnamah En Fete
    "The official opening of the Carnamah Hall took place on Thursday, 17th February, the day being set aside for both young and old. Proceedings opened with a cricket match between the Married v. Single Men of the district, which resulted in a win for the married men by a narrow margin, and no doubt the victory reflects great credit on skipper Bowman. After the lunch adjournment the match of the day was commenced between Carnamah and Three Springs, which resulted in a win for Three Springs by 9 runs. Side shows were the order of the day, and are too numerous to mention.
     In the evening our worthy chairman of the Committee (Mr J. Lang) started proceedings with the official speech. He said:- Ladies and Gentlemen, my first duty to night is on behalf of the Hall Committee to accord you all a very hearty welcome, and to thank you for your presence here to grace the ceremony of the official opening of the Carnamah Public Hall, an event which I have no doubt will be regarded in the future with justifiable pride as the res letter day in the annuals of Carnamah. The lack of suitable hall accommodation has been a long felt want, and steps were taken in the latter part of 1914 to rectify the defect resulting in the collection of £14 which was placed at the time in the Savings Bank, and I have no doubt had it not been for the Great World War, that object would have been realised long ago. However, as you know, all our efforts during the war were concentrated upon the raising of funds on behalf of the various schemes set going to alleviate in some measure the terrible sufferings and privations of our gallant soldiers, who went forth to fight for home and freedom, covering themselves with imperishable glory in the great struggle. In this connection I may mention, on the authority of our Secretary, that sums aggregating over £500 were raised and paid over to the Y.M.C.A., Red Cross, and Trench Comforts Funds. A most creditable performance, considering the fact that there were then only about 15 families resident in Carnamah. Less than two years ago efforts were renewed, and the wheels set in motion to accomplish our desire. Meanwhile the Midland Railway Company generously offered the Committee a site at a nominal price, and I wish to now to express publicly the Committee's sincere thanks to Mr Murcott and his officials for their valuable assistance in this matter. Unfortunately very considerable delay has occurred in the erection of the hall through strikes, difficulty in obtaining timber, etc. Now that it is up we can afford to forget all the worry of the delay. It was suggested that I should make a financial statement to-night; but I have too much sympathy for your desire to "get on with the dance" to inflict that punishment on you. That will be made shortly at a meeting of Carnamah settlers, when other matters will come up for discussion. But I may be permitted to remind you that we are still in urgent need of money, and I now appeal to you with full confidence to help us in raising the indispensable wherewithal. In this connection I would like to convey to our good friends and neighbours in Winchester, Three Springs, and Coorow, Carnamah's grateful acknowledgment of their past generous and highly esteemed assistance in raising funds for the various schemes we have had from time to time on hand, and at the same time to express the hope that we may look forward to a continuance of the neighbourly support. I have no a very pleasing duty to perform. Some time ago it was jokingly suggested that we should get the Governor or a Member of Parliament to open the hall. But the unanimous opinion of the Committee was that in this instance could not overlook our pioneer of the districts in Mr Donald Macpherson who after a residence of over 50 years, it will no doubt be a pleasing duty for him to declare the hall open.
     Mr Macpherson, in a brief speech, officially declared the hall open. The next item was something in the way of a surprise to Mr Macpherson - a presentation to him from the hall committee as a souvenir of the opening, in the form of a silver key suitably inscribed.
     The music was that could be desired and was in the capable hands of Mr J. Young and Mr C. Kroschel of Three Springs, Mr R. Palfreyman acting in his usual style as M.C."

From The Midlands Advertiser newspaper, Friday 25 March 1921:
Carnamah Race Club - Easter Monday
"Record entries, numbering 82, good prize money, a good course, a public holiday (Easter Monday), and a live secretary and committee should be all that's necessary to make the annual race meeting of the Carnamah Race club a huge success. Everything possible is being done for the convenience of visitors in particular and there is no doubt that the people in charge of affairs at Carnamah intend pushing ahead anything that comes their way.
Maiden Plate - 6 fur. Mural Lady 8 11, Sailor Boy 8 11, Mazando 8 11, Olderfeet 8 11, Fidelcia 8 11, Nardoo 8 11, Grey Pat 8 5, Ayrase 8 5, Glenalbyn 8 5
Yarri Yarri Handicap - 6 fur. Mural Lass 10 10, Aranbah 9 12, Lenelle 9 8, Iberis 9 8, Albert Jacka 9 4, Mac Meryl 9 4, Grafton Boy 9 3, Turipa 9 0, Goldon Gloss 9 0, Carbmos 8 12, Fleetlock 8 10, Jambul 8 8, Joe Brown 8 4, Commigabba 8 0, Mardoo 8 8, Carrawheeler 8 0, Mural Lady 8 0, Canary 8 9, Manorleys Last 0 0
Ony Race - 5 fur. Lock Kiss 98, Lough Begg 6 0, Caloola Girl 8 10, Home Pat 8 10, Home Rose 8 3, Golden Pip 8 2, Cheeky Boy 8 0, Doris Doreen 8 0
Carnamah Stakes - 1¼ miles. Mural Lass 10 1, Golden Spur 9 10, Home Again 9 8, Albert Jacka 9 4, Turipa 9 4, Mac Meryl 9 4, Jambul 8 8, Carbmos 0 6, Marramatta 8 3, Home Rose 8 8, Mural Lady 8 0, Mardoo 8 0, Canary 8 0, Sailor Boy 8 0, Manorleys Last 8 0
Hack Race - 5 fur. Gold Extraction, Mina, Bendord, Cheeky, Boy, Olderfeet, Canary, Maorley's Last, Outlaw Maid, Grenering, Light Foot.
Local Handicap - 7 fur. Mural Lass 10 10, Home Again 9 10, Asanbah 9 10, Golden Spur 9 8, Lenelle 9 7, Iberis 9 7, Albert Jacka 9 4, Mac Meyrl 9 4, Golden Gloss 9 0, Grafton Boy 9 0, Fleetlock 8 10, Mina 8 10, Mazando 8 8, Marramatta 8 4, Grey Pat 8 0, Commalgabba 8 0, Mural Lady 8 0, Carrawheeler 8 0, Canary 8 0, Mardoo 8 0, Golden Pips 7 10"

From The Midlands Advertiser newspaper, Friday, 1 April 1921:
"Wedding Bells - On Tuesday next at Carnamah Hall, the marriage of Miss O. Parkin and Mr. J. A. Grant is to be solemnised by the Rev. F. W. Gunning, of Moora."

From The Midlands Advertiser newspaper, Friday 8 April 1921:
Carnamah Race Club - Annual Race Meeting
     "The annual race meeting of this energetic club took place on March 28th and with an ideal day for sport of kings people turned up from all round the district and helped towards the most successful meeting the club has yet had. Secretary E. J. Clark undoubtedly worked hard for the success of the meeting and to him is due no small measure of praise, being backed up by an energetic committee.
     Improvements to the course and appointments helped towards the comfort of patrons and good racing and capable officials in their various duties played a big part in popularising the sport at Carnamah, a club which is out to further the carrying of good stock in the district.
     Following were the results of the racing:-
                     Maiden Plate - six fur.
1   A. Mortimer's ch g Mardoo, 4 years, 8 11 (Brimson)
2   T. Bonham's ch g Olderfeet, 5 years, 8 11 (Roberts)
3   J. Bowman's blk g Glenalbyn, 3 years (Buckingahm)
Other starters - Sailor Boy and Manorley's Last.
Time - 1 min, 22 secs. Betting - 2 to 1 on winner. Tote 10s.
                    Yarri Yarri Handicap - Six fur.
1   J. G. Young's b g Jambul, 6 yrs, 8 8 (Whelan)
2   A. Mortimer's b m Iberis, 5 yrs, 9 8 (Brimson)
3   A. Harris' ch g Mac Meryl, 9 4 (Samson)
Other starters - Lenelie, Turipa, Gold Extraction, Golden Gloss, Commalgabba, Carrawheeler.
Time - 1 min 20 sec 2/5. Betting - 4 to 1 winner. Tote, £2 4s
                     Pony Race - five fur.
1   A. Harris' blk c Lock Kiss, 9 7 (Samson)
2   A. Mortimer's g m Grey Pat, 3 yrs, 8 10 (Buckingham)
3   G. Armstrong's c g Golden Pips, 8 2 (Brimson)
Other starters - Cheeky Boy and Doris Doreen
Time - 1 min 7 sec 3/5. Tote, 8s
                     Carnamah Stakes 1¼ miles
1   J. G. Young's Jambyl, 8 8 (Whelan)
2   A. Harris' Mac Meryl, 9 4 (Samson)
3   A. H. Jones' Turipa, 9 4 (Jones)
Other starters - Golden Spur, Home Again, Marramatta, Home Rose, Canary, Sailor Boy, Manorley's Last
Time - 2.20. Betting - 2 to 1 on the winner. Tote, 13s
                      Hack Race - 5 furlongs
1   T. Bonham's Olderfeet 10st (Jones)
2   J. Bowman's Canary 10 1 (Donaldson)
3   J. Bowman's Manorley's Last (Jeveve)
Other starters - Cheeky Boy, Outlaw Maid, Grenering, Lightfoot.
Time - 1.11. Tote, 5s.
                   Local Handicap - 6 furlongs
1   A. Mortimer's c g Mardoo, 4 yrs, 8st (Buckingham)
2   A. Mortimer's blk g Home Again, aged, 9 10 (Brimson)
3   G. Brimson's b g Marramatta, aged, 8 4 (Gooch)
Other starters - Golden Spur, Albert Jacka, Golden Gloss, Fleetlock, Mina, Canary, Golden Pips,.
Betting - Ebem syje wommer. Tote div. 10s.

From The Midlands Advertiser newspaper, Friday 8 April 1921:
Mingenew Road Board
   "The monthly meeting was held on March 15, when there were present:- the Chairman, Mr E. A. Field, and Messrs Board, Darlot, Darling and Watson.
     Reports of Sec. And Sepr. Were considered and adopted. He mentioned that three day men had been employed, with horses and drays, for general maintenance and repair purposes, this action was approved.
     Complaints were received that pigs and other animals were being kept on premises in Three Springs. From enquires, it appeared that By Laws were not being infringed, and that their presence was not menace to public health, so no action was taken.
     Settlers at Arrino complained that one man was watering too many horses at a public well, but the members considered no offence had been committed. On a similar complaint from Carnamah the offender was directed to desist.
     The Chairman said he had attended a Conference with the Mullewa Board at Wongundy. They had discussed the question of deviation of stock route through Kokated property, an efficient supply of water along the route, and also a better road from Mingenew to Mullewa. Delegates had agreed on the last two points, but disagreed on deviation of route.
     It was decided to spend the £300 subsidy on equipping main road from Three Springs, towards Coorow.
     The Board decided against payment for Road Board members, as suggested by the upper Chapman Board.
     Sec. to be Returning officer for Election. Mr Field was appointed acting Chairman from Election to next meeting.
     Annual meeting of Ratepayers on April 9th.
     It was decided that prompt action be taken against owners of unregistered stock on Commonage.
     Accounts amounting to £534 13s 6d were passed for payment."
[Note: Carnamah was at this time within the Mingenew Road Board, and Mr. Arthur G. Darling was Carnamah's representative on the Board]

From The Midlands Advertiser newspaper, Friday 8 April 1921:
Mingenew Vermin Board
    "The Mingenew Vermin Board held a meeting at Mingenew on 15th inst., where there were present, Messrs F A Field (chairman), E. Broad, E. F. Darlot, A. G. Darling, D. Macpherson (members) and the Secretary."
[Note: Carnamah was at this time within the Mingenew Vermin / Road Board - Messrs Arthur G. Darling and Donald Macpherson were members from Carnamah]

From The Midlands Advertiser newspaper, Friday 15 April 1921:
"M. E. Cook, of Carnamah, evidently does not intend to let the grass grow under his feet and since returning from the [war] front and entering into an agency business at Carnamah, he has done many things for the advancement of that district, important of which have been in regard to the appointment of a station-master at Carnamah, and also in connection with a district doctor and other things beneficial to the returned soldiers of the district and the residents generally."

From The Midlands Advertiser newspaper, Friday 22 April 1921:
Mingenew Road Board - Monthly Meeting
"The monthly meeting of the above Board was held on April 19th, when there were present :- Messrs Bowman, Darling, Darlot, Field, Macpherson and Watson. Mr Field was again elected Chairman, and tendered a heartly welcome to the new member, Mr John Bowman. He also voiced the pleasure members felt in the re-election of Macpherson and Watson. The reports and Secretary and Supervisor were considered and adopted. He was instructed to obtain fuller particulars in the matter of road closure near Three Springs and a request for clearing at Coorow. H. I. Cardell's application for road repairs at Ebano was agreed to Supervisor to arrange with him to do the necessary work. It was noted that balance of Repatriation was still available. The meeting decided this should be expended on Beaton's Road, the work to be put  in hand at once. Re Winchester Roads - It was resolved that every effort be made to place these in trafficable order.  A tender was accepted for 15 chains gravlling at Strawberry, at £3 per chain. Mr Watson to arrange for about six miles of clearing on Strawberry - Garragadee Road. Tenders to be called for five chains gravelling on Dongarra Road. Also about one mile fencing along south side of roads to Eyragully. The meeting decided to accept Messrs Gilberts' offer to supply six Delco street lights and one in office for £100. Also to undertake wiring of the hall for same purpose. Current to be supplied from plant at Commercial Hotel. A determined effort to be made to rid the streets and reserves of trespassing stock. The quarterly statement was adopted, showing a credit balance of £860/12/5. Accounts amounting to £431/15/11 were passed for payment. Members expressed themselves as opposed to any alterations in Stock Route; the resolution meeting to be rescinded."

From The Midlands Advertiser newspaper, Friday 29 April 1921:
Personal [for Moora]
"Still more changes in our midst and after a few months as station-master in Moora, Mr Frank Horner has received word of his appointment to the audit department of the Midland Railway service…..Another change at the railway station is the transfer of Mr Bert Mortimer to be S M at Carnamah. Like Mr Horner, "Morty" is held in the highest esteem by the citizens and we wish him success in his advancement. "Morty" always has a pound set aside to say he can do the 120 in a yard or so better than someone else…...Mr W. Jaques, who, it is said, is to be our new S M will fill a much needed position in the Town Band as he was at one time bandmaster of that brilliant little band at Mingenew."

From The Midlands Advertiser newspaper, Friday 2 September 1921:
Property Sales
"Messrs Elder Smith & Co. announce in our columns the following sales:- Thursday 15th Sept. At the Palace Hotel, Perth will be offered under instructions from the Executors, the well known property at Gunyidi, of the late Mr. J. T. Glowrey."

From The Moora Herald and Midland Districts Advocate newspaper, Friday 6 January 1922:
Coorow [From a Correspondent]
"The ladies of Coorow organised a very successful Christmas tree party which took place on Saturday 17th inst, when there was a good number present, 130 being entertained to tea. A good programme of sports was prepared and an enjoyable afternoon was spent. Prior to presenting the prizes to the school children, Mrs S. B. Ruddock gave an appropriate address, Mr R. Daintrey responding. After tea the Christmas tree was unloaded, when each guest was the recipient of one or more gifts. The bumper hampers provided by Mrs Batty were greatly appreciated. The committee are to be congratulated on their splendid efforts."

From The Moora Herald and Midland Districts Advocate newspaper, Friday 27 January 1922:
Carnamah Race Club - Annual Meeting [From Our Correspondent]
    "The annual meeting of the Carnamah Race Club was held at the hall on the 14th inst., when the secretary submitted the balance sheet of the club for the past year. Mr. R. Palfreyman was again elected to the chair for ensuing year, and after minutes of the last general meeting had been read and confirmed, the balance sheet was read, which showed the position of the club to be very satisfactory.
     The following office bearers were elected:- Patrons: Messrs. C. C. Maley, M.L.A., W. B. Mitchell, J. L. B. Weir. President: Mr. D. Macpherson. Vice President: Messrs. L. P. Parker and A. G. Darling. Committee: Messrs. D. Macpherson, R. Palfreyman (Chairman), L. Parker, P. J. Lynch, A. Mortimer. Secretary: Mr. E. J. Clark. After a deal of discussion it was decided to hold the annual [race] meeting on the 9th of March, which date has been of by the W.A.T.C. It was also decided to increase the stake money to £101 to be divided into six races. Improvements have also been decided on to the club's nicely situated course, and in the space of a few years this meeting be looked upon as the Ascot of the Midlands. Patrons can rely on receiving every attention from both secretary and committee."

From The West Australian newspaper, Wednesday 4 October 1922:
Closer Settlement - Carnamah Property - Purchased by Government
"The Government has purchased Mr. A. G. Darling's Inering property, containing 16,080 acres, situated at Carnamah, at 32s. 6d. per acre, making a total of £26,130.The estate is said to be one of the best of its size along the Midland railway, well improved, and admirably suited for closer settlement. It is understood that the Government proposes to utilise the property for soldier settlement in connection with agriculture and sheep. The sale was effected through James Gardiner, Ltd."

From The Moora Herald and Midland Districts Advocate newspaper, Thursday 16 August 1923:
Wedding Bells - Bothe-Broad
"A very pretty wedding was solemnised at St. George's Cathedral, Perth, on July 28th by the Rev. F. W. Gunning, of St. James' Church, Fremantle, when Miss Blanche Broad, of Moora, was married to Mr Baxter Bothe, of Coorow. The bride, who entered the church on the arm of her brother, Mr Harry Broad, looked charming in her graceful gown of ivory brocaded crepe de chene, with drapings of rich silk and silver lace and hand-made flowers. Her handsomely embroidered veil, finished with a coronet of silver leaves and clusters of orange blossoms, with bouquet of camellia, erica and carnations with streamers, also a dainty horseshow, completed a very pretty toilette. The bridesmaid, Miss Pearl Broad, was prettily gowned in mauve georgette and satin, heavily beaded in silver, with smart Dutch head dress to match, a bouquet of carnations and roses, with streamers of pink ribbon, was carried. A reception was held later at the Piccadilly Reception Rooms, where about 50 guests sat down to a nice breakfast, at which the usual toasts were honoured. In the evening the happy couple left for Kalamunda by motor car to spend their honeymoon. The bride's travelling dress was of grey gaberdine with shot grew hat. The newly married couple were the recipients of many valuable and useful presents."

From The Moora Herald and Midland Districts Advocate newspaper, Thursday 8 November 1923:
"Mr J. Luttrell, who has taken up about 1500 acres east of Carnamah, is amazed at the beautiful class of country, which he says, with improvement, will be worth up to anything in the vicinity of £12 to £14 an acre. Mr Luttrell is the son of a well known racing identity of New Zealand, and will at once set to work stocking and effecting improvements on his purchase."

From The Moora Herald and Midland Districts Advocate newspaper, Thursday 3 April 1924:
"Carnamah Races - Those who have not yet definitely decided to patronise the annual meeting of the Carnamah Race Club, which will eventuate on Macpherson Park, close to the town, on Thursday next, 10th inst., should do so at once. Large nominations have been received for the six-event programme, which provides for a distribution of £150 in stakes, the principal event being the Carnamah Cup of £50. The secretary (Mr E. J. Clark) and many other club officials are not busy planning arrangements which are calculated to leave no cause for complaint by spectators, horse-owners of any other portion of the large assemblage expected to be present."

From The Moora Herald and Midland Districts Advocate newspaper, Thursday 17 April 1924:
Carnamah Races - Successful Annual Meeting - (By our Representative)
    "The programme framed for the 1924 Carnamah annual racing fixture on Thursday last, April 10, was sufficiently attractive to entice not only a large number of entries for the six events set down for discussion but to bring together the largest number of residents and visitors it has been the pleasure of the officials to welcome - a record gate. Besides the attractiveness of the programme, there is another factor that weighs well with all racing communities - the popularity of its officials and the right royal welcome that is extended to all and sundry. In this way the 1924 fixture did not fall short of its predecessors. Owners, trainers and jockeys are always loud in their praises of considerate treatment meted out to them on visiting Carnamah, for which the genial Donald Macpherson at the helm, the ever popular Ted Clark - courteous and efficient - as his true henchman; the popular judge (Mr Bowman) and all the clans that go to make up the Carnamah community, there is no wonder that a visit to what has become so popularly known as the Scottish settlement is one to be looked forward to by all those who are so fortunate as to find themselves amongst the residents on Carnamah's red letter day, and on a Thursday, a most inconvenient day. Bob Palfreyman after gipsy wanderings are o'er, returned to his old love only to find that progress has supplanted his 'official' residence - known to all visitors as the "Carnamah Club," the rendezvous of the high and mighty - by a palatial store; but with an up-to-date hotel under the management of a popular boniface, the change of venue is only in keeping with the progress that is apparent on all sides. But now to racing.
     On arrival at Macpherson Park, the trysting place for the day, it was seen that little improvement had been effected in the way of buildings or other conveniences. This was soon explained by the President, who said that the Club had determined to shift the site of the grandstand and other buildings to the other side of the course, and consequently for this year they would put up with the slight inconvenience for the sake of the future - up to date arrangements, with an equally good straight one of the finest in the provinces.
     I was not saddling time, and with the quick arrival of numerous motor cars, vehicles of all kinds, and pedestrians only a quarter of a mile from town - Macpherson Park was for the nonce the hub of the universe, with its namesake looking two ways at once, proud at the numerous gathering that honoured the Club's annual meeting. The scratching pen was freely used by the Moora nominators, for not one representative from the "waterless centre" accepted, due, probably, not to any intention of ignoring Carnamah's claim for support as one of the clubs embracing the Central Midland Racing Association, but more to the fact that the handicapper had too great an opinion of Moora's representatives. Take Mr C. J. Roberts' nomination, Waxen. She was asked to carry 10.5 in the 6 furlong event, and 10st in the mile and quarter. When Mr Roberts first saw the weights he exclaimed "It must surely be thought she is a Carbine." Mr Griffin's nominations - Dukama and Valzan - were also absentees. (The handicapping and also stipendiary stewards questions will form the subject of an interview which ore representative had with the Secretary, and which will appear in our next issue.)
     Although the fields were not large excepting one or two events, the racing was of a very interesting character. The meeting was in charge of Stipendiary Steward Steve Haddy, of the Northam Racing Association; while Mr C. W. Turner did excellent work for the flag. Mr Bowman, as judge, had to keep his weather eye open on several occasions, but gave universal satisfaction. In the tote enclosure, under trying conditions, Messrs Ironside and Longson - a brother of E. D. of that ilk - carried out their duties with promptness and exactitude; while all the other officials were at their posts materially contributing towards the success of the meeting. The work of the secretary (Mr E. J. Clark) reflected right through, and he is to be congratulated on the success.
     Racing results as follow:-
Second Class Plate of £20, first £15, second £3 10s, third £1 10s. Minimum weight 8st. Six furlongs.
     W. Phinn's Terrassier, 10st (S. Gooch)         ...1
     D. Macpherson's Mardoo, 9st. (Cream)        ...2
     G. Houston's Leopard, 9.7 (Hull)                 ...3
     Other starters: Donald Mac 10.0, Fiducia 9.7.
The field got away to a good start, Leopard, Mardoo and Terrasier showing out at the turn. At the home turn Mardoo dropped back, Terrasier romping home half a length in front of Margoo who threw out a strong challenge in the straight, with Leopard a lengeth and a half off third. Time 1 21½. Betting: 6 to 4 field, evens Leopoard, 3 to 1 Donalc Mac and Mardoo, 2 to 1 Fiducia. Tote, 5/- 14/-
First Class Plate of £25, first £20, second £3 10s, third £1 10s. Minimum weight 8st. Six furlongs.
     G. Houston's Some Gold, 8.13 (Hull)            ...1
     A. H. Cousins' Lord Strathburg, 8.7 (Hyde)    ..2
     R. E. Hancock's Early Spring, 10.5 (Whelan) ...3
Only three starters. Betting: 6 to 4 Lord Strathburg, evens Some Gold and Early Spring. Tote, 11/-
Early Spring got slight the worst of the start. Along the back stretch Some Gold and Lord Strathburg made the pace a cracker, and entering the straight Some Gold, with two lengths in the lead was challenged by his lordship, resulting in Some Gold retaining a lead from the fast finishing Lord Strathburg winning by half a length, Early Spring being a length and a half away third. Time, 1 17.
Trial Stakes of £15, first £12, second £2, third £1/ For horses owned and trained for a period of three months prior to race within a radius of 40 miles of Carnamah railway station, and have not won a stake exceeding £10 in value to the winner. Minimum weight 8st. Five Furlongs.
     T. H. Daly's Eucabba, 10st (Hyde)               ...1
     C. Dodd's Koomarden, 10st (Dodd)              ...2
     A. Klopper's Golden Gloss, 9st (Wilkins)       ...3
     Other starters: Albert Jacka 9.7, Moidore 9.0, Marnby 9.0, Wassdale Boy 8st.
Betting: 2 to 1 winner, 3 to 1 the others. Tote: 5/- 10/- 17/-
An indifferent start, Moidore and Marnby being badly left. Eucabba led the way to the turn, and although Golden Gloss and Albert Jacka put in a smart run, Eucabba ran in a good winner by a length and a half, two lengths between second and third. Time, 1.7.
Carnamah Cup of £50, first £35 and Cup valued at £5, second £7, third £3. Minimum weight 8st. 1¼ mile.
     R. E. Hancock's Polymeda, 8st (Wilkins)      ...1
     R. E. Hancock's Early Spring, 10st (Whelan) ...2
     H. Cousins' Lord Strathburg, 8.2 (Hyde)       ...3
     Also ran: Channel Fleet 8.11, Terrassier 8st.
Betting: Evens Strathburg, 2 to 1 Polymeda, 3 to 1 Early Spring. Tote, 16/- 15/-
To a good start Terrassier on the rail led post the stand the first time, with the rest close up, and in this way they raced to the back stretch. Here the field began to close up, Terrassier still being in command. Entering the straight the tiring Terrassier left the rails, and Wilkins on Polymeda accepting the opening brought Polymeda along with a good run and won a beautiful race by a head, the same distant separating second and third, with Channel Fleet and Terrassier close up. The race up the straight was an exciting one, and as the horses flashed past the post the public were in doubt as to the winner. A protest was entered by Hyde, but was soon dismissed. Time, 2.15.
Third Class Plate of £20, first horse £15, second £3 10s, third £1 10s. Minimum weight 8st. Six furlongs.
     A. Klopper's Golden Gloss, 9st (Wilkins)      ...1
     A. H. Cousins' Joe Brown, 8st (Hyde)          ...2
     P. J. Lynch's Rewolf, 9st (Gooch)                ...3
     Other starters: Tue Gun 9st, Homelike 8.7.
Betting: 6 to 4 Joe Brown and Rewolf, 2 to 1 Homelike and Tue Gun. Tote, 8/- 6/-
A good start. Golden Gloss at the back of the course had command and led into the straight, with True Gun and Rewolf in close attendance. Joe Brown then put in a strong claim but the top weight carried too many guns and won by half a length with one length between second and third. Time, 1 21½.
Local Handicap of £20, first horse £15, second £3 10s, third £1 10s. Minimum weight 8st. Seven furlongs.
     T. H. Daly's Eucabba, 9st (Hyde)                ...1
     T. Bennett's Rosejoyance, 8.7                    ...2
Odds on winner, 2 to 1 Rosejoyance, even Shellgrit. Tote 8/-
The only other starter, Shellgrit, ran off the course and took no part in the race, leaving Eucabba to return home an easy winner. Time 1.35.
Winning Owners - Presentation of Cup
     In the evening about 9.30 a large crowd assembled at the Hotel Carnamah to take part in the settling, and the presentation of the Cup to Mr. R. E. Hancock, the owner of Polymeda. Mr. Donald Macpherson, as President of the Carnamah Racing Club, said it was his pleasure to hand over the Cup to the owner of Polymeda and amid cheers heartily congratulated Mr. Hancock on his win. In returning thanks the recipient said he was pleased to attend the meeting and to be lucky enough to win the Cup, and paid a high tribute to the Club and its officials.
     Mr. Bowman (judge) then presented to Mr. Gooch a silver mounted whip and to Mr. P. J. Lynch a gold watch, as the rider and owner respectively of the winner of the R.S.L. Handicap at the Picnic Meeting held last January, the conditions of which were, "owned and ridden by a returned soldier." The gifts were suitably acknowledged.
     The following were the winning owners:-
     Mr. R. E. Hancock, £43 10s (less tax) - 1st and 2nd in Carnamah Cup, 3rd in First Class Plate.
     Mr. T. H. Daly, £27 - 1st in Trial Stakes, 1st in Local Handicap.
     Mr. G. Houston, £21 10s - 3rd in Second Class Plate, 1st in First Class Plate.
     Mr. W. Phinn, £15 - 1st in Second Class Plate.
     Mr. A. H. Cousins, £12 - 2nd in First Class Plate, 3rd in Cup, 2nd in Third Class Plate.
     Mr. A. Klopper, £16 - 3rd in Trial Stakes, 1st in Third Class Plate.
     Mr. D. Macpherson, £3 10s - 2nd in Second Class Plate.
     Mr. T. Bennett, £3 10s - 2nd in Local Handicap
     Mr. P. J. Lynch, £1 10s - 3rd in Third Class Plate.
     Mr. C. Dodd, £2 - 2nd in Trial Stakes."

From The Midlands Advertiser newspaper, Friday 22 August 1924:
The Midlands Advertiser  Published at Moora every Friday.
Subscription - 5/6 per year (posted)
Copies of the Midlands Advertiser may be obtained from the undermentioned agents:-
Carnamah - L. Parker
[Note: this was the last edition of the paper that Louis P. Parker sold in Carnamah]

From The Midlands Advertiser newspaper, Friday 29 August 1924:
The Midlands Advertiser  Published at Moora every Friday.
Subscription - 5/6 per year (posted)
Copies of the Midlands Advertiser may be obtained from the undermentioned agents:-
Carnamah - A. L. Trotter
[Note: this was the first edition of the paper that Alfred L. Trotter sold in Carnamah]

From The Midlands Advertiser newspaper, Friday 29 August 1924:
"Mr. J. G. Hunter, who for the past two years, has been accountant for the Central Midlands Co-Operative Co, Moora, severed his connection with that firm last Saturday. Mr. Hunter left for the city by Wednesday morning's train."

From The Midlands Advertiser newspaper, Friday 29 August 1924:
Carnamah Road Board
    "An ordinary meeting of the Board was held in the Road Board office, on Tuesday, 19th August. Mr. John Bowman presided over the following members:- Messrs. D. Macpherson, W. M. C. Lawson, A. A. McGilp and F. R. Bryant.
     The chairman intimated that the finance committee had examined the books and vouchers, cash and cash statements, and found same correct.
     Accounts amounting to £475/12/7 were passed for payment,
     Mr. A. A. McGilp introduced a deputation from the Coorow Progress Association. Mr. W. G. Morcombe stated the case for the Wadi Forrest settlers asking the Board to provide new roads for easier access to the Wadi store and school, for the settlers to the south of Wadi Road. He also pressed the Board to give immediate attention to the deviation at Curingi Well pointing out that the old track was being fenced off, and that unless the work was put in hand at once the settlers would have great difficulty in carting their wheat to the siding during harvest. Mr. Fowler and Mr. Bateman supported Mr. Morcombe, and he also spoke for the whole of the district. The roads at Coorow were in a very bad state.
     The chairman: Not any worse than at Carnamah, and getting worse every year.
     The natural surface was worn down below the original level and the roads were the water tracks, with the result that they were getting washed out into ruts. He knew that the income of the Coorow ward was not sufficient to cope with the outlay required and he was there to urge the Board to borrow money and get the roads put into fair condition.
     The Chairman stated that he was quite in sympathy with the claims put forward and assured the deputation that the Board would do all that they possibly could with the money at their disposal.
     He did not believe in borrowing and he did not think the other members of the Board would support a loan for road construction. The Board had tried to get a portion of the Federal grant for main roads with the view of spending some of it at Coorow.
     They had been unsuccessful in regard to the grant. The allocation had been very unfair, but they were hopeful that next year they would get a fairer deal.
     Mr. Morcombe thanked the Board for their consideration and the deputation withdrew.
     It was agreed to leave the work on the Coorow roads to Mr. McGip and the secretary with power to act.
     Applications for road clearing by Mr. Wallace and Mr. Leach were also left to Mr. McGilp and the secretary.
     The secretary was instructed to write the Public Works Department re the alteration to Winchester Bridge.
     It was agreed to accept J. Reid's offer for gravelling on Mr. S. Maley's road at £3 per chain.
     It was left to Mr. E. James to arrange for filling in holes on Perenjori Road by Three Springs.
     Several applications for road improvement at Three Springs were left to the secretary to make enquiry. Mr. S. B. Rudduck   wrote suggesting improvements to Coorow roads."

From The Midlands Advertiser newspaper, Friday 5 September 1924:
    "Prospects for a good season are bright. Crops are looking well and with fair, late rains a good harvest should result. There is a big increase in the acreage under crop this year. The rainfall to date for the season totals 880 points, 22 points being registered during the past week.
     The committee of the Agricultural Society have arrangements well in hand for its show to be held on 9th October and it is anticipated that the fixture will prove a great success. In conjunction with the show sports for young and old are to take place.
     On September 25, the Carnamah Race Club will hold a picnic meeting. The programme comprises seven events and good fields are expected. The secretary (Mr E. J. Clarke) is working hard to make the meeting a success.
     The town is progressing. The up-to-date hotel is well conducted by Mrs Davies, late of Mogumber. There are also modern stores, blacksmith's shop and bakery and butcher's shop. A serious question is the water supply for domestic purposes.
     During the week Mr A. P. Tucker met with a painful accident. The horse he was riding stumbled and threw him, with the result that Mr Tucker had a shoulder broken.
     Whilst cranking a tractor, Mr Pat Rooke received a kick, breaking a bone in the wrist, but is now doing well.
     The Road Board is to be commended on its action in plating tress in the main streets of the town.
     The allotting of the Commonwealth grant is deemed unfair. The main road from Carnamah to Winchester is in an awful state, and as it is much used by motorists the Government should grant money to repair same. Mr Porter arrived with a Thorneycroft Lorry on Saturday when the road was in a very bad state."

From The Midlands Advertiser newspaper, Friday 12 September 1924:
Carnamah - September 9.
    "During the past few days further welcome rains fell, making 27 points for the week.
     Crops are looking better than ever. At Inering, on the Soldiers' Settlements, some crops are waist-high. Settlers there are wondering how they are going to cart this wheat to Carnamah, as the roads through the estate are in a bad state. With average luck 2700 bags are expected from this estate alone.
     A sum of £900 was promised for Carnamah roads, and residents with the work to be put in hand.
     Football is finished so far as the North Midlands are concerned. Carnamah was not in the picture. It is to be hoped that next year the team will pull together. We have the players and should be a formidable side.
     It is probable that a Rifle Club will be formed here in the near future. Matches against Moora will be arranged should a club be formed.
     Residents generally are looking forward to an enjoyable time at the races on September 25 and the show on October 9.
     The local Progress Association is agitating for a post office here, as it is much needed. There is a lot of revenue now that the telephone extension to Inering is complete. No doubt the Association will place a strong case before the Department.
     Another matter that should be discussed is the need of a bank at Carnamah."

From The Midlands Advertiser newspaper, Friday 26 September 1924:
Carnamah (From Our Correspondent)
    "The district is in the need of rain to fill out the crops, which are heading nicely.
     Local residents trust that Moora will form a Progress Association. Our own Association is a great boon to the district and is proving a real progressive body and it is hoped that in the near future the Moora and Carnamah associations will be able to co-operate in work for their districts, and thereby right numerous wrong by bringing united influence to bear on governing bodies.
     The Carnamah Progress Association is to be complimented on the interest it is taking in the town and district. It is this Association to which is responsible for the planting of trees in the main streets, and also organising settlers with the object of receiving the benefits of telephonic communication throughout the district. It has been given a promise that the goods platform and stockyards will be extended; such extension is badly needed.
     The Progress Association is now fighting for an official post office. It was promised that a post office would be established here when revenue reached £400 per annum. The revenue for this year exceeded that of the previous 12 months by £150, and with additional revenue from telephones the district is now entitled to an official office.
     The townspeople are facing a serious time regarding water for domestic purposes. The only means of supply is a well, from which water has to be drawn 90ft. This is not fair to the people. Will our Member approach the Water Supply Department with a view to having a windmill erected on the well in question.
     It is estimated that 27000 bags of wheat will be carted from the Inering Estate during the coming season. Taking the district as a whole and allowing four bags to the acre, 70000 bags are expected; this is almost double that of last year's yeild.
     A successful dance was held here on the 11th inst in aid of instruments for the local jazz band."

From The Midlands Advertiser newspaper, Friday 26 September 1924:
Carnamah Road Board
    "The monthly meeting was held in the Road Board office on Thursday, 16th inst.
     In the absence of Mr. Bowman, Mr. Bastian was called to the chair, and presided over Messrs. Jones, Bryant and Macpherson.
     Mr. C. C. Maley wrote stating that £900 had been promised from the Federal Grant fund 1924-25 t the Carnamah Road district, and the secretary was instructed to thank mr. Maley for his good services on behalf of the Board.
     The members considered the sum alloted was totally inadequate for the requirements of the district, and it was resolved to make a strong appeal for an increase in the grant.
     It was resolved to call fresh tenders for caretaking of Three Springs windmills.
     Senetor Lynch's application for a cleared road from his property to the Dudewa Road was left over for consideration by a full meeting of the Board.
     Mr. James' action in arranaging for work on Hornsby's road was approved by the Board.
     Mr. Bryant's application for the road grader to be sent to Marchagee was agreed to and the secretary was instructed to make arrangements for the transport and the working of the machine.
     It was agreed to subsidise the Marchagee settlers for ploughing out and filling with gravel the wheel tracks for about 30 chains over the sand plain on Marchagee road. The settlers agreeing to accept payment of the subsidy as the financial position of the ward warranted.
     The chairman reported that he had inspected Luttrell's road along with the secretary, and he suggested the Board arrange for a deviation at Mr. Rowland's property and also at M1216. This was agreed to.
     It was agreed to clear Johnston's road at Winchester.
     It was left to Mr. James and the secretary to arrange for work on Lake crossings on the Three Springs Toad so as ro have the crossings in good condition for the wheat carting."

From The Midlands Advertiser newspaper, Friday 17 October 1924:
Carnamah Notes (From Our Correspondent)
    "Weather conditions here are still unsettled, but very little rain has fallen during the month. Crops are keeping up well owing to the cool weather. The crops of Messrs Johansen and Catto look as though they will average 24 (or more) bushels to the acre.
     The writer had a trip through the Inering Estate last Monday and crops generally are looking well. The holdings prove that the returned soldiers are working hard to make good, but they are not getting a fair deal as regards the road to Carnamah. They have no voice in road board matters, as their properties are not rateable. It is up to those represent the district - both on the Road Board and in Parliament - to see that the Government grants money for roads through the Estate.
     The local progress associations should keep on fighting for a grant. It will be sure to receive the support of the Member for Moore (who is a returned soldier).
     The Carnamah Show took place on October 9 and proved successful. Entries were fairly good, whilst a good sports programme for young and old was carried out. In the evening a most enjoyable ball was held. Some very pretty dresses were to be seen. Dancing was kept up till 2 o'clock the next morning.
     During the progress of the sports at the show ground Mr Jack Lynch injured his knee whilst riding over hurdles. He is progressing favourably.
     General sorrow is felt for Mr M. Clune and family through the sad loss of their little daughter, aged 12 years, who died at Three Springs Hospital on October 8."

From The Midlands Advertiser newspaper, Friday 24 October 1924:
Correspondence - To the Editor
(The Editor does not necessarily identify himself with the opinions expressed by correspondents.)
"Sir,-I have often heard it remarked that a "Scotchman thinks before he speaks," "an Englishman thinks first and thinks afterwards," and that "an Irishman speaks without thinking at all."
If there is any truth in the above statement, then I think there must be a fairly big slice of the Irishman in your Carnamah correspondent. In Carnamah notes of your issue of to-day , your correspondent states that the Inering settlers are not getting a fair deal as regards the road to Carnamah. If your correspondent would only drive a little slower over the good patches, he would be able to observe that there has been more work done, and more money spent, on the road from Inering to Carnamah, than on all the other roads in the Carnamah ward added together. Although the Inering settlers do not have a vote at Road Board elections it does not follow that they do not have a voice. The chairman of the Board has fought hard for a grant for the Inering road and he has had the support of all the members of the Board. Without a doubt Inering road is bad, but it is not the worst road in the district. I would suggest to your correspondent, to fill his car with Inering settlers, and take a trip round the roads at Marchagee and Gunyidi, he would be able to collect some interesting data for next week's notes.
Yours faithfully, A Scotsman. Carnamah, 17th Oct., 1924"

From The Midlands Advertiser newspaper, Friday 31 October 1924:
Carnamah Road Board
"The monthly meeting of the Carnamah District Road Board was held at Carnamah on Tuesday, 21st October. Mr. John Bowman presided over Messrs. James, Bastian, McGilp and Bryant.
The chairman submitted the finance committee's report with monthly and quarterly statements.
Accounts amounting to £255 11/8 were passed for payment.
Mr. James intimated that he had arranged with F. J. Fogarty for gravelling at Lake crossings on the Three Springs-Perenjori road, and asked the Board to approve of his action. Approval granted.
The secretary intimated that he had arranged for work on Inering road near Mr Langdon's holding, and also for the clearing of Johnston's road at Winchester, and asked for the Board for approval of the contracts. Approval granted.
It was agreed to accept Mr Klopper's tender for caretaking of windmills at Three Springs, and to prohibit any settler from carting away more than 200 gallons per day from the town dam.
Mr. Klopper was granted the right to crop, but not to graze, the reserve at the town dam on condition that he keep the reserve fence in good repair at his own cost.
The Midland Railway Company wrote asking the Board to allow discount on prompt payment of rates. It was agreed not to allow discount.
Senator Lynch's application for a cleared road from his property to the Dudewa road was considered. The Mingenew Road Board had closed this road temporarily a few years ago, and the Board agreed that in the circumstances they would not be justified in re-opening the road. The secretary was instructed to reply to Senator Lynch.
The whole question of re-evaluation of the whole district was discussed. It was resolved to get the townsites of Three Springs and Carnamah revalued without delay without delay, and the secretary was instructed to make inquiry as to probable cost of revaluation of the whole district with the view of having work completed for next year's assessments. A communication was received from the Colonial Secretary (Mr Drew) in connection with the Federal grant for main roads. It appears that before any definite allocation can be made an engineer from the Public Works Department will be sent to the district to examine the roads and report to the Minister for Works.
The boring plant sent by the Public Works Department to locate water at Marchagee Siding has failed to find fresh water and the boring has been stopped.
The Board is making application for a dam at Marchagee."

From The Midlands Advertiser newspaper, Friday 7 November 1924:
"J. A. Grant, Carpenter and Builder, Carnamah
Has now Resumed Business
Plans, Quotes and Estimates Given for All Classes of Buildings
Local Agent for Paterson and Co. Ltd., Guardian Assurance Coy.
Correspondence Invited"

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