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From The Irwin Index newspaper, Saturday 10 March 1928:
     Coorow Property Sold
- Mr Langdon has sold the property at Coorow he recently purchased from Mr. Gregory.
     Land Sale at Carnamah - Messrs. [Cumming] Bros., of Carnamah, have just sold their property, consisting of about 4000 acres, to a South Australian buyer. The price is stated to be £2 per acre.
Carnamah Wheat - Wheat carting has been finished at Carnamah for this season., the total number of bags received at the station being 128000. A further 23000 bags have been carted to Prowaka Siding. All of the Prowaka wheat has gone to the Westralian Farmers, and 62000 bags of the Carnamah wheat, the balance at Carnamah being split up between Messrs. Dalgety & Co., and Bunge and Dreyfus.
     Winchester - Wheat carting has now been completed at Winchester. The number of bags received at the siding amounted to 50000. Of this quantity Westralian Farmers have taken 42000, the balance going to Dreyfus. Burning off is well under way throughout the district, and quite a lot of clearing is going on. There is great activity in the tennis world, and a proposal is on foot to construct a new court and a shed. The club will travel to Carnamah for the match of the players of that town on Sunday, March 18.
     Marchagee - The district around Marchagee is forging ahead. This season 25000 bags of wheat have been received at the siding, to which there is now a good road. Mr. F. R. Bryant is a large farmer there, and this year 9000 of the above mentioned total have been produced on his farm. A general store has now been established at Marchagee House, a facility which will doubtless be greatly appreciated by the settlers.
     Billiards - A billiard match of 500 up, between Mr. F. Armstrong and Mr. C. J. L. Brewer, was played at Badrick's Saloon, Carnamah, on Thursday, March 8, the latter proving the winner. The game, which keenly contested, began at 7.50 p.m. and finished at 10.10. The best break of the evening (20) was made by Mr. Brewer.

From The Irwin Index newspaper, Saturday 10 March 1928:
Social and Personal
"Mr. Scott Wylie has just returned to Carnamah from a business trip to Perth."
"Miss Binns left Carnamah on Saturday last with Mr. and Mrs. Henry, for Perth. She hopes to stay for about a fortnight. Mr. and Mrs. Henry returned to Carnamah on Wednesday."

From The Irwin Index newspaper, Saturday 10 March 1928:
Carnamah Rifle Club - Snap-Shooting Sweep
"To make the practise shoot arranged fro Sunday last of a more interesting nature, the members of the Carnamah Rifle Club arranged a sweep-stake amongst themselves. The conditions were five shots rapid fire at a fixed target, and five snap shots at a disappearing target, at 500 yds, the winner to take half the sweep, and the other half to go to the person drawing the winner. R. W. Clark was the most successful shot, scoring 31. He was followed by J. Cullen with 25, W. Sheridan 25, N. Graham 20, A. L. Trotter 19, H. Morrison 18, E. K. Wells 17, C. Kroschel 13, S. Gooch 8, and A. P. Tucker 2., A Parry was unfortunate in being unable to find the target. On Sunday next the club will fire over the same range and under the same conditions, for the Roger Clark trophy.

From The Irwin Index newspaper, Saturday 10 March 1928:
Accident at Carnamah - Horse Destroyed
"An alarming incident occurred at Carnamah on Sunday evening about eight o'clock, in Yarra Street, between Mr. Parkin's blacksmiths shop and the corner opposite the entrance to the [railway] station. From the information of an eye-witness, it appears that Mr. Andrews, butcher, of Carnamah, was coming over the railway crossing, riding one horse and leading another, when the led horse took freight and broke away. Being apparently, dazzled by the lights of an approaching car, it ran in front of the car which struck its hind leg and broke it, the animal having to be destroyed. No damage was reported to the car or its occupants."

From The Irwin Index newspaper, Saturday 10 March 1928:
Millinery Bargains
"A special purchase of Melbourne Millinery samples at reduced prices enables us to offer wonderful value in Crinolines, Ready to Wears and general millinery lines. Elderly ladies' hats we are offering at a remarkable low figure. Don't fail to call and inspect these wonderful bargains. City hats at less than city prices. Cowderoy's opp. the Station, Carnamah."

From The Irwin Index newspaper, Saturday 10 March 1928:
"A. L. Trotter has installed an up-to-date aerated water plant at Carnamah, and is now in a position to quote for large or small quantities. Only one quality, "The Best." Prices absolutely right."

From The Irwin Index newspaper, Saturday 10 March 1928:
Alfred Nind, tailor, (late of Sydney), has commenced business at Carnamah next to the hotel. See him about your next suit."

From The Irwin Index newspaper, Saturday 17 March 1928:
Hotel Improvements - Mr. C. Brewer has just installed a new lighting plant at the Carnamah Hotel, which will be driven by a five horse power Lister engine.
Busy Bee - Preparations for the forthcoming races at Carnamah are going on apace. A busy bee is to be held on Sunday next, for the purpose of getting the course in the best possible condition.
Carnamah Church Notes - The Rev. F. S. Jamieson has recently purchased a small portable organ which should prove a great boon for the country services. The instrument folds into a small compass, and can easily be taken about by Mr. Jamieson in his sulky.
The New Chev - Mr. Scott Wylie has the latest Chev. demonstration car, which is well worth inspection. He will be pleased to answer any inquiries or the car may be inspected at his office at Carnamah.
Balloon Carnival at Coorow - The Balloon and Streamer Carnival held at Coorow Hall on Saturday last, in aid of the funds of the hospital at Three Springs, was a great success. An orchestra from Carnamah which included Messrs T. Parkin and T. Twaddle, was in attendance, and everybody had a right good time.
Ratepayers Meeting at Winchester - A meeting of ratepayers of the Carnamah Ward only, has been conveyed by the Carnamah Road Board, and will take place on Sunday next, at the school house, Winchester, at 9 a.m. Business will be in connection with the raising of loans for the purpose of building a public hall.
Carnamah Sub-Branch R.S.L. - All returned men are invited to attend the annual general meeting and election of officers of the Carnamah sub-branch of the Returned Soldiers League which takes place to-night at the Carnamah Hall. The committee hopes to be successful in its efforts to get a member of the Perth Executive up for the occasion and as there are about 60 returned soldiers in the district, a good muster is confidently expected.
Police Required at Carnamah - A resident of Carnamah informed a representative of this paper the other day, that police protection is urgently required there, on account of hordes of swagmen who are constantly arriving in the town. Our informant states that these men, who are generally the worse for liquor, frequently camp near his place and commence fighting. This occurs so often that he is unable to leave his home at night.
Property Sales - At Carnamah, Messrs [Cumming] Bros., to Mr. C. Bussenschutt of Paskeville, a farming property of 4156 acres at £2 per acre.
Carnamah Oddfellows - The Carnamah Lodge of the Manchester Unity of Oddfellows held a meeting and social on Monday last, when they had a visit from District Grand Master Granville and office beared from the Loyal Morawa Lodge. After the ordinary meeting, a Past Grand's Lodge was opened, and the Purple Degree worked upon two candidates. Members then adjourned to harmony items being rendered by Bros. C. Robertson, F. S. Jamieson, H. Dunning and others. The District Grand Master congratulated the lodge upon its social and other features, and the visiting Brothers expressed their appreciation of the reception accorded them."
Proposed Hospital at Carnamah - A public meeting was held on Saturday evening, March 10, at the Carnamah Hell, to discuss the possibility of obtaining a hospital at Carnamah. Mr. R. Robertson, chairman of the Carnamah Road Board, presided, and in outlining the object of the meeting, made it clear that the matter was a public one, and had nothing to do with the Road Board. Personally, he favoured the proposal. Mr. J. Bowman and Mr. J. Lang also spoke in favour of the proposal, and emphasised the necessity of having a hospital in their district. After discussing the matter, it was decided that the following committee should be formed:- Messrs. R. Robertson, chairman, J. Lang, J. Bowman, W. H. Watson, A. A. McGilp, with Mr. A. C. Bierman as secretary. The committee was then instructed to call a further meeting. The meeting created a good deal of interest, and was attended by about 50 persons."

From The Irwin Index newspaper, Saturday 17 March 1928:
Motor Accident at Carnamah - Well Known Resident Injured.
"An alarming accident occurred to Mr. Scott Wylie, of Carnamah, last week, when travelling in a single seater Chev car on the main road between Three Springs and Carnamah. Mr. Wylie was accompanied by Mr. McKenzie, an insurance agent, and they were returning from There Springs when the car struck a small tree and swerved off the road into a clump of York gums. Mr. Wylie was thrown forward into the windscreen, and was badly cut on the lip, in which Dr. Mayrhoffer had subsequently to insert seven stitches. His companion who was driving, was struck in the chest by the steering wheel, and was severely bruised, the wheel being broken into three pieces by the force of the impact. The car was towed into Carnamah by Mr. T. Parkin, who expressed the opinion that it was damaged beyond repair."

From The Irwin Index newspaper, Saturday 17 March 1928:
Carnamah Rifle Club
"On Sunday last the members of the Carnamah Rifle Club fired for the Roger Clark Trophy over the 500 yards range. The conditions were five shots snap shooting at a disappearing target, and five shot rapid fire. Tricky weather made conditions difficult, and accounted for low scoring all round. The best score was registered by J. Cullen who, with his handicap, reached a total of 35½, and secured the trophy. Other scores were J. Frame 33½, R. Clark 27, A. Parry 26, A. L. Trotter 23, N. Graham 23, F. Badrick 22, W. Sheridan 21½, H. Morrison 16, E. K. Wells 13, C. Kroschel 12½. On Sunday next the club will shoot over the 600 yards range for the second stage of the Brown Trophy."

From The Irwin Index newspaper, Saturday 17 March 1928:
Serious Accident - Carnamah Man Badly Hurt - In Attempt to Stop Bolting Horses
"A serious accident occurred in the railway yard at Carnamah on Saturday morning last. From the accounts given by several persons who witnessed the occurrence, including Mr. and Mrs. Cowderoy, Mr. Cook, Mr. Reynolds and Miss Keen, it appears that Mr. Pat Rooke, aged about 20, who resided with his parents at Carnamah, was carting super from the station with three horses abreast attached to a table top waggon, when he noticed that the horses, which were standing while the vehicle was being loaded, were getting restive at the near approach of a train, and went to their heads. Just then the engine whistled, and the horses started off. Mr. Rooke attempted to get hold of the horse in the shafts, but was unable to do so, and, realising that he had no hope of getting clear if he let go, he tried to get on to the shaft. The horrified spectators saw him swinging with the horses in full gallop, and  a moment later he lost his hold and fell right under the frightened animals. The eye witnesses state that he rolled over several times like a ball after the horses had passed over him. Several people ran to his aid, and it was found that his left arm was terribly injured, and was bleeding profusely. He was taken to Mr. Cowderoy's residence, and an urgent message was sent to Dr. Mayrhoffer, of Three Springs, who found that he was suffering from a compound fracture of the left arm and elbow, and superintended his removal to Geraldton Hospital, where X-ray examination could be carried out. Dr. Mayrhoffer travelled with the patient by the evening train. Those who witnessed the accident are of the opinion that the injury to Mr. Rooke's arm was caused by the horses and not by the waggon wheels, as he appeared to fall clear of the wheels. The horses galloped out of the station yard into a barbed wire fence on the opposite side of the road, where they were secured. Upon inquiries at the Geraldton Hospital to-day it was reported that the patient was doing as well as could be expected."

From The Irwin Index newspaper, Saturday 17 March 1928: Social and Personal
Mrs. Cowderoy, of Cowderoy's Store, Carnamah, has just returned home after an extended visit to Perth. Mr. Cowderoy was also down for a few days.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Zuegg have returned to "Gregorfields" Winchester, from their honeymoon tour.
Mr. S. Broad of Carnamah, with his wife and child, is spending a holiday at Dongarra beach.
Mr. and Mrs. H. Dunning and family will return to Carnamah on Monday, after a holiday spent at Dongarra beach.
Mr. A. C. Solin, of Winchester, has been spending a holiday at Geraldton with Mrs. Solin and family, he returned to Winchester on Monday.
Mr. C. Brewer, of the Carnamah Hotel, accompanied by Mr. R. Churchill, paid a visit to Mr. Barnhart at Three Springs last week.
Messrs. J. and K. Evans have taken over the property purchased from Mr. S. F. Roberts, and the family intend making their home there. The property is 12 miles out of Three Springs.
Mrs. M. Sheppard and family left the beach at Dongarra on Monday, February 27, after spending a most enjoyable month's holiday. Her son, Albert, and his cousin, Mr. Kenworthy, of Midland Junction, spent the last week at the beach with Mrs. Sheppard, but on Monday, March 5, had to leave their friends and return to their home at Dudawa to prepare for the cropping season.

From The West Australian newspaper, Tuesday 3 July 1928:
Three Springs
"Representations made by the ratepayers for the formation of a new road board for Three Springs, Arrino and Dudawa have been successful. A telegram was received at Three Springs on Thursday from the proprietor of the Commercial Hotel (Mr R. Barnhart), who was a member of a deputation on the subject, stating that the Government had granted the petition. Other members of the deputation were Messrs. A. Bastian, E. Hunt, E. Franklin and Rev. Father M. Lynch.
Constable Coppenger, who has been transferred to Onslow at his own request, was, with Mrs Coppenger, given a farewell by the residents last week. Both were presented with gold watches. The constable left the district by car on Monday with his family, and Constable Street, his successor, arrived with his wife and family from Geraldton on the same day.
The local football team gained a decisive victory over the Carnamah team on Sunday last, bad kicking in front of goal being chiefly responsible for Carnamah's defeat."

From The Irwin Index newspaper, Saturday 28 July 1928:
Social and Personal
Mrs. Cowderoy, of Cowderoy's, Carnamah, is on a visit to Perth. Combining business with pleasure she is contemplating buying a lot of new lines to stock the already well equipped Carnamah store.
Mr. A. Nind, the well known Carnamah tailor, will shortly make a business trip to Mingenew the date of which he will advise later.
Mr. J. Armstrong is reported to have purchased the property at Carnamah recently owned by the Carnamah Hotel Co.
Mr. L. Morrison is a new arrival at Carnamah.
Mr. N. W. Reynolds has just returned to Carnamah from a visit to Fremantle, where Mrs. Reynolds has just presented him  with a son.
Mrs. C. Brewer, Mrs. Salter and Miss Brimson are taking an active part in the formation of a ladies' football team for Carnamah.
Recent visitors to the Carnamah Hotel were Mr. Cox, wool expert for Messrs Elder Smith & Co.; Mr. Walker, the popular "Shell" man, and Mr. Con Caldow of Harris Scarfe and Sandovers Ltd.
Mr. and Mrs. Swan, of Carnamah, are to be congratulated on the birth of a daughter in the Three Springs Hospital on Saturday last.

From The Irwin Index newspaper, Saturday 28 July 1928:
Football - Carnamah v. Coorow
"This match, played at Carnamah on Sunday last provided spectators with an excellent game, although somewhat strenuous at times. The final scores were:- Carnamah 8 goals 11 behinds; Coorow 5 goals 3 behinds. For Carnamah Iles was rarely beaten, and played particularly well. Others who also did well were T. Fitzgerald, M. Clune, A. Rocci and E. Clark. The losers were best represented by Daylight, Austin and Geo. Raffan."

From The Irwin Index newspaper, Saturday 28 July 1928:
Carnamah - R.S.L. Smoke Social
"An enjoyable smoke social was held at the Carnamah Hall on July 14, by members of the local sub-branch of the R.S.L. It has been hoped that the State Secretary of the League, Mr. D. M. Benson, would have been present, but he was, unfortunately, unable to come. Having sold his business in Carnamah, Mr. A. L. Trotter resigned the position of president which he had held to the credit of himself and the branch, amid general expressions of regret from his comrades. Major Ryder, who has charge of the affairs of the Bank of Australasia at Carnamah, was elected president in his stead.
Musical and elocutionary items were contributed by Major Ryder and Messrs H. Dunning, H. Cooke, J. Brebner, G. F. Brown and Bert Cooke."

From The Irwin Index newspaper, Saturday 28 July 1928:
Rifle Shooting - Carnamah Club
"There was a larger attendance than has been the case n the season just closed, at the commencement of the new programme on the Carnamah range on Sunday last. Four new members were enrolled. Shooting took place over the 500 and 600 yards ranges for the Gooch and Smart trophies. C. Thompson proved the lucky man with respect to both, but his luck was considerably aided by some excellent shooting under conditions which were extremely difficult. So difficult, in fact, that even that old war horse, Bill Sheridan, could only get 18 out of 35 at 600 yards. Points for the President's Cup were secured as follows: Thompson 4, Shallcross 3, Dixon 2, Kinnamont 2, Trotter 1. Three points are allotted for a win at either range two for second place and one for third, and the winner of the aggregate at the end of the season receives the cup. The scores were as follows, the handicaps being included in the respective totals:-
                          500      600      Tl.
C. Thompson       35        35       70
A. L. Trotter        35       29½     64½
E. K. Wells          35       30        65
R. W. Clark         33½    31        64½
C. Kroschel         33½     31       64 ½
J. Dixon               25       28       63
N. Graham           33      27½     60½
Kinnamont           25      35        60
V. Shallcross        25       35        60
J. Frame              28½    30        58½
Cox (Visitor)        32       26        58
W. Sheridan        33½     23       56½
S. Gooch             26      30½     56½
F. Badrick           28      24        52
Matthews            30      15        45
Humphries          20        6        26
Gibson                -        20        20"

From The Irwin Index newspaper, Saturday 29 September 1928:
Three Springs Agricultural Society - First Annual Show - Huge Success Despite Inclement Weather
"Although the elements could not exactly be called propitious on September 20, there was a large attendance at the first show held by the newly formed Agricultural Society at Three Springs, and the event was in every way a huge success. This win was thoroughly deserved, for the secretary, Mr C. F. Thomas, had put in a tremendous amount of hard work, as also had the committee, over which Mr A. Bastian presides, comprising in addition to the gentlemen before mentioned, Messrs J. K. Hebiton, Ted Hunt, M. Buck, B. Strutton, S. Gooch, C. F. Thomas, Jr., R. Barnhart, N. McKenzie, H. Nairn, and J. Hunter. Several of the Vice-Presidents , among whom are Messrs E. K. Byrne, P. Lynch, P. Durack, E. W. Franklin, F. James, D. Macpherson, T. Davey, D. Todd and F. F. Weaver, also took a prominent part."

From The Irwin Index newspaper, Saturday 17 November 1928:
Telephone Service - Improved Carnamah Facilities
"Mr. A. E. Green has been advised by the Deputy Director of Posts and Telegraphs that representations were recently made, suggesting that the telephone attendance at Carnamah should be provided continuously between the hours of 9 a.m. and 8 p.m. Monday to Friday, also on Saturdays between 9 a.m. and 8 p.m. We are pleased at add that it has been decided to comply with the request."

From The Irwin Index newspaper, Saturday 17 November 1928:
"New Season's Wheat - Mr. R. R. Wylie, of Carnamah, has received the first load of wheat for the season from Mr. W. A. T. Sargent to L. Dreyfus and Co. The wheat was stripped with a new Shearer harvester, and is a good sample, going about 15 bushels."

From The Irwin Index newspaper, Saturday 24 November 1928:
Progress Association - Wants District Doctor
"At the inaugural meeting of the Coorow and Waddy Progress Association, the question of obtaining a doctor for the district was bought forward. It was decided to discuss the matter fully at the next meeting of the Association."

From The Western Mail newspaper, Friday 20 December 1928:
Country Towns and Districts - Carnamah-Coorow - Rapid Development
"A large and highly productive district with a rapidly progressive centre makes the Carnamah neighbourhood one that will attract notice in the coming few years. The massive wheat stacks at every railway siding in the district denotes a most satisfactory harvest, thanks largely to the response form the lighter land. The vigour with which the Carnamah township has forged ahead must remain one of the most interesting phases of the rural development of Western Australia.
Road Board District - The public affairs of the district are conducted by the Carnamah Road Board of seven members, of which Mr R. Robertson is chairman, and Mr Arnold C. Bierman, secretary. At June 30 last, the land in the district was valued as follows:- Unimproved capital value, £3,372,626; net annual value in the township and the railway, £4,669. Carnamah is 179 miles from Perth by rail, and 198 miles by road. The district extends eight miles north, 16 miles east, 34 miles south and 56 miles west. In the new year, however, a considerable slice of territory will be ceded to neighbouring districts. When the Three Springs board is inaugurated next month, it will receive the ward of that name from the Carnamah district. Tracts to the east are being handed over also to the Morawa, Perenjori and Dalwallinu boards. The population of the Carnamah Road Board district on September 2, 1928, was made up as follows: - Carnamah (immediate neighbourhood and township) 496; Three Springs, 384; Winchester, 189; Coorow, 286; Marchagee, 243; Gunyidi, 189; total 1,787. The transfer of parts of the district to neighbouring boards will naturally reduce the total.
Public Utilities - Electric light is supplied to the town by private contract, during the evening hours. Water is obtained from wells and tanks. The road board has erected two 2,000-gallon tanks for the residents, one for domestic use and the other for stock. In addition, people have their own tanks. The rainfall is generally 16 inches, but last season it was only between 10 and 11 inches. Over 90 miles of prepared roads serve the district. The board is adopting a progressive policy in regard to maintenance, for it is spending thousands of pounds shortly upon plant, including a power tractor grader.
Progress of the Town - Six months ago a brick making syndicate started production from a 10-acre paddock of good clay, producing hand-made bricks. It uses two kilns. On the showing of the last eighteen months there should be plenty of trade for the new concern within the district, particularly on the townsite. The growth of the town has been rapid, for in the last year and a half no less then 23 buildings, consisting of stores, shops and residences, have been erected. At least four more are projected to be constructed in the next few months. A new loop has just been completed at the railway station, making available space for stacking 250,000 bags of wheat. Other improvements have been effected at the station, and further additions are contemplated. An opportunity for improving the approach to the town has been furnished by the Midland Railway Co., which has asked the road board to take charge of the main entrance to the railway reserve, and the board has gladly acceded. The board proposes to lay out a drive lined with ornamental trees, with a plot in the centre. The local sub-branch of the Returned Soldiers' League is collecting funds for a war memorial for the road board district, and intends to set up the monument upon this central plot. Negotiations are in progress for a recreation ground to be vested in trustees to cater for the outdoor pleasure of the people. If the proposal materialises, the local show committee will effect improvements, including some buildings for the purposes of its annual show. The township gives the visitor a favourable impression. The main street is wide, and will be greatly improved when the projected plantation of an avenue is carried out. A good variety of stores and shops, four banks, offices of professional men, a hostel and a hotel flank the sides of the street.
Road Board Hall - The most imposing building at Carnamah at present is the road board office on the main street. An eye for the up-to-date is shown by the large clock fixed above the entrance, to be seen by the passer-by. In the entrance hall is the bronze honour roll of residents of the town who went to the war. On one side are the offices, general and secretary's, and on the other is the board room, well furnished. Behind is the large hall for local entertainments. Such has been the growth of the place that the auditorium has had to be enlarged by the addition of a wing 16 ft. wide and 50 ft. long on each side of the body of the hall. On each side of the stage are dressing-rooms for the ladies and men. Attached to the men's room, but shut off from it, is a supper-room fitted with a bricked-in copper, a bench, and a crockery cupboard. A piano is part of the equipment, and the floor has been laid with a view to the holding of dances. The hall is electrically lit."

From The Western Mail newspaper, Friday 20 December 1928:
Country Towns and Districts - Carnamah-Coorow - Rapid Development - Coorow
"Good Wheat Land - Coorow expands eastwards from the railway, to the Waddy Forest. For a couple of miles the country is sand plain, but further on it changes to heavier scrub, until, on entering what was only from three to seven years ago a forest of salmon gums and gimlet, rich and heavy land, including some attractive deep chocolate soil, is reached. In parts crops appear light, but there are many dense crops, tall and well headed. Most of it is good wheat producing country. Even if last year's total is not exceeded, there is likely to be serious congestion in the railway yard. The stacks at present amount to an estimate of over 60,000 bags, and it is said that there is space for only 15,000 more within convenient reach of the rakes of trucks.
Waddy Forest - Waddy Forest was opened up seven years ago, and has been so extensively and intensively settled upon that it is difficult to pick out its former site. This development practically doubled the output from the Coorow portion of the Carnamah district. About 100,000 acres of this forest land is estimated to be producing this year an average of 16 bushels. It is considered to be some of the finest salmon gum and gimlet country in the state. The rainfall is good, and most, if not all of the farms, have enough water. A townsite should be an early development, for the few acres around the Waddy store already carry a school, a public hall, and a post office with 13 telephone subscribers - posts are being set up now for an additional dozen subscribers. There are also tennis courts and a cricket ground.
Marchagee - Soil in Variety - Marchagee runs towards the southern extremity of the district. It is devoted almost entirely to wheat, though several of the farms carry sheep. Under better seasonal conditions, the wheat output last year was 25,000 bags, but this year it is expected to reach 30,000 bags. The development of the neighbourhood will be reflected in February by the erection of a garage and Post Office, The rainfall averages about 15 inches, but this year it was only 10 inches. Soil varies, but is mostly scrub and sand plain. This fact combined with the dry winter, has produced some remarkable results. A paddock of heavy soil was sown with 60 lb. of wheat and 100 lb. of superphosphate to the acre, on ground that had been ploughed, cross ploughed, Sundercut and left in fallow, but it yielded only 5 bushels. On the contrary some light sand plain was fallowed with disc plough and sown with the same quantities of seed and super, and as has been harvested at present, has returned 18 bushels to the acre."

From The Irwin Index, Saturday 6 April 1929:
Anzac Day at Carnamah
"Anzac Day will be appropriately marked at Carnamah by the unveiling of the soldiers’ memorial, at which the Chief Secretary, Mr. J. M. Drew, M.L.C., has promised to officiate. As there still remains a portion of the required amount not subscribed, the committee would be glad if those who have not done so will send in subscriptions immediately, so that the memorial may be unveiled free of debt. The local sub-branch of the R.S.L. proposed holding a sports meeting, but in accordance with a wish expressed by headquarters, the sports will not be held on April 25. The date will be announced later."

From The Listening Post, 28 June 1929:
Carnamah War Memorial
Carnamah was a very thinly populated and little known place when war was declared in 1914, but it sent 24 men to the war, seven of whom made the supreme sacrifice. Last Anzac Day a granite memorial to these heroes was unveiled by the Hon. J. M. Drew, M.L.C., who was assisted at the service by the local clergy, Mr Cliff Sadlier, V.C., and Major G. K. Ryder, the president of the Carnamah sub-branch. The memorial cost over £200, the amount being obtained by public subscription. It stands in the open space in front of the station, where suitable surroundings will shortly be created, and is so placed that no person entering Carnamah via the main road can fail to see it. It was the work of the R.S. Monumental Co. of Karrakatta. It bears the following inscription:-

"In Honour of those who fell in the Great War 1914-1918.
E. Kennedy, A. McLean, J. Keenan, E. Statton,
W. Regan, S. Brooks, A. Murray.

'Their name liveth for evermore'
Erected by public subscription. "

[Note: the actual war memorial has E. Statham, not E. Statton]

From The Irwin Index newspaper, Saturday 6 July 1929:
Football - North Midlands Association - Carnamah v. Coorow
"The Coorow team visited Carnamah on Sunday last, and under perfect weather conditions, and in the presence of a good attendance indulged in what proved to be a very one sided game. Coorow were not at their best and except for a few occasional dashes of good play their performance was disappointing. In addition to the Raffan Bros. there were several outstanding players for the visitors whose named could not be ascertained. The Carnamah team played well, notably Powell, Reidy, Iles, Rocchi, Pope, R. Gould, Brown, Clune and Jackson. The final scores were - Carnamah 12 goals 18 points, Coorow 3 goals 2 points. Goal kickers for Carnamah - R. Gould (2), Clark (2), Yappo (2), Fitzgerald (2), Reidy, Robertson, Rocchi and Brown."

From The Irwin Index newspaper, Saturday 6 July 1929:
Football - North Midlands Association - Carnamah v. Arrino
"The Arrino team journey to Carnamah, Sunday 23rd to participate in the first game of the third round. Mishaps to Arrino's motor truck prior to leaving Arrino resulted in a late start, the ball being eventually bounced at 3.40 p.m. Umpire Tucker again gave satisfaction, and kept the game clean and open. Both teams played well, but the home team proved too strong for their opponents, the final scores being Carnamah 6 goals 5 behinds Arrino 3 goals 8 behinds. Goal kickers fro Carnamah were: C. Robertson (2), R. Gould, M. Clune, G. Brown, and S. Ferguson. For Arrino, Wallace and Ramsey. The best for Arrino were ...Durack, W/ Durack, Ramsey, Smith and Angel, whilst for Carnamah, Rocchi, R. Gould, L. Ferguson, F. Gould, Brown, Powell, Jackson and Reidy played a stirling game."

From The Irwin Index newspaper, Saturday 6 July 1929:
Social Evening - Carnamah Hall
"On Saturday, June 29, the committee of the Presbyterian Church were at home to approximately 200 guests, who had been invited to attend a social in the local hall for the purpose of welcoming the Right Rev. A. Torrens, Moderator of Western Australia. The first half of the evening was given to addresses, interspersed with vocal items and recitations. Those contributing to the programme were: Mrs. J. K. Forrester, Messrs. H. Dunning, C. Robertson, A. C. Bierman, A. Adams and T. Parkin. Mr. G. K. Ryder officiated at the piano in a very capable manner. After the partaking of a delightful supper, the dancing enthusiasts assumed charge of the floor, whilst those interested in bridge or chess were suitably catered for. The energetic ladies' committee and their honourable secretary, Mrs. A. C. Bierman, are to be congratulated on the success of the evening. In opening the social, the chairman, Mr. J. Bowman, expressed his pleasure at seeing such a large gathering to meet the Moderator. He took the opportunity of saying a few words regarding the building of the Church Hall. It had come to his ears that subscribers to the building fund were stating that they had been told, when making their subscriptions, that the church hall was to be a non-denominational one. This idea was incorrect. The hall had been built as a Presbyterian Church Hall, but the Rev. Crowe, when opening the hall, had stated that other denominations would be given permission to utilise the hall providing it did not interfere with Presbyterian services. If anyone had subscribed to the fund under a misapprehension, he, Mr. Bowman, would be pleased to meet them privately, and if necessary make restitution of the amount subscribed. In concluding, Mr. Bowman thanked the people of Carnamah for the generous help and support which they had accorded the Presbyterian Church in Carnamah. Suitable addresses were also made by the Rev. Jaquet, and Messrs Jackson and Headon. In replying to previous speakers and acknowledging the public welcome, the Moderator expressed his sincerest thanks and appreciation to all present. He commented on the wonderful work Mr. Headon was doing in this district, and was pleased to see that the local Presbyterian church was interesting itself in social welfare, particularly in so far as the younger people were concerned. Prior to concluding his remarks the Moderator made fitting reference to the recent death of the late Archbishop Riley and to the consequential severe loss to the whole community. The evening terminated with the singing of Auld Lang Syne."

From The Irwin Index newspaper, Saturday 21 September 1929:
Three Springs District Centenary Celebrations
    "On Friday, September 13, the children of the Three Springs district celebrated Centenary year. The scholars of the Convent and State schools assembled at the State School, where the chair was taken by Rev. E. G. Jaquet. Proceedings opened with the breaking out of the flags on the recently erected flagpoles.
     The chief address to the children was give by the Hon. Minister for Education, Mr J. M. Drew, who gave a concise account of the early struggles of the State, and of the Victoria district in particular. He strikingly brought out the splendid heroism of the early settlers and how they might emulate their example and also the great lesson of consideration for others.
     Other speakers were Mr E. Franklin, who gave reminisces of 20 year ago, and Mr H. Nairn, who detailed events of his childhood 40 years ago. Mr Drew then presented each child with a Centenary medal, and the two schools with the Centenary honour rolls, donated by parents of the district."

From The Irwin Index newspaper, Saturday 2 November 1929:
Cricket - Carnamah v. Marchagee
"The match between Marchagee and Carnamah, which was played at Carnamah on Sunday last 27th ulto., resulted in an easy two point win for the home team. Marchagee batted first and could only compile 35 runs, he only man to reach double figures being G. W. O'Hearn. In their first innings Carnamah compiled 134, Edwards 70, J. Iles 19, and A. Rocchi 16, being the only ones to result in double figures. Details of the scores are as under:-
Marchagee - First Inngings
W. O'Hern, b Robertson…………...…...0
G. O'Hern, c and b Robertson………..…2
G. W. O'Hern, b Fitzgerald………..…...18
J. O'Hern, run out………………..……...5
A. Rowley, not out………………..….....9
T. Lock, run out……………….……......0
T. Battersby, c Bierman, b Fitzgerald��...0
Hunt, b Fitzgerald…………………….....0
Breeze, b Fitzgerald…………………......0
Total                                                   35
Bowling: Robertson, 2 for 21; Brown, nil for 13; Fitzgerald 4 for nil
Carnamah - First Innings
T. Fitzgerald, b W. O'Hern………..…....4
E. Edwards, run out………….……..…..70
G. Brown, run out…………………...….5
J. Iles, b J. O'Hern…………………...…19
C. Robertson, b W. O'Hern………….....8
A. Rocchi, b. J. O'Hern……...………...16
A. Jackson, retired (hurt)…………….....1
E. Clarke, c W. O'Hern, b G. O'Hern….1
Bierman, not out………………………...0
Ancliffe, b G. O'Hern…………………...3
H. Hellewell, stpd………………………..6
Total                                                  134
Bowling: W. O'Hern, 1 for 46; GG. O'Hern, 2 for 36; J. O'Hern, 2 for 27; A. Rowley, nil for 24."

From The Irwin Index newspaper, Saturday 16 November 1929:
"Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. J. Burns on the birth of a son at Carnamah on November 14th."

From The Irwin Index newspaper, Saturday 16 November 1929:
"Ford Sales - The following truck sales have recently been effected by Mr. R. Laffan, authorised Ford dealer, of Carnamah:- To. E. L. Turner of Carnamah, M. L. Patton of Waddy Forrest, F. W. Roberts of Coorow, T. J. Martin of Marchagee, Mrs. H. M. Cole of Carnamah, A. J. Bonser of Waddy Forrest, Messrs Gale and Long of Coorow, Mr. F. A. Otte of Carnamah, Mr. A. Nind of Carnamah, Mr. E. K. Wells of Carnamah, Mr. E. E. R. Wodhouse of Winchester. The Rev. Jaquet has taken delivery of one of the new Ford phaetons."

From The Irwin Index newspaper, Saturday 16 November 1929:
"Saunders & Co.
Boojerabba Street, Carnamah
New Butchers in Carnamah
Opening about Monday, November 11"

From The Irwin Index newspaper, Saturday 23 November 1929:
Early Morning Intruder - Alarm at Carnamah - Plea for Police Protection Strengthened
"Some alarm was occasioned at Carnamah during the early hours of Monday morning last by an attempt to enter Mr. Stoddart's store, on the past of some person or persons at present unknown. It appears that Mr. and Mrs. Stoddart, who were sleeping on the premise, were awakened by a noise at the front door of the shop. They hastily made their way by separate routes in the direction of the noise, but in rising must have made some disturbance which caused the intruder to take to his heels for no one was in sight. The shop door had been forced open by some instrument which was later found to be a large tyre lever. This with a jemmy, was subsequently found opposite the shop by Mr. C. Kroschel who, as an ex-member of the police force, was interested in the case, and soon saw that marks on the door corresponded to the size of the lever found. A message was sent to the police at Three Springs, but, unfortunately, the constable in charge there had a difficult case in the cells, and was unable to leave, and at a late hour on Monday no investigation had been made. On Tuesday, Constable Symes, of Mingenew, took charge of the case. Mr. Stoddart made a hasty survey of his stock, but was unable to say that any article was missing. It was fortunate that this was so, but it might easily have been otherwise, and the incident goes a long was towards strengthening Carnamah's request for a resident constable."

From The Irwin Index newspaper, Saturday 23 November 1929:
"Miss Erica Bierman returned to Perth last Friday night after a fortnight spent in Carnamah with her brother, Mr. Arnold Bierman."
"Mrs. J. Clune of "Waori," Mogumber, is spending a week with her mother Mrs. P. J. Lynch, at "Mt Leonora," Three Springs."

From The Irwin Index newspaper, Saturday 21 December 1929:
Carnamah Race Club - Committee Meeting
"The following members were present at a committee meeting held on the 17th instant:- Messrs N. M. Graham, C. Graham, C. Robertson, G. K. Ryder, A. Rowland, M. Rowland, R. Rowland, A. V. Clarke, W. Sheridan, F. Rooke, A. C. Bierman. Apologies were received from Messrs F. Badrick and K. Haig. It was unanimously decided that the club would hold its annual race meeting in March next.
It was decided to draw up a race programme with the total stakes of £125. Six races to be included on the programme, four for registered horses and two for hacks. One hack race will be for hacks owned and trained three months prior to the date of race meeting within the Carnamah and Three Springs Road Board districts. The distance to be five furlongs and to be open for all hacks.
The secretary was authorised to submit the proposed programme for approval of the W.A.T.C. [Western Australian Turf Club] and if approved to arrange for the necessary printing of members tickets.
The following officials were then appointed:- Messrs Clyde Haig, judge; R. W. Clark, assistant judge; D. Gooch, starter; R. Hollingsworth, clerk of course; C. Lynch, clerk of scales; F. Badrick, timekeeper; M. Clune, handicapper; Charlie Robertson and J. Hodgkinson, totaliser clerks, G. F. Brown, R. Palfreyman and M. Clune, club stewards. Messrs G. K. Ryder and J. Bowman were appointed race club delegates on the Centenary Park improvement committee."

From The Irwin Index newspaper, Saturday 21 December 1929:
"Valedictory - To show their good will and appreciation towards Mr. and Mrs. Sheard, who are leaving Carnamah, the Carnamah Tennis Club entertained them at afternoon tea on Thursday last the 19th instant. The club were fortunate in having a cool afternoon for their function. After several sets had been played, a dainty afternoon tea was served by the ladies. Over a cup of tea, Mr. Burns, in the course of his speech, drew attention to the popularity of the departing members, and also to the way in which they had helped to assist the club along. Mr. G. K. Ryder was then called upon to make the presentation, which consisted of a "pyrex" dish in a silver stand. Mr. P. Sheard arose amidst applause and suitably responded. Play was continued until late in the afternoon."

From The Irwin Index newspaper, Saturday 21 December 1929:
Carnamah District Vermin Board
"The Carnamah District Vermin Board, by virtue of Section 96 of "The Vermin Act, 1919," hereby order as follows:- The owners and occupiers of all holdings within the district of the Road Board shall commence the work of suppressing or destroying rabbits on such holdings and upon the roads bounding or intersecting same, from the 1st day of February, 1930, and shall continue and systematically carry out such work until the 31st day of March, 1930, or longer, as may be determined by the Board. The means which shall be adopted for the work shall be the laying of an effective poison, procurable free of charge from the office of the Board.
By order of the Board, Arnold C. Bierman, F.A.B.I., Secretary, Carnamah, Dec., 18, 1920."

From The Irwin Index newspaper, Saturday 22 February 1930:
"The Event of the Season - Carnamah Rifle Club Ball
At the Carnamah Hall Thursday, March, 6, 1930
Good Music, Good Floor, Good Supper, Free Novelties, Balloons, Streamers, Confetti
Double tickets 5/6, Gents 4/-, Ladies 2/6
J. Williams, Hon. Secretary."

From The Irwin Index newspaper, Saturday 1 March 1930:
Ford Sales - Mr R. Laffan, Ford dealer of Carnamah and Three Springs, reports the following sales:- Mrs A. W. Arndt of Three Springs a Ford sports phaeton, Messrs Cheney & Corteen of Marchagee Ford 30 cwt. Truck. Whilst in Perth Mr. Bastian of Three Springs purchased a new 30 cwt. Ford truck."

From The Irwin Index newspaper, Saturday 1 March 1930:
"Presbyterian Church Services - The Rev. C. W. T. Headen has arranged the following services for Sunday next, March 1:- Carnamah 11 a.m. (children's service); Waddi Well, 3 p.m.; Carnamah 8 p.m."

From The Irwin Index newspaper, Saturday 1 March 1930:
"Arm Broken Twice. David Bowman, of Carnamah, who broke his arm about a month ago, fell at Scotch College on Monday and broke the arm in the same place."

From The Irwin Index newspaper, Saturday 1 March 1930:
Solicitor's Car Overturned - Occupants Uninjured
"As Neil M. Graham, solicitor of Carnamah, was returning from the Mingenew Local Court on Wednesday, he swerved to avoid a truck when within about 4 miles of Three Springs, and his car, a Fordor Sedan, overturned. Although somewhat shaken by the accident, neither Mr. Graham nor his wife, who had accompanied him on the trip, was hurt, but the car was damaged. Had it not been for the fact that the car had a steel top the occupants may have been severely injured."

From The Irwin Index newspaper, Saturday 1 March 1930:
Carnamah Clearing Sale - Stock Produce, Plant and Machinery
Friday, March 7, 1930. At 2 p.m.
On the Property, situate 2 miles from Station
The Westralian Farmers Limited, favoured with the instructions from C. Sheahan, Esq., will sell by public auction as above:-
Stock - 400 sheep, mostly mates ewes; 1 heifer, due calf June; 8 good sound farm horses.
Produce - 12 tons hay, Quantity s.h. cornsacks and chaffbags.
Plant and Machinery - Big E 10ft. harvester; 6ft. Sunshine harvester; 6ft. Osborne binder; 17 disc. Drill I.H.C.; I.H.C. engine, 3½ h.p.; McKay chaff cutter, 3 knife, portable transport; 5 ton waggon; 2 10 disc sundercut plows; 5 disc I.H.C. plow; 35 tyne McKay cultivator; Fordson tractor; spring cart; sulky; Gilchrist wheat pickler; drilling machine and bits; forge; anvil; vice; 2200 gal. square tanks.
Harness, etc. - 10 sets plow harness; 2 waggon saddles and breeching; set sulky harness; 7 horse sets; swingle trees. Large quantity of tools, etc.
Terms at Sale. Further Particulars - Associated Farmers, North Midlands, Carnamah and head office, Perth.

From The Irwin Index newspaper, Saturday 8 March 1930:
"Methodist Church Services - On Sunday next. March 9, Mr. G. C. Jackson, missioner in charge of the Three Springs district, has arranged the following services:- Waddy Forest 11 a.m., Carnamah 8 p.m."

From The Irwin Index newspaper, Saturday 8 March 1930:
"Arrino Racing Club - Mr A. G. Saunders, secretary of the Arrino racing club, has arrangements well in hand for the annual race meeting, which is to take place on April 3. A good programme has been prepared, and everything points to a successful meeting."

From The Irwin Index newspaper, Saturday 8 March 1930:
"Three Springs Revision Court - Mr H. J. W. Sweetman was elected to the chair at a revision court held by the Three Springs Road Board at the local hall on March 21. Other members present were Messrs Geo. H. Bickford, secretary, E. K. Byrne and C. F. Thomas. The whole of the five rolls were gone through and corrected, a number of alterations being found necessary."

From The Irwin Index newspaper, Saturday 15 March 1930:
"Genuine Clearing Sale of Freehold, Farm Lands, Livestock, Farm Plant, Household Furniture and Sundries
On the Property, Adjoining Winchester Siding (Midland Railway) Thursday, March 20th. At 1 p.m.
Elder Smith & Co., Limited have received instructions from Mr. J. W. Colpitts, who owing to continued ill-health, has decided to dispose of his well improved farm property, to offer by auction, as above.
Land. 1640 acres of freehold land, comprised in Lots M914, M915, and M1045, situated adjoining Winchester Siding on the well known Midland Railway, 172 miles from Perth. The property is all sheep proof fenced and sub-divided into 10 paddocks. 977 acres cleared, 381 aces well worked fallow; 2 houses, all necessary outbuildings; spledidly watered; good rainfall; free of poison. An excellent mixed farming proposition. Sheep. 300 Merino Ewes, right ages, joined with Burder Leicester ram in December. 50 Mixed Sheep, mostly weaners and wethers. Horses. 12 Medium draught mares and geldings, right ages, good workers. 6 Medium draught mares with foals at foot. 4 2-year olds, halter broken 5 Light sorts. Plant and Machinery. 25 h.p. Austin tractor, fair order; 20 h.p. Fordson tractor, in good order; 8ft. Sunshine header; 6ft. Sunshine harvester; 6ft. Sunshine binder; 7 h.p. Sunshine stationary petrol engine; 3-knife Sunshine chaffcutter, 9 inch mouth, with elevator and handy-bagger attachment; 10 disc sundercut plows; 10 disc shearer a.j. plow; 5-f. shearer m.b., s.j. plow; 25 tyne Sunshine cultivator; Barger disc Cultivator; 21 disc Mitchell drill; Sunshine s.j. Harrows, 4 sections; 3 ton tabletop waggon (Bolton & Sons); sulky and harness; 35 tons wheaten hay in stack; 70 bags Nabawah seed wheat; 70 bags Canberra seed wheat; Oakland 6 car, good order; about 3300 ft. 1 inch galv. Piping, in first class order; 1 bale cornsacks; 100 egg Phipps incubator; portable fan forge, anvil, equipment of blacksmith's tools , etc.; large quantity tools. Harness, sundries; large quantity household furniture and effects. Terms at Sale. Refreshments Provided. Stock and Plant purchased by outside buyings will be placed free on rails Winchester by the vendor, if required to do so, all reasonable care being exercised, but no responsibility accepted. Please Note Alteration of Date of Sale. Further particulars from - Elder, Smith & Co., Limited, Perth or Carnamah."
[Note: the farm was obviously not sold as J. W. Colpitts was still the owner of the said lots in 1932]

From The Irwin Index newspaper, Saturday 22 March 1930:
"Ford Sales - Mr. R. Laffan, Ford dealer of Carnamah and Three Springs, reports the following sales:- To Mrs. A. S. Sharpe, of Carnamah, an Abyss Green Ford paeton; Messrs E. & H. Nairn, of Three Springs, Fordson tractor; C. M. Tom, of Five Gums, Fordson tractor; C. Chapman, of Winchester, Fordson tractor; E. C. Andrews, Fordson tractor; Davies Bros., of Coorow, Fordson tractor; N. Dowding, of Winchester, Fordson tractor; C. O. Baker, of Winchester, Fordson tractor."

From The Irwin Index newspaper, Saturday 22 March 1930:
"Carnamah Races - Mr. A. C. Bierman, secretary of the Carnamah Race Club, reports having received 52 nominations for the race meeting to be held on March 27th, which means that 31 horses will be racing on that day."

From The Irwin Index newspaper, Saturday 22 March 1930:
"Miss M. Gordon, Dressmaker, announces that she has commenced business in Laffan's Buildings, Carnamah. Enquires invited."

From The Irwin Index newspaper, Saturday 22 March 1930:
"Carnamah District Road Board - Notice of Election
It is hereby notified for general information, that an annual election of:-
One member of the Town Ward, one members for the Coorow Ward, one Ratepayer's Auditor for the Carnamah Road Board, will be held on the 12th day of April, 1930. The chief polling places will be at Carnamah and other polling places as required. Arnold C. Bierman, F.A.B.I., Secretary.
Referring to the above notice, I hereby notify for general information that nominations for the above mentioned election will be received by me at or before 6 o'clock in the afternoon of the 29th day of March 1930, or within 14 clear days next preceding such day at Carnamah. The number of members to be elected are as follows:-
1 Member for Town Ward vice Mr. L. P. Parker
2 Member for Coorow Ward vice Mr. B. D. Bothe
3 Ratepayers Auditor vice Mr. G. K. Ryder
The above mentioned officers have retired through effluxion of time, and are eligible for re-election.
Nominations must be accompanied by cash deposit of £1 stg.
Dated this 4th day of March, 1930. Arnold C. Bierman, Returning Officer."

From The Irwin Index newspaper, Saturday 12 April 1930:
"Dr. C. P. Rosenthal has commenced practise at Carnamah, and may be consulted at his Surgery, Carnamah, opposite the Bank of New South Wales. Consultation on Sundays by appointment. Telephone, Carnamah 17."

From The Irwin Index newspaper, Saturday 12 April 1930:
Carnamah Police Court - A Vermin Prosecution
"At the Carnamah Police Court this week, before Messrs E. Hunt and R. Robertson, J's.P., W. and E. Chapman, known as Chapman Bros., of Waddy Forrest, were charged by the Carnamah Vermin Board with an offence under the Vermin Act, in which they failed to poison their holding within the prescribed time by the Board and to the satisfaction of the Board's inspector. Mr. N. Graham appeared for the Board. Defendants pleaded not guilty and gave evidence on their own behalf. The bench found the charges proved and imposed a fine of £2 with £4/7/6 costs, in default 21 days' imprisonment."

From The Irwin Index newspaper, Saturday 12 April 1930:
Billeroo School - Official Opening of Hall - A Pleasant Entertainment
     "A very pleasant little entertainment took place on Thursday, the 3rd inst., when the chairman of the Carnamah Road Board (Mr. R. Robertson) officially opened the new school at Billeroo, Winchester East. A most striking example of what may be achieved by the co-operation of public spirited people in the up-to-date, neat building erected by voluntary labour for the benefit of the school children east of Winchester. It was only a matter of five weeks ago when the suggestion to build a school hall was mooted. A committee was formed with Messrs E. Huf and J. Adams as honorary secretaries and Mr. W. Chapman as treasurer. Within a remarkably short period this committee were successful in collecting sufficient subscriptions to enable to them to proceed with the erection of the school on a very suitable site generously donated to the committee by Mr. W. M. C. Lawson. An enthusiastic and energetic band of voluntary workers, under the leadership of Mr. W. Cole, very soon had the building erected and fit for occupation. The success of the whole project must be largely attributed to the work carried out by the enthusiastic officials, committee and general public, more especially the public of the immediate vicinity.
     Prior to inviting Mr. R. Robertson to open the building Mr. W. Chapman gave a brief outline of the procedure from the beginning of activities towards the erection of the new school hall. Mr. Chapman said:- "It is not many weeks ago that we were only talking of working together with the object of providing a school hall here. Now we have it completed and well on the way to being paid for. I am pleased to inform you that we have £125/5/6, with promises of 10 after next harvest. Of this amount we have £104/5/6 collected and £21 to collect. Besides this we have two of three very hopeful promises. Of the amount collected 84 has been paid to Millars' Timber & Trading Company for material for the hall. The balance is to be paid after next harvest Millars' have promised us a discount on all the material and the Midland Railway Company are giving us a concession on the freight of the material. The latter should amount to about £10, though it has not yet been finalised. When we first discussed the plans of the town hall a committee was formed with an understanding that when half the required amount had been collected we should go forward and order the material for the hall. Mr. W. Lawson very generously donated the land for the building. Within the next few days a meeting will be held in the School Hall to elect trustees and a School Committee." In his concluding remarks expressed the pleasure of all at having Mr. R. Robertson to officially open the School Hall. He thought it most appropriate that the chairman of the Carnamah Road Board should perform the ceremony, more particularly as the Board had very generously donated £10/10/- out of its three per cent account towards the building of the hall. Mr. Robertson was then called upon to make his address and declare the hall open.
     Mr. Robertson said:- "I assure you that it gives me much pleasure to come out and declare this building open. But when I was asked to perform the opening I was told there would not be many people here and that I would have plenty of support. Looking round me there seems to be a large crowd present, and as we have our newly elected member of the Road Board (Mr. A. Smart) with us I shall call upon him to support me. On behalf of the Board I offer the committee of this school all the support we can give them. It is a splendid effort that has been made and the result is a credit to the committee. It is a big step towards overcoming the great difficulty of education in the bush. I hope that it will not be very long before you can declare the hall clear of debt. I also hope that you will have sufficient children to keep the school going, and as time goes on you will get the school under the Education Department. I have very much pleasure in declaring the school open and hope that it meets with every prosperity."
     Addressing the gathering Mr. A. Smart said:- "I can assume you, with Mr. Robertson, that it gives me much pleasure to be here to-day to support his remarks. I would like to give you a long speech, but I do not feel entitled to do so as I am not officially a Road Board member until the 12th of April. The success that you have attainted is a very worthy example to other communities, and the very rapid manner in which things have moved denotes great efforts on the part of those concerned."
     As Dr. C. P. Rosenthal happened to be present at the gathering, Mr. Robertson invited him to take the opportunity of speaking to the people.
     In accepting the invitation Dr. Rosenthal said:- "Mr. Robertson has explained that I have come to the district in response to a request for a medical officer. I am certainly here in person and hope that in a very short time shall be heart and soul amongst you, as is my aim. I am entirely at your disposal with any skill or help in my power to extend. I am very much taken with the little I have seen of the town of Carnamah and the district I am sure, I am going to like it very much in the future and hope to become one of yourselves and one of the community."
     At the conclusion of the addresses and official opening sports were conducted for the children, and then all present, numbering approximately one hundred, were provided with a delightful afternoon tea, which was a credit to the culinary skill of the ladies of the district.
     Toys, sweets and fruit were distributed among the children during the afternoon tea."

From The Irwin Index newspaper, Saturday 19 April 1930:
Local and General
"Doctor for Coorow - The Secretary of the Coorow and Waddy Progress Association advises that Dr. Shanahan has decided to commence practise at Coorow almost immediately."
"Dental Visits - Mr. H. Williams, surgeon dentist, of Carnamah, has made arrangements to visit certain towns in the district as advertised. He will be found at Mrs. Duffy's shop at Three Springs, Mrs. Battersby's boarding establishment at Coorow, and at the hotel at Perenjori."
"Fords Further Favoured - The latest delivery of one of the new Ford phaetons is to Mr. C. W. Dowden, of Dongarra. Three of the new improved Fordson tractors were landed at Strawberry this week and handed over to Messrs. T. Watson, C. G. Ellery, and Irwin Broad. The sales were efected through the local dealer (Mr. R. Laffan)."

From The Irwin Index newspaper, Saturday 26 April 1930:
Rifle Shooting - The Carnamah Club - the Badrick Trophy
"On Sunday last members of the Carnamah Rifle Club conducted a shoot over the 500 yards range for a trophy donated by Mr. F. Badrick, ten members and five visitors being present at the range. Two young "colts" in R. Sparks and R. Bickerdike did well gain the "possible," as also did the captain (R. W. Clark). Following were the scores:-
                                  500        Hp.       Tl.
R. Sparks                     41         12        50
R. Bickerdike                38         12        50
R. W. Clark                  38         12        50
E. Garraway                 43           6        49
C. Thompson                43         4½      47½
W. Sheridan                  38          6        44
M. P. Parker                 26         12        38
N. M. Graham              29          7½      36½
F. Badrick                     21         12        33
G. Gibson                     16         12        28
Visitors:- Maley 41, Howlett 34, Odgaard 31, T. Berrigan 21, A. Bond 28."

From The Irwin Index newspaper, Saturday 3 May 1930:
Proposed Golf Club at Carnamah - Public Meeting
"A Public Meeting of Golfing Enthusiasts will be held in the Carnamah Hall on Monday next, May 5th, at 8 p.m., with the object of forming a club at Carnamah. All persons interested are requested to be present. N. M. Graham, Convenor."

From The Irwin Index newspaper, Saturday 3 May 1930:
Tom Berrigan, Carnamah. Wishes to advise all clients of a substantial reduction in the price of H. V. McKay's Sunshine Machinery. This concession will apply to all deliveries as from April 7th, 1930, irrespective of when orders were lodges."

From The Irwin Index newspaper, Saturday 3 May 1930:
Football - Opening Match at Carnamah - Home Team Successful
"On Sunday last Carnamah were at home to the Coorow team in a friendly football match, the attendance at the match being very satisfactory. Many new players were given a tryout and several showed good promise of becoming useful performers in the future. Mr. J. Rocchi, an ex-South Fremantle player, had charge of the game, and gave an excellent interpretation of the new rules. Carnamah were not seriously troubled and won easily by six goals. Both teams had several outstanding and promising players, but each side lacked that combination play that is so essential to the success of a team."

From The Irwin Index newspaper, Saturday 3 May 1930:
"Mr. Percy Dewar, of Carnamah, became the proud father of a bonny son last week."

From The Irwin Index newspaper, Saturday 3 May 1930:
North Midlands Association - Meeting at Three Springs
"The North Midlands Football Association held a meeting at Three Springs on Sunday last, those present being Messrs E. Hunt and S. Hawley (Three Springs), A. C. Bierman and G. F. Brown (Carnamah), G. Williams and K. Kitson (Coorow) and W. Durack and J. Williams (Arrino). Mr. E. Hunt occupied the chair."
"The following clearances were granted on the motion of Mr. Bierman, seconded by Mr. Brown - C. A. Nairn, Carnamah to Geraldton Fire Brigade ; S. Pearse, North Fremantle to Three Springs."

From The Irwin Index newspaper, Saturday 10 May 1930:
"Ford Sales - Mr. R. Laffan, Ford dealer for Carnamah and Three Springs, advises that the following are amongst the latest purchases of Ford vehicles:- Mr. Irwin Burges, of Irwin Park, Irwin, Ford Runabout; Mr. Andrew Fitzgerald, of Mingenew, Fordson Tractor; Mr. H. I. Cardel, of Mingenew, Ford 30-cwt. Truck; Mr. G. H. Jones, of Yandanooka, Ford 30-cwt. Truck; Messrs Rowe Bros. And Pearce, of Arrino, Fordson Tractor; Mr. W. C. Robinson, of Mingenew, Ford Truck. All the foregoing sales were effected through Mr. Laffan."

From The Irwin Index newspaper, Saturday 10 May 1930:
"H. Williams, Dental Surgeon, Carnamah
Will visit Three Springs every Tuesday, from 8 a.m. to 12.30 p.m.
Coorow - Second and fourth Wednesday in each month, from 3 p.m. to 4.30 p.m.
Perenjori - Every Sunday, from 10.30 a.m. to 2 p.m."

From The Irwin Index newspaper, Saturday 10 May 1930:
Social and Personal
"Whilst operating a farming implement last week Mr Allen, of Winchester, had the misfortune to sustain an injury that necessitated the amputation of two toes from one foot. The operation was performed by Dr Rosenthal, of Carnamah."
"Mr Bowman returned to Carnamah last week. Never were the citizens of Carnamah and its surrounding districts more pleased at the return of a fellow citizen than on Mr Bowman's return from his brief holiday trip to Scotland."
"Miss Gordon, of Carnamah, left for Perth on Tuesday night's train. Her marriage to Mr Arthur Reidy, also of Carnamah, but late of Watheroo, will take place in Perth next. Miss Gordon expects to return with her husband to Carnamah in a fortnight's time, where they intend to make their home."

From The Irwin Index newspaper, Saturday 10 May 1930:
Kitchen Tea - Function at Carnamah - A Pleasant Evening
     "The Carnamah hall was a scene of gaiety and youth on Tuesday evening last, when the Football and Tennis Clubs and many friends extended a kitchen gift evening to Miss M. Gordon and Mr. Arthur Reidy, who are to be united in the holy bonds of matrimony next week. The evening was happily occupied by dancing, at an interval in which the guests of honour were made the recipients of many useful gifts.
     Mr. G. K. Rdyer, on behalf of the Tennis Club, presented the bride-to-be with a sea of three pyrex dishes, and spoke in a very complimentary strain of the happy couple. Mr. H. Morrison also spoke in eulogistic terms on behalf of the local Football Club, Mr. Reidy responding in a suitable manner. After the unwrapping of the many useful gifts, Miss Gordon heartily thanked everyone for their kindness, and for the many useful and dainty gifts.
     An excellent programme of dance music was supplied voluntarily by Miss May Rocchi (piono), Messrs R. Smith (drums), H. Robinson (cornet) and T. Cox (violin), whilst a visitor to Carnamah played the saxophone. A delicious home made supper was supplied by the ladies, and was enjoyed and appreciated by all present.
     "For They Are Jolly Good Fellows" was sang, and after a very happy evening the party adjourned to the railway station to await the departure of their guests by the Geraldton-Perth Express. Great hilarity was indulged in on the station, and the excited couple were borne away by a train nosily "cock-a-doddle-doing," and amid showers of confetti. Every happiness for the future is the wish at Carnamah for Miss Gordon and Mr. Reidy."

From The Irwin Index newspaper, Saturday 10 May 1930:
Golf - Formation of Club at Carnamah - Inaugural Meeting
     "On Monday evening last, a meeting was held in Carnamah Hall with the object of forming a golf club at that progressive centre [Carnamah]. There were present Mesdames Clarke, Smart, Stoddart and Williams; Messrs Smart, Stoddart, Badrick, Ryder, Laffan, Chappel, Baker, Aitken, Leede, Graham, Williams and Dr. Rosenthal.
     On the motion of Messrs Stoddart and Williams it was resolved to form a club to be known as the Carnamah Golf Club, the following officers being appointed:- President, Dr. Rosenthal, vice-presidents, Messrs Stoddart, Laffan and Smart; secretary, Mr. H. Williams; treasurer, Mr. Baker; captain, Mr. Graham.
     At the instance of Messrs Laffan and Graham it was resolved that the executive officers, with the addition of four ladies in attendance, comprise the committee.
     It was agreed to make an inspection of all possible playing grounds on Sunday afternoon next, the secretary being authorised to write to several clubs (Mingenew, Bunbury, Geraldton) or copied of rules and constitutions of the respective clubs.
     With a view to commencing play members and intending members are invited to be present at the recreation ground on Sunday next at 10.30 a.m."

From The Irwin Index newspaper, Saturday 10 May 1930:
Carnamah Rifle Club - Spoon Shoot - Thompson and Ryder Top-Scorers
     "On Sunday last ten members of the Carnamah Rife Club attended the range to compete in the Clyb Spoon Shoot over the 600 yards range. Conditions were somewhat unfavourable, the day being alternately bright and dull. C. Thompson and G. K. Ryder were successful in obtaining highest points off the rifle, the detailed scores of the shoot being as follows:-
                              600     Hcp.     Tl.
C. Thompson           45        8        50
G. K. Ryder             45       12       50
N. Graham               39      10½     49½
R. W. Clark              38      38½     47½
W. Sheridan             39        7         46
G. Kininmonth          38       7         45
R. Sparks                 28       12        40
M. Baker                  21       12        23
G. Gibson                 17       12        29
R. Bickerdike            14       12        26
     There will be no shooting at the range on Sunday next/"

From The Irwin Index newspaper, Saturday 14 June 1930:
Golf Club - Formed at Three Springs
    "A well attended meeting of golfers and followers of the game was recently held at Three Springs with the object of discussing a proposal to form a club at that progressive centre.
     It was eventually decided that a golf club be formed and the following officers were elected:- Patron, Mr. R. A. Caldow; president and captain, Mr. R. Shaw; treasurer and vice-captain, Mr. L. S. Lloyd; secretary, Mr. L. J. Simmonds; committee, Messrs Shaw, Simmonds, Lloyd, Dr. Mayrhofer and Matron Coffey.
     Links have been formed on Mr. Lynch's property and practise has already been commenced with great enthusiasm. The game gives good promise of becoming extremely popular."

From The Irwin Index newspaper, Saturday 19 July 1930:
A Progressive Town - Big Improvements at Carnamah - Relief for Unemployed
"The Carnamah Road Board is to be congratulated on the progressive spirit that is being displayed in the improvement of the townsite of Carnamah, and incidentally providing relief work for the local unemployed. Since June last the Board has, in addition to putting down a further two thousand feet of kerbing, planted sixty ornamental trees in the parious streets and along the station entrance.
The work of improving the town is still proceeding, and the Board shortly intends to carry out the gravelling of all footpaths.
In spite of the bad times the building activities in Carnamah have increased during the present year. The new premises of the Bank of Australasia at the corner of Macpherson and Caron Streets are a credit to the bank and also the contractors (Messrs Ralph and Sons).
The Shell Company recently engaged Mr. C. Dallimore to erect a residence for their superintendent, and this building is now almost completed.
Mr. T. J. Berrigan has instructed Mr. Kennedy to erect a spacious bungalow and brick-fronted office and showroom in the main street. The building is looking very impressive and will shortly be ready for occupation.
Various other notable improvements have been effected, it being quite evident that residents generally are leaving no stone unturned in furtherance of an objective to make Carnamah the capital of the Midlands."

From The Irwin Index newspaper, Saturday 19 July 1930:
Change of Business at Carnamah
"Mr. S. L. Hidden, who was recently in business at Geraldton, has purchased the general storekeeping business hitherto carried on by Mr. G. Stoddart at Carnamah, and intends to carry large stocks of the best lines in drapery, clothing, grocery, hardware, and other lines. Prices will be based on the lowest rates consistent with quality, and by paying strict attention to the requirements of his customers. Mr. Hidden expects to merit a continuance of the patronage accorded to Mr. Stoddart by residents of the district."

From The Irwin Index newspaper, Saturday 19 July 1930:
Church of England Affairs
"A correspondent writes to the effect that a meeting of parishioners of the newly formed Church of England district between Carnamah and Coorow was held at Winchester on Tuesday last, when there was a good attendance. Various matters of interest were discussed, and a committee representative of all centres in the new district was elected. Information was received to the effect that the new rector would arrive in Coorow early in September to take charge of the district embracing Carnamah, Inering, Winchester, Billeroo, Waddy Forrest, Marchagee and Gunyidi."

From The Irwin Index newspaper, Saturday 2 August 1930:
Football - The North Midlands Association - Carnamah again defeats Arrino
"The premiership fixtures of the North Midlands Football Association were continued on Sunday last, when teams representing Arrino and Carnamah met on the latter club's ground. The match was of a very one-sided nature, the home team winning with a margin of the equivalent of more then ten goals. Arrino were without the services of a couple of prominent players, but on the whole they put up a poor exhibition. The final scores were: Carnamah, 11 goals 18 behinds (84 points); Arrino, 3 goals 3 behinds (21 points). The goal-kickers for the winning team were Powell (3), McSwain (3), Gould, Farquhar, Harrington, Louis and Fitzgerald. The most conspicuous member of the victorious side were S. Powell, R. Drage, "Snowy" Young and A. McSwain, the losers being best represented by T. Bygraves, Ken Mutter and J. Callory."

From The Irwin Index newspaper, Saturday 16 August 1930:
Golf - Carnamah Club - General Meeting
"A general meeting of the Carnamah Golf Club was held on Tuesday last, when Mr. A. Smart occupied the chair. Nominations were called for the position of secretary, and Mr. N. Arundale was unanimously elected administrative secretary and Mr. T. Beswick as organising secretary. Mr. N. W. Reynolds was elected vice-president in the place of Mr. Stoddart, who has left the district. Mrs. C. P. Rosenthal and Miss E. Berrigan were elected to the committee (vice Mesdames Stoddart and Williams), and Messrs V. Shallcross, P. Teede and T. Beswick were appointed a committee to lay out the new course for next year's operations. Messrs N. Graham, C. Robertson and P. Teede were appointed as the handicapping and selection committee. It was unanimously decided to hold a competition on Sunday next and to provide afternoon tea to players and visitors. The arrangements were left in the hands of the secretary and assistant secretary. The committee was authorised to frame suitable by-laws for the club, and I was decided that new members who have not yet played with the club should be charged only half of the membership fee for the remainder of this year. The secretary was instructed to take immediate steps to collect membership fees still outstanding. Messrs N. Arundale and T. Beswick were appointed to represent the club on the local Recreation Ground Committee."

From The Irwin Index newspaper, Saturday 23 August 1930:
Coorow Hotel - An All W.A. Production - Interview with Mrs Gloster
    "After traversing miles of more or less perfect road - principally less - the writer's car sighed contentedly to a stop in front of the new hotel at Coorow, which has been erected for Messrs P. A. Connolly and A. B. Gloster at a cost of £14,000, exclusive of furnishing.
     He who will be host (Mr A.B. Gloster) was away in Perth, for the licence, which has since been granted, had not then been obtained and, unfortunately, the premises were not open for business, prohibition thus reigning supreme. However, the hostess (Mrs Gloster) was within and very kindly conducted an inspection of the building.
     Incidentally, Mrs Gloster remarked that she had twenty-three homes during the course of her life, but she thought she would now settle down in Coorow. The homes, it should be mentioned, were not all business houses, but Mrs Gloster prefers the house of business because in the ordinary house there is not enough to look after. The hostess of the Coorow Hotel likes an active life and is never happier than when looking after the comfort of those who seek rest by the wayside or railway from the cares and turmoil of commercial life, or those who merely travel for enjoyment. At her new home she will certainly be abundantly provided with facilities for dispensing that comfort, and she is justly proud of the fact that everything used in furnishing the hotel is of Western Australian make, with the exception of a few odds and ends that were unprocurable in this State. Even the crockery was made in W.A., "and" said Mrs Gloster, "What is wrong with that?"
     There was nothing wrong with it, nor was there anything wrong with the excellent blankets of Porongurup make, nor with anything else the writer saw that had been manufactured in W.A. The only thing wrong with these products is that they are not advertised enough, especially in the country, and Western Australians do not know one-half of what can be obtained as the product of their own state. A visit to the Coorow Hotel would be an eye-opener to many.
     The hotel itself is an imposing structure of two stories, and has a frontage of about 66 feet to the main street. Cement bricks and jarrah timber have been the chief materials used in its erection, the work being done by Mr A. G. Woods of Guildford.
     The double doors of the main entrance open on to a hall facing a handsome jarrah stairway leading to the upper regions. There are twenty-four bedrooms, and all have been completely furnished down to a waste paper basket. From the bedrooms one steps out onto a commodious balcony from which a fine view of the surrounding country can be obtained. A small section of the balcony has been reserved and partitioned off for private use. There is another balcony at the back with an independent stairway leading to the yard. The bars, dining room, smoking and commercial rooms on the ground floor are all beautifully fitted and excellent in design. It cost £120 to put a special floor covering in the two bars, the kitchen and the pantry. In the yard there are six roomy garages, the laundry, engine room (where an electric lighting plant has been installed), a furnace room from whence a supply of hot water is reticulated continuously to the bathrooms, an up-to-date septic tank, and other out-buildings common to modern hotels. The water supply will consist of rain water caught in six 4,000 gallon tanks and water from a well in the yard fitted with a windmill and engine.
     Whatever the requirements of the Licensing Board may be, it is certain that they have been more than filled in the new Coorow Hotel, and the residents are to be congratulated on the acquisition of such an asset to their district, and Messrs Connolly and Gloster on their enterprise."

From The Irwin Index newspaper, Saturday 4 October 1930:
A Carnamah Christening
"On Sunday last the Rev. E. G. Jaquet officiated at the christening of Kelva, the baby daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Badrick, of Carnamah, the service being held in the morning. Later in the day a reception was held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Badrick in Boojerabba Street, where a dainty repast was served to a large number of guests. A beautiful christening cake adorned one of the tables, and whilst the usual toasts incidental to such occasions were being honoured, the cake was cut and handed round to the guests. Bridge occupied the remainder of the evening and quite an enjoyable time was spent by all present. The invited guests included Mr. and Mrs. Curtis, Mr. and Mrs. L. P. Parker, Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Berrigan, Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Bierman, Mr. and Mrs. H. Gething, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur, Mr. and Mrs. Saunders, Mr. and Mrs. Sheard, Mr. and Mrs. Laffan, Mrs. J. Raffan, Miss Flynn, Miss Berrigan, Miss Newton, Miss Cavanagh, Miss Sanders, Miss G. Healy, Miss M. Healy, Mr. Geo. Raffan, Mr. Gordon Raffan, Mr. J. Hodgkinson and Mr. Rew, and apologies for non-attendance were received from Mr. and Mrs. Parker. Mr. and Mrs. Bierman, Mr. and Mrs. Laffan, Mr. and Mrs. Curtis, Mr. and  Mrs. Arthur, Mr. and Mrs. Sheard, Mr. and Mrs. Sanders and daughter, Misses G. and M. Healy."

From The Irwin Index newspaper, Saturday 1 November 1930:
"A pleasant function took place in the Carnamah Hall on Saturday night last, when approximately two hundred residents assembled to bid farewell to Mr. and Mrs. A. Mortimer, two popular figures of the town and district. Mr. Mortimer has acted in the capacity of stationmaster at Carnamah for a number of years, and only recently recovered from a serious illness. On his return to Carnamah he received notice of transfer to Gingin, at which centre he will resume duty. The evening as spent in dancing, whilst a most entertaining item was contributed by Mr. Braybrook. During the supper interval Mr. Robertson (chairman of the Carnamah Road Board) presented the departing guests with a travelling rug, a casserole in a silver stand, and a cheque on behalf on behalf of the residents of Carnamah and district, and stated that the gifts were a token of appreciation for the courteous manner in which Mr. Mortimer had served the general public during his term of office as stationmaster in Carnamah. Mr. Robertson spoke in highly eulogistic terms of Mr. and Mrs. Mortimer, and expressed the sincere thanks and appreciation of everyone for the many kindnesses and courtesies they had been shown. Mr. and Mrs. Mortimer suitably acknowledged the gifts and expressions of appreciation."

From The Irwin Index newspaper, Saturday 1 November 1930:
Presbyterian Church, Carnamah. Services in the Carnamah charge on Sunday next will be follows:- 11 a.m.,, Children's service at Carnamah; 3 p.m., Winchester; 8 p.m., Carnamah. The preacher at all services will be he Rev. C. W. T. Headen."

From The Irwin Index newspaper, Saturday 1 November 1930:
"New Season's Wheat - The first consignment of this season's wheat from the Three Springs district was delivered to Dalgety & Co., Ltd. on Thursday last by Mr. F. E. James."
[Note: F. E. James was a member of the Carnamah Road Board including a term as Chairman]

From The Irwin Index newspaper, Saturday 1 November 1930:
"Neil M. Graham, Barrister & Solicitor, Carnamah
Will visit the following places on the first and third Friday and Saturday of each month:-
Perenjori - 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Friday
Morawa - 2:30 p.m. Friday to 11 p.m. Saturday
Three Springs - 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. Saturday
Coorow - On the 1st and 3rd Wednesday in each month from 3 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Mingenew - Local Court days."
[Note: the above notice or similar appeared in most editions of The Irwin Index newspaper]

From The Irwin Index newspaper, Saturday 1 November 1930:
"Public Notice - Notice is hereby given that after this date I will not be responsible for any debts contracted by wife (Emma E. Nairn). H. R. R. Nairn, Dongara, 10/10/30."
[Note: Henry R. R. Nairn was born in 1866 at Noolooroo Spring in what is now the Carnamah district]

From The Irwin Index newspaper, Saturday 1 November 1930:
"Dance at Carnamah - The dance held in aid of the Roman Catholic Church fund in the Carnamah Hall last Thursday was not as well attended as former dances - a district sign of the prevailing financial depression. A delightful supper and excellent music, coupled with a good floor, was responsible for all present experiencing a very enjoyable time. The music was supplied by Mrs. E. K. Wells (piano), S. Lloyd (saxophone), and Ro. Smith (drums), whilst the supper was supplied by the energetic ladies' committee. The secretary reports a profit of between £5 and £6 from the function."

From The Irwin Index newspaper, Saturday 8 November 1930:
"Armistice Day at Carnamah - On Tuesday next, November 11th, Armistice Day will be celebrated at Carnamah in a manner similar to last year. A brief ceremony will take place at the Fallen Soldiers' Memorial, commencing at 10:55 a.m., when a wreath of poppies will be laid on the memorial by the Carnamah Branch of the Returned Soldiers' League. The "Last Post" and the "Reveille" will be sounded, and two minutes silence will be observed at 11 a.m. It is hoped that, in accordance with the expressed wish of His Majesty the King, everyone will remember to observe this silence wherever they may be. The ceremony will conclude with a brief  address by one of the local clergyman. Poppies will be on sale during the day, the proceeds of which will be applied to relieve the distress among returned men and their dependants. It is expected that the Van. Archdeacon C. L. Riley (Vice-president of the Returned Soldiers' League in this State) will be in Carnamah during the following week, and it has been arranged that he shall be given the opportunity of meeting the local returned men on Saturday evening, November 22nd, in the Carnamah Hall at 8 o'clock."

From The Irwin Index newspaper, Saturday 8 November 1930:
Tennis - Carnamah v Arrino
"A representative team from the Arrino tennis Club visited Carnamah on Sunday last and played a friendly match, the majority of the play it was found that the visitors were victorious, the totals for the match being:- Arrino, 15 sets 130 games; Carnamah, 11 sets 113 games. The following are the details of the match, the Carnamah representatives being first mentioned in each instance:
First Round - C. Robertson and A. V. Clark lost to L. Angel and R. O'Neil 5-6; L. Moorhead and J. Hodgkinson lost to C. Connolly and E. Davey 2-6; T. Beswick and J. McGowan lost to A. Smith and G. King; Mesdames Clark and Rosenthal beat Mrs Williams and Miss E. Connolly 6-5; Misses Clark and Giles beat Mrs. Davey and Miss A. Connolly 6-4; Mrs. Robertson and Miss D. Stephens beat Misses Turner and R. Connolly 6-4; Mrs. Ferguson and Miss V. Stephens lost to Misses Turner and R. Connolly 1-6; Mrs. Clark and Robertson lost to Miss E. Connolly and Angel 4-6; Mrs. Rosenthal and Clark beat Mrs. Williams and O'Neil 6-4; Miss Giles and Hodgkinson lost to Mrs. Davey and C. Connolly 4-6; Mrs. Robertson and Moorhead lost to Miss A. Connolly and Davey 3-6; Miss Clark and Beswick beat Miss R. Connolly and Smith 6-2; Miss D. Stephens and McGowan lost to Miss M. Turner and King 3-6.
Second Round - C. Robertson and A. V. Clark beat L. Angel and R. O'Neil 6-5; L. Moorhead and J. Hodgkinson beat C. Connolly and E. Davey 6-2; T. Beswick and J. McGowan lost to A. Smith and G. King 6-4; Mesdames Clark and Rosenthal lost to Mrs. Williams and Miss E. Connolly 3-6; Misses Clark and Giles beat Mrs. Davey and Miss A. Connolly 6-2; Mrs. Robertson and Miss D. Stephens beat Misses R. Connolly and M. Turner 6-5; Mrs. Ferguson and Miss V. Stephens lost to Misses Connolly and E. Turner 2-6; Mrs. Clark and Robertson beat Miss E. Connolly and Angel 6-4; Mrs. Rosenthal and Clark bear Mrs. Williams and O'Neil 6-3; Miss Giles and Hodgkinson lost to Mrs. Davey and Connolly 3-6; Mrs. Robertson and Moorhead lost to Miss A. Connolly and Davey 4-6; Miss Clark and Beswick lost to Miss R. Connolly and Smith 5-6; Miss D. Stephens and McGowan lost to Miss M. Turner and King 4-6."

From The Irwin Index newspaper, Saturday 8 November 1930:
Farmers' Finance - Meeting at Carnamah - Farmers' Debts Adjustment Bill Discussed
"For the purpose of giving full consideration to the question of farmers' finance, the Carnamah branch of the Primary Producers' Association held a well-attended meeting in the local hall on Wednesday of last week, when Mr. A. P. Tucker occupied the chair. The provisions of the Farmers' Debts Adjustment Act were fully discussed, the unanimous opinion of the meeting being that while the Bill was likely to meet its purpose and prevent a cessation of work on the majority of wheat farms in the State during the coming year, it represented the least the Government could do, and that in view of the serious financial plight in which most farmers were placed, some definite form of assistance was urgently required. The following resolution was eventually adopted:- "That as long as it is the policy of Australia to grant bonuses and tariff protection to struggling industries, the Primary Producers' Association and the Country Party should adopt as their policy the provision by the Federal Government of a permanent guaranteed minimum price for wheat of 3/6 per bushel, all what to be handled by a compulsory pool: and, further, to provide the necessary immediate assistance to wheat growers a bonus of at least one shilling (1/-) per bushel is necessary and should be provided by the Federal Government and if the Federal Government refuses accept its responsibility, the State Government should provide the proposed bonus of one shilling per bushel for West Australian wheat."

From The Irwin Index newspaper, Saturday 8 November 1930:
Building Activities in Carnamah
"Tenders have already been advertised for the erection of the new Bank of Australasia which is to be situated on the corner of Macpherson and Caron Streets, Carnamah. The extensive garage and service station being erected in Macpherson Street by Mr. C. J. Dallimore for Mr. S. O. Grady, is rapidly nearing completion. Two shops are in the course of erection in Macpherson Street by Mr. R. Mackie, one of which is intended for a fish and chips room and fruit and vegetable shop. The row of residential houses in Caron Street, which were erected by Mr. R. Mackie, are now conpleted."

From The Irwin Index newspaper, Saturday 8 November 1930:
"Carnamah to Perth Motor Passenger Service. Motor car leaves Carnamah Hotel for Perth at 9.30 a.m. every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, returning Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Fares and bookings available on application to C. Brewer, Carnamah. J. McCrakan, Carnamah, Motor Service Proprietor."

From The Irwin Index newspaper, Saturday 15 November 1930:
Gunyidi - A Growing Settlement - School Officially Opened [Contributed]
     "Situated about mid-way between Perth and Geraldton, on the Midland Railway line, Gunyidi is one of the newest settlements in the State. Two years ago there were only four settlers attending the siding. To-day there are about thirty, and the area under crop totals about 9000 acres. Last year 17000 bags of wheat were sent away, and it is expected to double that number this year. Like all new settlements, Gunyidi has its wants, and one of the most important of these was recently met by the completion of a very fine school. Naturally, this was not secured without string representations, and great credit is due to Mr. W. Anderson for his persistent advocacy in the matter.
     When the buildings was completed the Progress Association made arrangements for an official opening, and communicated with the Parliamentary representatives of the district, and as a result Messrs. E. H. Hall and G. A. Kempton, M's.L.C., arrived by Monday's train. They were met at the siding by members of the Progress Association, where a meeting was held, at which the principal question agitating the minds of the settlers was fully discussed. This was in regard to the classification of the land in the area. Statements were made as to the yields obtained from land classified as third class, and on which Agricultural Bank loans had been refused. The members were strongly urged to endeavour to secure either a re-classification, or assistance from the Agricultural Bank. Subsequently, a tour of the district was made, when it was seen from the appearance of the crops that the statements made were fully justified.
     In the evening the lights of motor cars and trucks could be seen in all directions conveying residents from all parts of the district to take part in the official opening of the school by Messrs. Kempton and Hall, who both briefly addressed the gathering.
     Dancing was then commenced, and continued until the usual late hour. A vocal item by Mrs. Cosh was much appreciated, as was a recitation by one of the scholars. An excellent supper, served by the Gunyidi ladies, was much enjoyed, special thanks being due to Miss Butler, teacher at Namban, who in addition to bringing a supply of cakes from Moora (where they had been left in error), also supplied most of the dancing music.
     Before the gathering dispersed, Mr. R. Robertson (chairman of the Carnamah Road Board), and Messrs. Bryant and Smart (Board members), congratulated the Gunyidi residents on the creation of their school, remarking that  it was a much better building than existed at Carnamah.
     A vote of thanks to Messrs. Hall and Kempton for their visit, and the singing of the National Anthem brought a very enjoyable function to a close.
     A final word of praise is due to Mr. L. Rose (secretary of the Gunyidi Progress Association), for his untiring efforts in connection with the arrangements of the function."

From The Irwin Index newspaper, Saturday, 3 January 1931:
Fire at Winchester
"Whilst recently driving a tractor attached to a harvester, Mr. H. Dowding noticed upon looking back that his crop was on fire. Before he could extinguish the blaze approximately sixty acres of crop had been destroyed. The crop was partly covered by insurance."

From The Irwin Index newspaper, Saturday, 4 April 1931:
Death. Nineham - On March 25th, 1931, at the Three Springs Hospital, as the result of an accident, A. J. (Jack) Nineham, brother of H. and C. Nineham, of Carnamah.
Bereavement Notice - Messrs. H. and C. Nineham, of Carnamah, desire to thank all friends for the many floral tributes received on the occasion of the recent sad bereavement.  Especially do they wish to thank Dr. Mayrhoffer and Matron Coffey, of the Three Springs Hospital, The Rev, C. W. T. Headon, of Carnamah, and Sister Locke, of the Carnamah Hospital, for their kindness and careful attention to their late brother Jack.

From The Irwin Index newspaper, Saturday, 4 April 1931:
"Traffic Prosecutions - Before Messrs. J. K. Hebiton, E. Hunt and L. P. Parker, J's.P., at the Three Springs Police Court on Saturday last, E. J. Iles, E. M. Jack, E. N. Bell, Jas. Underwood and G. Underwood were charged with a breach of the Traffic Act by having driven unlicensed vehicles. All the defendants were ordered to pay the licence fees due, together with legal costs incurred in the prosecution, payment to be made within a period of three months."

From The Western Mail newspaper, Thursday 6 August 1931:
News From Wheat Centres - Coorow
"A social and dance was held at the Coorow Hotel on August 1, the occasion being a send-off to Mr. Harry Smith, of the Associated Farmers' Co., who has been transferred to Carnamah. The function was well attended by the residents of Coorow Waddy Forest and district. The local football team was again defeated on August 2 by Carnamah on the latter's ground. The scores were Carnamah 8.13, CW-WF 3.14. The Coorow Golf Club competition was held on August 2 and was won by Mr. A. James. A number of trucks of sheep were forwarded to the Midland Market during the week by various growers and fertiliser consignments are going forward this week."

From The Irwin Index newspaper, 3 October 1931:
"LOST - Two Calves, 6 and 12 months old, and Red and White Face Bull with brown and white marks. Reward for information leading to recovery - P. L. Millard, Carnamah."

From The Irwin Index newspaper, 3 October 1931:
"Fatal Accident at Carnamah. Mr. Fred James Hawkins, 37 years, who is a brother of Mrs. J. Iles, of Carnamah, received serious injuries in an accident on Saturday last, to which he succumbed on the following evening. From reports to hand it would appear that whilst driving home from Carnamah on Saturday evening deceased fell between the horse and the sulky he was driving and received serious internal injuries. Deceased was a single man. The body was conveyed to Perth for burial."

From The Irwin Index newspaper, 3 October 1931:
"Bereavement Notice. Mrs A. Hawkins and family and Mr. Iles, of Carnamah wish to express their sincere thanks to Dr. Rosenthal, Mr. and Mrs. Murray and family, and Mr. Walsh for their kindness and attention in their sudden said bereavement; also do they wish to thank all other kind friends for telegrams, floral tributes and personal expressions of sympathy."

From The Irwin Index newspaper, 3 October 1931:
"Church Services - Anglican Church (Carnamah-Coorow District) - The Rev. A. W. Curtis will conduct the following services in his district on Sunday next:- 8 a.m., Holy Matrimony at Carnamah; 11 a.m., Children's service at Coorow; 8 p.m., Waddy Forrest."

From The Irwin Index newspaper, 3 October 1931:
"Mrs. Frank Badrick, with her daughter (Kelva), has returned to Carnamah after having spent a very enjoyable holiday at Nanson."
"Mrs. R. Roper, of Subiaco, accompanied by her daughter (Mrs. E. Drabble, of Claremont), are at president spending a holiday with Mr. and Mrs. G. ("Chitter") Brown at Carnamah."
"Mrs. Graham, sen., has returned to Leederville after having spent an enjoyable holiday with her son and daughter-in-law (Mr. and Mrs. Neil Graham), of Carnamah."

From The Irwin Index newspaper, 3 October 1931:
Rifle Shooting - Carnamah Club - The Thompson Trophy
"The final stage of the Thompson trophy was fired over the 600 and 700 yards ranges on Sunday last. J. Dixon scored the highest, thereby succeeded in winning the trophy with an aggregate of 200½. Conditions for the shoot were very bad, a poor light and a fish tail wind being very disconcerting to the competitors. On Sunday next the club will hold a shoot over the 500 and 600 yards ranges for the purpose of contesting the first stage of the trophy donated by Misses Giles and Stevens, and also to fire off the second stage of the Lester Shield competition. The following are last Sunday's scores in detail:-
                                  600     700     Hc.     T.
J. Dixon……………….26       31       9        66
K. Maley……………...26       28     11½     65½
S. Folland……………..31       24       8        63
R. W. Clark…………...27       22      8½      57½
S. Gooch……………...25       16       16      57
C. Kroschel…………...22       22     12½     56½
G. Kinnamonth……….26       22      8½       56½
N. Graham……………21       21       14       56
M. Baker……………..18       16       14       48
P. Merriman………….18       15       12       45
F. Badrick………… ….9        16       12       45
W. Sheridan………… .20       12       12       44
R. Bickerdike……….. .27       19       --       46

From The Irwin Index newspaper, 3 October 1931:
Rifle Team's Visit to Mingenew - On Saturday and Sunday, October 17 and 18, rifle teams from the Geraldton, Northampton, Mullewa and Carnamah Clubs will visit Mingenew to test their prowess on the local range against a team from the home club.

From The Irwin Index newspaper, 10 October 1931:
"Carnamah - Genuine Clearing Sale (The Estate of Late D. McPherson)
Improved Farming Property, Stock, Plant and Machinery
On the Property - Friday, October 23rd, 1931 at 2 p.m.
The Westralian Farmers Limited, favoured with the instructions from the Trustee in the Estate of the late D. McPherson, will offer by public auction, as above:-
Land - 3441 acres or thereabouts; 1200 acres cleared. Victoria Locs. 1071, 1072, 1073, and 1321. The whole of the land comprised in Cert. Of Title 729/64. Part of Lot 2 on Diagram 6396, portion of Vic Loc. No. 1936. The balance of land in Cert. Title 880, Fol. 121, subject to perpetual right of Elder Smith & Co. Ltd., to use of water on the land.
Particulars - Two good wells on Lot 2. Ringed fences, six wires, and subdivided into three paddocks. There is a perpetual lease to the Crown of portion of the property used as Rifle Range.
Stock - 180 Hoggets, 5 Farm Horses, Mares and Geldings, and the well-known race-horses "Mardoo," "Home Again," "Rocket," "Pilbarite," and "Fiducia"; four Cows.
Plant and Machinery - McKay Harvester, 5 h.p. McKay Engine, 6-fur M.B. Plow, 15/30 McCormick-Deering Tractor, McCormick-Deering Drill, Chaffcutter, Spring Tooth Cultivator, 14 disc Sundercut, Grader, 5 point Wizard Light, and Sundries too numerous to mention.
Also Account Various Owners: Two Sulky Ponies, 40 Farm Horses, 8 Fat Cattle, 5 Porkers, Light Spring Cart etc.
Further Particulars and entries invited by North Midlands Farmers' Co-Op Cp. Ltd, Carnamah; Mr. W. B. Sheridan, Carnamah; and The Westralian Farmers' Limited, Perth."

From The Irwin Index newspaper, 10 October 1931:
"Notice - The Dance arranged for October 17th at Inering has been cancelled - E. Berrigan."

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