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Biographical Dictionary - Coorow, Carnamah, Three Springs


Agnes Scott LAWSON / SHARP

Born 19 March 1887 in Biggar, Lanark, Scotland [28]
Daughter of John LAWSON and Rachel Alston CHARTERIS [P133]
     She was the third of six children with elder siblings Isabella and David and younger brothers John, William and Thomas [20]
     In 1891 she was living with her parents and siblings at the farmhouse on Clerklands Farm in Lilliesleaf, Roxburgh, Scotland [20]
     Her father, who was a Farm Manager, passed away at the age of 41 years at Clerklands Farm on 14 May 1894 [28]
     In 1901 she was living with her widowed mother and siblings at Faugh Hill Cottages in Bowden, Roxburgh, Scotland [20]
     She was working as a Housemaid in 1901, her mother as a Dairymaid, her sister as a telegraphist and brother David a labourer [20]
Later resided with her mother and siblings at 38 Grange Loan, Newington in Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland [20]
     In early 1911 she was working as a Dairy Shopkeeper - possibly selling produce from her brother David, who was a Dairyman [20]
     Her mother and brothers John and Thomas left Scotland for Western Australia in mid 1911 [203]
     In early 1912 her brothers David and William also left for Western Australia, however she remained in Scotland [203]
She ran a large dairy in Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland [P133] and financed her brothers' farm in Kununoppin, Western Australia [328]
Departed from Liverpool, England on the steamship Medic on 23 April 1913 bound for Albany, Western Australia [203]
     Gave her occupation as Dairy Keeper and was only visiting Australia as her intended country of future residence was Scotland [203]
     She was presumably visiting her mother and brothers on their farm at Kununoppin [50]
     Departed from Albany, Western Australia on the steamship Afric and arrived in London, England on 2 September 1913 [204]
In 1914 she financially assisted her brother John to buy from the Midland Railway Company a Ready Made Farms in Winchester [P133]
Departed from London, England on the steamship Karmala on 20 March 1916 to settle in Western Australia [203]
     After a voyage of just over a month she arrived on the steamship Karmala in Fremantle, Western Australia on 25 April 1916 [34] [70]
     Following her arrival she travelled up to her brother John LAWSON at Mayfield Farm in Winchester [34]
     When she enrolled to vote she gave her occupation as 'housekeeper' and her address as her brother John's Mayfield Farm [50]
     Shortly after arrival she made contact with the Midland Railway Company in regards to purchasing farm M922 in Winchester [34]
     The Midland Railway Company refused to sell the farm to a woman, even though it was her money paying for the farm [34]
     They suggested it be in her brother's name however she refused to put her capital into his or anyone else's name [34]
     After much discussion the Company changed their mind - in worry that if they didn't that her brother John might leave his farm [34]
Farmer in Winchester 1917-1920 [6] [27]
     Took out the contract to purchase the 465 acre Lot M922 of Victoria Location 1937 in Winchester on 3 November 1916 [27]
     Lot M922 was one of the Midland Railway Company's Ready-Made Farms and cost £2,150 payable by instalments [27]
     The Midland Railway Company agreed to have the well on her farm connected to the house at no extra charge [34]
     Upon purchase the farm came with 148 acres cleared and planted with wheat crop - which yielded 15 bushels per acre [34]
     In June 1917 she was one of only two settlers on the Company's Ready Made Farms who were paying their instalments on time [34]
     She signed the petition and financial guarantee in 1917 for the Midland Railway Company to provide a doctor at Three Springs [34]
     Presumably she sold her 465 acre farm to her brother John, as it was transferred into his name on 13 July 1920 [27]
Their sister Mrs Isabella M. WALLACE had remained in Scotland but in 1921 she also migrated to Western  Australia [203]
Married George SHARP in 1922 [66]
     Resided with her husband on his Yarrow Farm on the Yarra Yarra Estate in Carnamah [3] [84]
     Their first child, a daughter named Nancy, died on 3 March 1923 at the age two months and three days [39: 4-Jan-1923, 6-Mar-1923]
     Won 1st for Potatoes, Dish of Peas and Fancy Scones at the Annual Show & Sports Carnival in Carnamah in 1923 [86: 4-Oct-1923]
     Her husband passed away in Carnamah on 15 July 1925, just three weeks after the birth of their son Charlie [P133]
     Inherited her husband's 748 acre farm, which was Victoria Location 6922 on the Yarra Yarra Estate in Carnamah [3]
Farmer of Yarrow Farm in Carnamah 1925-1956 [P133] [19]
     Telephone number Carnamah-9A from 1925 until having the telephone disconnected during the Great Depression in 1931 [60]
     She established a dairy on the farm, which was known as both 'Carnamah Dairy Supplies' and 'Yarrow Farm Dairy' [5: 8-Jul-1932] [329]
     This was despite a 1917 Royal Commission reporting that "No dairying is done here, the district is too dry in summer" [152]
     From her dairy she produced, sold and delivered fresh milk, butter, cream, eggs and dressed poultry in Carnamah [5: 10-Feb-1933]
     She would drive her ute into town to do a milk run [P9]
     Advertised her dairy business in The Carnamah-Three Springs Times & Arrino Advertiser newspaper in 1932 and 1933 [5]
     On 1 August 1945 extended she extended her farm with the purchase of 499 acres from the Estate of the Late John LEASK [3]
     The 499 acres was a portion of Victoria Location 6923 on the Yarra Yarra Estate and took her farm to a total of 1,247 acres [3]
Won 2nd prize for Peas in Pod exhibited at the Carnamah Agricultural Show on Thursday 30 September 1926 [9: 15-Oct-1926]
In January 1927 she purchased a new Chrysler car
     Her Chrysler car was registered with the Carnamah District Road Board and contained license plate CA-195 [325]
     In March 1930 purchased an Abyss Green Ford Phaeton car from local Ford salesman Rupert H. LAFFAN [4: 22-Mar-1930]
     Her new Ford car was also registered with the Carnamah District Road Board but with license plate CA-60 [4: 12-Nov-1932]
Made a donation to the Carnamah Football Club in 1928 to aid them in raising funds to send a team to Geraldton [4: 22-Sep-1928]
Exhibited in various sections of the Carnamah District Agricultural Society's Annual Shows in 1928 and 1929 [4] [9]
      In 1928 won 1st prize for Drop Scones and 2nd prizes for Butter, Peas in Pod, and Sheaf of Early Variety Grain [4: 13-Oct-1928]
      In 1929 she received 1st and 2nd prizes for a Jersey Cow and 2nd prizes for Butter and Plain Scones [4: 28-Sep-1929]
Attended the Grand Ball following the Carnamah Show and opening of Centenary Park on 19 September 1929 [4: 28-Sep-1929]
      Centenary Park was a new recreation and showground on the west side of town, opened in Western Australia's centenary year [4]
Sold a bale of wool at 12¼d. per pound through Westralian Farmers Ltd at the Perth Wool Sale on 18 October 1929 [4: 19-Oct-1929]
Had an account with Carnamah blacksmith, wheelwright and motor mechanics Henry Parkin & Son from the 1920s to the 1940s [53]
Won 1st prize for Three Fat Lambs in the Sheep section of the Carnamah Agricultural Show on 18 September 1930 [4: 27-Sep-1930]
In the 1930s employed two men to help run her farm and dairy, one of whom was "Jack" John K. DIGBY [P7]
Made a donation to the Carnamah branch of the Country Women's Association in 1932 to help them purchase premises [5: 29-Jul-1932]
Entered exhibits in the Flower and Cattle sections of the Carnamah Agricultural Show in 1932 [5: 23-Sep-1932]
     Won 1st prize for a Collection of Garden Flowers; and in the Cattle section a 1st for a Dairy Heifer and 2nd for a Jersey Cow [5]
     Attended the Ball following the Carnamah Agricultural Show on 15 September 1932 in a gown of blue crepe-de-chine [5]
With a plot of Currabin wheat came 4th in the Carnamah District Agricultural Society's 50 acre crop competition in 1932 [5: 20-Jan-1933]
Financial Member of the Carnamah District Agricultural Society 1932-1955 [13]
Received 2nd prizes for a Jersey Cow and Three Fat Long-wool Lambs at the Carnamah Agricultural Show in 1933 [5: 22-Sep-1933]
Along with her two children returned to Carnamah on Saturday 14 April 1934 after a fortnights holiday in Perth [5: 20-Apr-1934]
Attended the funeral of Mrs Christina B. D. FORRESTER of Carnamah at the Winchester Cemetery on 31 August 1934 [4: 8-Sep-1934]
Member of the Carnamah Golf Club 1934-1936 [5: 29-Jun-1934] [4: 29-Aug-1936]
Received the Robert Mackie Trophy for the most points gained in the Cattle section of the Carnamah Agricultural Show in 1934 [5]
     Won 1st prizes for an "outstanding" Milking Strain Bull, Jersey Cow, Dairy Cow and for Knitted Woollen Socks [5: 14-Sep-1934]
With a plot of Felix wheat came 7th in the Carnamah District Agricultural Society's 50 acre crop competition in 1934 [5: 21-Dec-1934]
Came equal second in the Fallow Competition conducted by the Carnamah District Agricultural Society in 1934 [5: 22-Feb-1935]
Came 3rd in the Married Ladies Race at the R.S.L. Sports Meeting in Carnamah on Easter Monday 22 April 1935 [5: 26-Apr-1935]
Beginning in June 1935 she sold some of her milk from Miss Ethel A. P. HIMBURY's Wattle Tea Rooms in Carnamah [5: 21-Jun-1935]
Sold 336 sheep through Dalgety & Co Ltd at eight Midland Markets between early August and late October 1935, consisting of:
     199 suckers (32 at 16/3, 100 at 15/11, 45 at 14/3, and 22 at 13/7 per head); 85 wethers (40 at 9/7 and 45 at 8/1 per head);
     and 52 ewes (12 at 15/10, 5 at 10/4, and 35 at 6/10 per head) [5: 9, 16 & 30-Aug-1935; 6 & 27-Sep-1935; 11 & 18 Oct-1935; 1-Nov-1935]
In September 1935 purchased a 10-disc Sundercut plough from local H. V. McKay Massey Harris agent O. S. SOWERBY [5: 6-Sep-1935]
Awarded the Robert Mackie Trophy for the Cattle section at the Carnamah Agricultural Show on 12 September 1935 [5: 20-Sep-1935]
     Won 1st prizes for Pure Breed Milking Strain Bull, Pure Breed Dual Purpose Bull, and Pure Breed Bull under two years [5]
Helped transport children of the Carnamah State School to Three Springs for inter-school sports on 27 September 1935 [5: 4-Oct-1935]
Sold five bales of wool at 12¼d. per pound through Dalgety & Co Ltd at the Wool Sale in Perth on 7 October 1935 [5: 11-Oct-1935]
Sold one cow for £3/2/6 through Westralian Farmers Ltd at the Midland Market on Wednesday 30 October 1935 [5: 1-Nov-1935]
     Sold an unstated number of heifers at £2/12/6 per head and a bull for £1 through Dalgety & Co Ltd on 6 October 1935 [5: 8-Nov-1935]
Reported in The North Midland Times in November 1935 that she'd lost a horse, a brown mare with white mark on its face [5: 8-Nov-1935]
Attended the Carnamah Golf Club's 1936 season Opening Day at Centenary Park in Carnamah on Sunday 26 April 1936 [5: 1-May-1936]
Sold 316 sheep through Westralian Farmers Ltd with eight consignments to the Midland Market between July and December 1936: [5]
     68 suckers (16 at 20/4, 35 at 19/4, 17 at 18/1), 36 wethers at (33 at 21/4, 3 stained at 18/-), [5: 24-Jul-1936, 11 & 18-Sep-1936]
     114 ewes (40 shorn at 16/10, 22 shorn at 10/10, 12 at 10/7, 27 at 9/10, 13 at 8/10), 40 undisclosed at 9/6, [5: 9 & 16-Oct-1936]
    and 58 lambs (21 at 15/10, 14 at 15/1, 23 at 11/7) [5: 6 & 20-Nov-1936, 4-Dec-1936]
Won the ribbon for Champion Cow in the Cattle section of the Carnamah Agricultural Show on 10 September 1936 [5: 11 & 18-Sep-1936]
     Also won 1st prize for Milking Strain Shorthorn Cow and awarded both 1st and 2nd for Jersey Cow and Dairy Cow [5]
     Received 2nd prizes for Milking Strain Bull over two years, Dual Purpose Bull and Milking Strain Shorthorn Heifer of two years [5]
     At the Show Ball she was presented with the Aunger Trophy for gaining the greatest number of points in the Cattle section [5]
Sold eight head of cattle through Westralian Farmers Ltd at the Midland Market on Wednesday 23 September 1936 [5: 25-Sep-1936]
     The cattle were sold at £9/10/6, £8/12/6, £7/2/6, £7/17/6, £7/7/6, £5/17/6, £3/2/6 and £3 - collectively totalling £52/10/6 [5]
Sold two bales of wool at 14½d. per pound through Westralian Farmers Ltd at the Perth Wool Sale on 5 October 1936 [5: 16-Oct-1936]
After a holiday in Perth herself and her two children returned to Carnamah on Monday 1 February 1937 [5: 5-Feb-1937]
Sold four cows (1 at £8, 1 at £5/7/6, 2 at £4/12/6) and one steer at £3/2/6 at the Midland Market on 17 February 1937 [5: 19-Feb-1937]
Sold 9 lambs at 23/1 and 6 lambs at 19/1 per head through Westralian Farmers Ltd at the Midland Market on 21 July 1937 [5: 23-Jul-1937]
Papers concerning her late husband's service during the First World War had been lost in a fire some years before 1937 [30: item 8080248]
     In 1937 she applied through the Returned Sailors & Soldiers' League of Australia for a replacement Certificate of Identification [30]
     On her behalf they made the request to the Australian Imperial Force, so she could have details of her late husband's war service [30]
     Gave a Statutory Declaration, witnessed by local store manager G. A. BRADSHAW, that he had died and she was his widow [30]
     The request was denied as such certificates were only issued to soldiers, however she was provided with details of his service [30]
Member of Carnamah's branch of the Red Cross Society [141]
Discontinued her dairy and at 2 p.m. on Friday 25 October 1946 she held a dispersal sale to sell her entire dairy herd [5: 18-Oct-1946]
     She sold milk cans, bottles, utensils, a feed grinder with six-foot elevator, 25 gallon separator and her herd of 49 cattle: [5]
     12 cows, a purebred Illawarra cow with calf at foot, 17 cows and heifers, 5 steers, 12 vealers and a 2½ year old Shorthorn bull [5]
     She also sold her 1936 model Hillman Minx utility/ute and a five year old Gent's Hack horse [5]
     The sale was conducted by Charles ROBERTSON, the local agent for Westralian Farmers' Co-operative Limited [5]
Vice President in 1947 and Vice Patron in 1951 of the Carnamah Football Club[5: 25-Apr-1947, 12-Apr-1951]
Received electricity at her home from Carnamah firm Henry Parkin & Son - in 1952 paid a flat monthly rate of £1/17/6 [53]
By 1952 she was farming in partnership with her son as "Sharp & Son" or "A. S. Sharp & Son" [3] [53]
Resided on her farm in Carnamah until her son's marriage in 1953 and then moved to Perth [P9]
Herself and her widowed sister purchased a house together in South Perth and lived there together [P9]
Resided with her sister Mrs Isabella M. WALLACE, whose husband had died in 1952, at 8 Leane Street in South Perth [2] [50]
Mother of Nancy [84], Agnes and Charles [P133]
Died 5 May 1971; ashes scattered over the Rose Garden at the Karrakatta Cemetery in Perth, Western Australia [2]

Reference:  Carnamah Historical Society & Museum and North Midlands Project, 'Agnes Scott Lawson / Sharp' in Biographical Dictionary of Coorow, Carnamah and Three Springs, retrieved 25 August 2019 from  [ sources ]

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