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Biographical Dictionary - Coorow, Carnamah, Three Springs


"Harry" Henry Francis BASFORD

Born 14 November 1863 in Adelaide, South Australia [55]
Son of Henry Francis BASFORD and Hannah RIX [55]
His parents departed Southampton, England on the Esmeralda and arrived in Fremantle, Western Australia on 14 October 1854 [69]
     His mother gave birth to his elder brother Thomas Henry Cheslyn BASFORD at Leschenault Cottage in Bunbury in 1855 [15]
     By 1857 his parents had left Western Australia and shifted to South Australia, where he and other children were born [55]
Married (1) Mrs Jane Kneal REEVES nee CAMPBELL in 1890 in Victoria, Australia [54]
     His wife already had two children - Thomas William REEVES born 1885 and Archibald Alexander REEVES born 1886 [54]
     His wife gave birth to two of their sons Henry Francis and Frank in Melbourne in 1891 and 1893, however both died in infancy [54]
     They had moved to Western Australia by 1898 when their son Cecil passed away in Perth at the age of six days [15]
In 1903 he was working as a Labourer and they were living on Coode Street in South Perth [50]
Horse and Cattle Dealer of Allan Street in South Perth 1904-1906 [6]
Manager for DARLOT Bros of Urella Station in Mingenew 1908-1910 [9: 2-Oct-1908] [19]
     In 1908 the station was approximately 19,200 acres in size and was subdivided into 15 mostly cleared paddocks [9: 2-Oct-1908]
     The station was fenced with a firebreak about a chain in width along both sides of fences to prevent fires spreading [9]
     Mingenew at that time was starting to be developed following the sale of a Midland Railway Company subdivision in April 1907 [9]
     His employers bred and pastured cattle on their northern properties but fattened them up in Mingenew before selling them [9]
     The station carried Merino sheep and Shorthorn cows and bullocks, with a capacity of about 6,000 and 2,000 respectively [9]
     The station also contained breeding horses of pure Suffolk stock including a stallion imported from Dangar, New South Wales [9]
     Resided in the homestead on Urella Station which was a good stone building with stables and other usual outbuildings nearby [9]
     The station was well watered from a dam fed by an offshoot of the Irwin River, a windmill from the dam and large tanks [9]
     He was described as a "courteous, energetic and hospitable man" in 1908 [9: 2-Oct-1908]
     His stepson, then known as Thomas Reeves BASFORD, was the Bookkeeper and a Station-hand on Urella Station in 1910 [6] [19]
Served as a member on the Upper Irwin Road Board 1908-1910 [101: page 152]
      Elections were called to fill his vacancy as member of the Board in April 1910, as he had left the Mingenew district [9: 29-Apr-1910]
A short time later he returned to Mingenew, where he was a Station Manager 1911-1913 [19]
Starter at the Upper Irwin District Race Club's Inaugural Race Meeting held in Mingenew on Friday 28 April 1911 [9: 5-May-1911]
Mail Contractor to deliver mail between Mingenew to Morawa until relinquishing the contract in about September 1912 [9: 4-Oct-1912]
Steward at the Upper Irwin Race Club's Annual Race Meeting held in Mingenew on Wednesday 10 December 1913 [9: 19-Dec-1913]
Stock and Station Agent in Mingenew 1914-1927 [6]
     He was a Stock, Station, Land, Forwarding, Insurance and Commission Agent and Auctioneer in Mingenew in 1914 [6]
     In 1914 he was an agent for Henry Willis & Co, G. P. Harris Scarfe & Co Ltd, John Darling & Son and Victoria Insurance Co [6]
     His business was telephone number Mingenew-12 [6] and was conducted from leased premises on Railway Road in Mingenew [44]
     Advertised in February 1918 that Basford & Company of Mingenew were cash buyers of pigs and cattle [9: 1-Feb-1918]
Appointed Ranger and Pound Keeper for the Upper Irwin Road Board in Mingenew at £30 per year in 1918 [10: 17-May-1918] [86: 28-Mar-1918]
Farmer of Eyragully Farm in Mingenew 1919-1924 [44]
     The farm consisted of 214 acres of farmland in Victoria Locations 1195, 6150 and 7005 [44]
     In 1919 and 1920 he also had an additional 6,500 acres with Conditional Purchase lease 4448/93 [44]
Purchased 133 acres of virgin bush from the Midland Railway Company on 10 March 1921 [27]
     The 133 acres was Lot M448 of Victoria Location 2012 and cost £169/17/10 (25/6 per acre), payable by instalments [27]
     By mid 1924 he had also acquired the 131 acre Lot M446 of Victoria Location 2021 in Mingenew [44]
     Appears to have leased the collective 264 acres in Mingenew to William B. MITCHELL of Irwin in 1927-28 [44]
Veterinary Surgeon based in Mingenew 1921-1926 [9: 24-Apr-1925, 12-Mar-1926] [50]
     Attended to horses throughout the districts between Coorow and Greenough, including Carnamah and Three Springs [9: 3-Apr-1925]
     In 1925 he would regularly attend to up to 25 horses for an annual fee of £5/5/- [9: 24-Apr-1925]
     "When you want a Vet, Ring up Mingenew 'Phone No. 1 and H. S. Basford will Promptly Attend" [9: 24-Apr-1925]
     He gave "the utmost satisfaction to his very large number of clients" who spoke "highly of his skillful treatment of stock" [9: 10-Jul-1925]
In 1922-23 he had an Overland car or truck registered with the Mingenew Road Board with licence plate MI-25 [325]
     Two years later in 1922-23 he still had licence plate MI-25 but it was by this time attached to a Nash car or truck [325]
     In May 1925 he purchased a new ¾-ton 502F model Fiat truck, with a special body made to his own design [81: 10-May-1925]
On 13 March 1925 purchased for £30 three vacant adjacent blocks in the Carnamah townsite from the Midland Railway Company [27]
     The three Carnamah blocks were 8, 10 & 12 Boojerabba Street (Lots 75, 74 & 73 of Victoria Location 1936) [27]
     In July 1925 he was intending to erect livestock sale-yards in Carnamah, presumably on his Boojerabba Street land [9: 10-Jul-1925]
     The yards were expected to have been completed within three months and were to be known as The People's Yards [9: 10-Jul-1925]
     4,000 sheep were to be offered at the yards' first sale, however it isn't believed that the yards eventuated [9: 10-Jul-1925]
     On 15 May 1926 purchased for £10 the adjacent block at 6 Boojerabba Street, Carnamah (Lot 76 of Victoria Location 1936) [27]
     He sold one of his Carnamah blocks, 12 Boojerabba Street, to Thomas J. BERRIGAN for £85 in 1928 [3] [4: 12-May-1928]
     Boojerabba Street was part of the initial Carnamah townsite, and was named after an Aboriginal locality northeast of Carnamah [P1]
     The Carnamah District Road Board changed the name from Boojerabba Street to Robertson Street in March 1932 [39: 26-Mar-1932]
His wife, Mrs Jane Kneal BASFORD, of West Perth, passed away at the age of 59 years on 8 April 1925 [2] [9: 17-Apr-1925]
He offered his veterinary services for an annual fee in 1925 [9: 3-Apr-1925]
     It was reported in early April 1925 that many farmers had subscribed to his services and he'd done good work in the district [9]
During much of the the year 1926 he attended to clients in various districts between Geraldton and Moora [9: 21-May-1926]
     During the month of May he was working in Three Springs, Carnamah, Winchester, Waddy Forest and Coorow [9]
     He planned to work in Marchagee, Namban, Watheroo, Coomberdale and Moora during the month of June [9]
     During the month of July he intended to be working in Strawberry, Mingenew, Yandanooka and Arrino [9]
     Then in Geraldton, Greenough, Mullewa and Morawa in August before Bowgada, Perenjori and Latham in September [9]
Veterinary Surgeon based in Carnamah in later 1926 and early 1927 [9: 27-Aug-1926, 15-Oct-1926, 21-Jan-1927]
     Advertised: "When you want a vet ring up Carnamah 'Phone No.3 and H. F. Basford will promptly attend" [9: 15-Oct-1926]
     Telephone number Carnamah-3 was the number of the Carnamah Hotel, which was likely to have been where he was living [60]
     Donated a trophy to the Carnamah Rifle Club known as the "Basford Trophy" in 1926 [9: 4-Jun-1926]
     In 1927 was Honorary Veterinary Surgeon and one of the Vice Presidents of the Carnamah Race Club [9: 8-Apr-1927]
Married (2) Annie Margaret JAQUES at Saint James' Church in Moora on Wednesday morning 4 August 1926 [9: 6-Aug-1926]
     His second wife was a cousin of William F. H. JAQUES of Moora, who'd previously been Stationmaster in Carnamah [6] [9: 13-Aug-1926]
     After an enjoyable honeymoon in Perth they spent a week in Moora and then proceeded to their home in Carnamah [9: 27-Aug-1926]
     He and his wife shifted from Carnamah to Capelcarra in Moora in about February of 1927 [9: 4 & 11-Feb-1927]
Veterinary Surgeon based in Moora in 1927 and 1928 [6] [44]
     His home at Capelcarra was two miles east of Moora and his telephone number Moora-44 [9: 18-Feb-1927, 22-Apr-1927]
     He sought permission from the Moora Road Board to run a motor service from Moora to Perth twice a week in 1927 [9: 18-Feb-1927]
     In 1927-28 his wife had a Chevrolet car and Chevrolet truck registered with the Moora Road Board with plates M-69 and M-227 [325]
He owned an additional unknown property in Carnamah, which he sold in mid 1928 for £228 [86: 14-Jun-1928]
Farmer of Basfordale Farm in Mogumber 1929-1942 [6] [44]
During the 1934-35 financial year leased his three vacant blocks in the Carnamah townsite to Charles L. C. LEE [3]
Pensioner in Mingenew 1942-1945 [3]
Passed away at the age of 82 years at the North Midlands District Hospital in Three Springs [39: 29-Nov-1945]
Father of Myrtle [39: 29-Nov-1945]
Died 7 September 1945 in Three Springs; buried at Mingenew Cemetery in Mingenew, Western Australia (Anglican, Plot 40A) [176]
His wife Annie continued to reside in Mingenew after his death, but passed away a month later on 8 October 1945, aged 77 years [176]
His three vacant blocks in the Carnamah townsite were sold from his estate to Carnamah builder Charles J. DALLIMORE in 1946 [3]

From The Midlands Advertiser newspaper, Friday 17 April 1925:
Social and Personal
"General regret was felt in Mingenew when the news arrived that Mrs Basford, wife of the well-known veterinary practitioner, has passed away. The deceased lady, who had been an invalid for the past two years, was formerly a highly respected and greatly esteemed resident of Mingenew"

From The Midlands Advertiser newspaper, Friday 20 February 1925:
Horse Sense in Veterinary Practice.  H. F. BASFORD.  Mingenew.
"Will Examine and Treat Horses in the Northern Midlands from Coorow to Greenough and adjacent districts for all disorders and ailments. Special Fees for regular attendance. Owners can ensure regular attendance on up to 25 horses for an annual fee of £5/5/-. When you want a Vet ring Mingenew ‘phone 1 and H.S. Basford will Promptly Attend."

From The West Australian newspaper, Thursday 29 November 1945:
"BASFORD - On September 7, passed peacefully away at Three Springs Hospital, Henry Francis Basford, loving father of Myrtle (Mrs Gabrielson); aged 81 years."

Reference:  Carnamah Historical Society & Museum and North Midlands Project, 'Henry Francis Basford' in Biographical Dictionary of Coorow, Carnamah and Three Springs, retrieved 25 June 2024 from [reference list]

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