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Biographical Dictionary - Coorow, Carnamah, Three Springs



Born 29 April 1875 in Auchterderran, Fife, Scotland [28]
Daughter of railway guard John SYME [40] and Jane Clark FORRESTER [28]
     At birth she was registered with her mother's surname of FORRESTER but was later known by her father's of SYME [20] [28]
     In 1882 her mother married widower John SEATH, who had five grown up children and whose wife had died the previous year [28]
     Her only sibling, born in 1883, was a half-sister Jemima SEATH [28]
     Resided in Scotland for 40 years, during which time she resided at Denend and Dundonald Collieries in Auchterderran, Fife [20] [28]
     She was employed as an Outdoor Worker and later as a Domestic Servant [20] [28]
Married "Dick" Richard ROBERTSON on 31 January 1896 in Auchterderran, Fife, Scotland [28]
     Witnesses to their marriage were Alexander WELSH and Helen F. FORRESTER [28]
     She gave birth to a daughter prematurely on 20 July 1897, who died at the age of five minutes [28]
     Gave birth to a son named Charles prematurely, who died on 8 September 1899, aged eight days [28]
     On 16 October 1900 at Denend Colliery in Auchterderran she was blessed with a son who survived, also named Charles [28]
Along with her husband and son Charles departed London, England on the steamship Osterley on 9 April 1915 [P1]
     Also on board was her uncle Robert C. FORRESTER, his wife Euphemia and their children James and Christina [P1]
     Her husband and uncle had arranged to purchase farms in Carnamah, as had friend John BOWMAN who was also on board [P1]
     They arrived on the steamship Osterley in Fremantle, Western Australia on the 11 May 1915 [70]
     After travelling from Perth on the train all day they arrived in Carnamah on Saturday 15 May 1915 [P300]
Resided with her husband and son on Woodbine Farm on east side of the Carnamah-Perenjori Road in Carnamah 1915-1932 [P136]
     The property was a Ready-Made Farm purchased from the Midland Railway Company [27]
     It was initially 433 acres in size, consisting of Lot M951 of Victoria Location 1934, but was later extended with adjoining land [27]
On the recommendation of her husband, her cousin James K. FORRESTER obtained a farm on the Carnamah Estate in 1920 [P300]
     Her cousin-in-law Mrs Christina B. D. FORRESTER lived with them on Woodbine Farm until her cousin had a house [P300]
Awarded 1st prize for Scones at the Picnic Race Meeting & Agricultural Show in Carnamah on 22 September 1921 [9: 30-Sep-1921]
Also won 1st for Plain Scones at the Annual Show & Sports Carnival in Carnamah on 20 September 1923 [86: 4-Oct-1923]
Attended the Race Ball at the Carnamah Hall on 10 April 1924 in a dress of mole crepe de chene embroidered in mauve [10: 24-Apr-1924]
Attended the Grand Plain & Fancy Dress Ball in Carnamah on 6 August 1925 in an evening dress of fawn Jersey silk [9: 21-Aug-1925]
Exhibited in the Vegetable section of the Carnamah Show & Sports Carnival held on Thursday 30 September 1926 [9: 15-Oct-1926]
     Won 1st prize for Cauliflower, both 1st and 2nd prizes for Best Late Cabbage, and 2nd prize for Best Collection of Vegetables [9]
Won 1st for Drop Scones at the Carnamah Agricultural Show & Sports Carnival held on Thursday 13 October 1927 [9: 21-Oct-1927]
Wore a handsome frock of black crepe de chine to her son Charles' wedding in Carnamah on 27 March 1928 [4: 31-Mar-1928]
Her son married local farmer's daughter Winifred M. LANG, and after their wedding they resided on Woodbine Farm [P1]
Won 1st for Carrots and Peas in Pod, and 2nd for Dish of Peas and Beetroot at the Carnamah Agricultural Show in 1928 [4: 13-Oct-1928]
Attended the Grand Ball following the Carnamah Agricultural Show and opening of Centenary Park on 19 September 1929 [4: 28-Sep-1929]
She had regular visits from Les and Ruth BOWMAN of the farm next door, who walked a mile to see her most weekends [P9]
The two young BOWMAN girls called her "Granny Robbie" and often had roast chicken for lunch with herself and her husband [P9]
Members of the FORRETSER family of Carnamah also knew her as "Granny Robbie" [P300]
Passed away from pneumonia and heart failure at the Carnamah Private Hospital at 14 Boojerabba Street, Carnamah [1] [P1]
Mother of Charles ROBERTSON [P1]
Died 14 May 1932; buried at Winchester Cemetery in Carnamah, Western Australia (Row B, Plot 11) [1]
Her funeral was undertaken by local firm Henry Parkin & Son of Carnamah [1]

From The Irwin Index newspaper, Saturday 21 May 1932:
Obituary - Late Mrs. Robertson - Large Concourse at Funeral
"At the Carnamah Hospital on Saturday last  the death occurred of one of the most prominent lady residents of the district in the person of Mrs. Jane Syme Robertson, the news coming as a great shock to her many friends in Carnamah and the surrounding centres. The deceased lady, who was 58 years of age, was the wife of the chairman of the Carnamah Road Board (Mr. R. Robertson) and had only been ill for a few days. She entered the hospital suffering from pneumonia, but heart trouble supervened, and she passed away despite all possible care and attention. A sad feature of the occurrence was the fact that her husband had only returned home on the previous Saturday after having undergone an operation in Perth, and was still in a weak state of health at the time of his wife's death. The late Mrs. Robertson took a great interest in the affairs of the community, among whom her lot had been cast, and was highly respected by all with whom she came in contact. She was born in Fifeshire (Scotland) on April 30th, 1874, and was married to Mr. Robertson on February 26, 1896, coming to Western Australia with him and their son (Mr. Charles Robertson) on May 14th, just seventeen years later. Prior to the interment of her remains in the cemetery, which is situated several miles out of town, a service was conducted in the Presbyterian Church by the Rev. J. Barnes, who also officiated at the graveside, where he was assisted by the Rev. S. Lewis. From the church a long cortege comprising over fifty motor vehicles followed the casket to its last resting place, where the attendance was estimated at approximately 350 persons. The chief mourners were Messrs. R. Robertson (husband) and C. Robertson (son), the bereaved husband being present under the care of his medical adviser (Dr. C. P. Rosenthal). The pall bearers were Messrs. Robert Forrester, John Lang, sen., John Bowman, A. A. McGilp, C. W. Turner, A. J. Hollingsworth, G. K. Ryder, A. C. Bierman, J. K. Forrester and N. Graham. Among others present at the graveside were Messrs. John Lang, jun., R. Niven, Ken Jones, J. K. Hebiton, Mr. and Mrs. C. Kroschel, Mrs. R. Ironside, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. G. Howard, Messrs. R. Laffan, R. A. Caldow, C. Luscombe, Mr. and Mrs. C. Brewer, Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Bothe, Mr. and Mrs. E. Hunt, Messrs. G. F. Brown, F. R. Bryant, J. W. Green, W. J. Pethick, C. F. Thomas, H. Nairn, P. Teede, A. V. Clark, R. W. Clark, Mr. and Mrs. N. W. Reynolds, Mr. and Mrs. S. L. Hidden, Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Sheridan, Mr. and Mrs. L. P. Parker, Mr. and Mrs. L. Ferguson, Mr. and Mrs. H. Morrison, Messrs. H. Zuegg, C. Townsend, H. W. Fowler, B. D. Bothe, C. C. Bothe, D. Waldby, D. S. O'Grady, J. Harmer, F. Badrick, B. Stacy, E. Andrews, F. Andons, J. Kenny, R. Wylie, M. Clune, M. J. Clune, G. Clune, R. Bickerdike, M. P. Baker, R. C. Drage, E. Hellewell, Mr. and Mrs. J. Burns, Messrs. Z. Green, D. Bandy, Mr. and Mrs. Somers, Mrs. Beaumont, Messrs. E. Clark, A. P. Tucker, J. Leask, R. Diamond, J. C. Haig, J. M. Haig, C. H. Gartness, C. Sheahan, P. Dewar, J. M. Tully, Thos. Johnston, Mr. and Mrs. J. Colpitts, Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Hunter, Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Huff, Mr. and Mrs. J. McIntosh, Messrs. I. Johnson, B. Brokenshire, J. Lawson, W. Lawson, M. M. McSwain, Mr. and Mrs. J. Lynch, Mr. and Mrs. W. Bodycoat, Messrs. S. E. Broad, J. S. Rooke, F. Rooke, P, Rooke, M. B. Clark, A. Farquhar, G. Ferguson, R. Hollingsworth, Johansen, Parry, H. Nineham, H. Pope, W. J. Price, Rowland, A. Rocchi, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Watson, Mr. and Mrs. F. Bingham, Messrs A. H. Cousins, H. S. Fowler, W. G. Mulligan, J. S. Straiton, W. T. White, C. S. Macdonald, R. Barnhart, A. Bastian, H. Barnett, S. Gooch, E. K. Byrne, A. D. Walker, C. J. Dallimore, J. Dixon, W. Newman and H. W. Smith. Amongst the large number of floral tributes laid among the grave were those from the following: - Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Turner and family, Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Brewer and family, Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Berrigan and family, Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Bierman and family, Haig Families, Mr. and Mrs. D. Bandy and family, Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Hollingsworth and family, Mr. and Mrs. N. W. Reynolds and family, Mr. and Mrs. T. F. Paterson and family, Mr. and Mrs. Bastian and family, Mr. and Mrs. Zuegg and family, Mr. and Mrs. L. P. Parker and family, Parkin and Ferguson families, Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Pethick and family, Mr. and Mrs. L. Bingham and family, Mr. and Mrs. Roger Clark and family, Mr. and Mrs. E. Hellewell and family, Mr. and Mrs. A. P. Tucker, Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Mortimer, Mr. and Mrs. Kroschel, Mr. and Mrs. Beaumont, Dr. and Mrs. C. P. Rosenthal, Mr. and Mrs. Black, Mr. and Mrs. W. Sheridan and family, Mr. and Mrs. Baxter Bothe, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Watson and family, Mr. and Mrs. C. Thompson, Mr. and Mrs. N. Somers, Mr. and Mrs. Booth and family, Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Kau, Mr. and Mrs. A. V. Clark and family, Mr. and Mrs. M. P. Baker, Mr. and Mrs. E. K. Wells, Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Bothe, Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Bothe, Neil and Olga Graham, Morrison Families, Mrs. J. Lang, Daphne and Frank [Rooke], Betty, Betty Jane [Robertson], Isabel, Alan and Ian [Forrester], Carnamah Sunday School, Carnamah Football Club, Carnamah Country Women's Association, North Midlands Co-operative Co."

From The Irwin Index newspaper, Saturday 28 May 1932:
The Late Mrs. Robertson
"News of the death of the late Mrs. R. Robertson, wife of the chairman of the Carnamah Road Board, was received by the members of the Three Springs Road Board during the progress of a meeting on May 14th. The chairman (Mr. E. Hunt) moved a motion expressing the sympathy of the Board with Mr. Robertson, the resolution being carried by members standing in silence. On the day of the funeral the fixtures of the Carnamah Rifle and Carnamah Football Clubs were abandoned as a mark of respect to the deceased lady and her family."

Reference:  Carnamah Historical Society & Museum and North Midlands Project, 'Jane Syme / Robertson' in Biographical Dictionary of Coorow, Carnamah and Three Springs, retrieved 23 February 2024 from [reference list]

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