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Biographical Dictionary - Coorow, Carnamah, Three Springs


Capt. John Henry RANKINE

Born C.1876 in Ceylon, Colombo [335]
Married Alice Catherine BROWNE [21] [203]
Master Mariner in Montreal, Quebec, Canada [335]
Resided with his wife and daughter in Canada [34]
     They departed Montreal, Canada on the steamer Scotian and arrived in Port Huron, Michigan, United States on 21 July 1913 [335]
     They departed New York, United States on the steamship Mauretania and arrived in Liverpool, England on 23 March 1914 [204]
     Along with Miss Hilda G. MASSON they departed London, England on the steamship Osterley on 19 November 1915 [34] [70] [203]
     They arrived on the steamship Osterley in Fremantle, Western Australia on 23 December 1915 [70]
Arrived by train in Carnamah, Western Australia with his wife, daughter and Miss Hilda G. MASSON on 12 January 1916 [34]
     Prior to leaving England he'd made arrangements with the Midland Railway Company to purchase a Ready-Made Farm [34]
     The arrangements had been made through Robert L. GILBERT and he'd paid a £50 deposit as early as October 1915 [34]
     He had arranged to purchase Lot M935 in Carnamah, however after inspection decided to purchase Lot M952 instead [34]
Farmer of New Brunswick Farm in Carnamah, Western Australia in 1916 and 1917 [34]
     In 1916 purchased 1,224 acres of farmland in Carnamah from the Midland Railway Company for £2788, payable by instalments [27]
     His 1,224 acres consisted of Lots M952 and M1065 of Victoria Locations 1934 and 1936 [27]
     The Midland Railway Company seeded his first crop of 221 acres in 1916 [34]
     Resided with his wife, daughter and their companion Miss Hilda G. MASSON in a house on Lot M952 of his farm [34]
     The house consisted of four rooms and included a verandah and fly-wire doors [34]
He was among the first to play tennis in Carnamah after local subscriptions purchased the materials in February 1916 [9: 3-Mar-1916]
He had a number of grievances with the Midland Railway Company and was secretary of a petition sent to them in August 1916 [34]
Member and Secretary of the Midland Railway Ready Made Farm Settlers' Association in 1916 and 1917 [34]
Member of the Winchester-Carnamah branch of the Farmers & Settlers' Association in 1917 [34]
In 1917 grew 300 acres of wheat crop on his Carnamah farm [10: 19-Jun-1917]
Purchased some of his general supplies from general store "The Supply Stores" in Yarra Street, Carnamah in 1917 [92]
Signed the petition and financial guarantee in 1917 for the Midland Railway Company to provide a resident doctor at Three Springs [34]
Vice President of the Three Springs Saint Patrick's Day Committee's Sports Meeting held in Three Springs on 17 March 1917 [124]
Won the Gents 1st prize at the Euchre Party & Dance at the Carnamah School on Thursday evening 1 November 1917 [9: 23-Nov-1917]
Believed to have walked off his farm in Carnamah in January 1918 [34]
     The Midland Railway Company rescinded the sale on the farm on 31 May 1918 [27]
     What had been his farm was eventually sold by the Midland Railway Company to the Repatriation Department on 15 April 1920 [27]
     His farm and others sold by the Midland Railway Company became the Soldier Settlement Scheme's Carnamah Estate [P300]
     What had been his house was allotted to James K. FORRESTER and shifted to Victoria Location 7180 in Carnamah [P300]
He was working as a manager and living at 47 Colin Street in West Perth in 1925[50]
They later resided in Ceylon, now known as Sri Lanka [204]
Departed from Colombo, Ceylon with his wife and daughter on the Largs Bay and arrived in Southampton, England on 5 May 1929 [204]
Later in 1929 he, his wife and their daughter were living in Canada [204]
They departed Quebec, Canada on the steamship Empress of Australia and arrived in Southampton, England on 24 August 1929 [204]
Later resided in Vancouver, British Colombia, Canada [293: 7-Jun-1939]
Father of Melba [70]

Reference:  Carnamah Historical Society & Museum and North Midlands Project, 'John Henry Rankine' in Biographical Dictionary of Coorow, Carnamah and Three Springs, retrieved 17 April 2024 from [reference list]

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