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Biographical Dictionary - Coorow, Carnamah, Three Springs


"Winnie" Winifred Margaret LANG / ROBERTSON

Born 13 November 1902 in Kilmacolm, Renfrew, Scotland [28]
Daughter of John LANG and Mary LOCHHEAD [28]
She was the youngest of six children with elder siblings Archie, Jenny, John, Jean and May [P12]
Resided with her parents and siblings at the Buchanan Arms Hotel in Kilmacolm and then in Greenock, Renfrew, Scotland [P12]
Departed London, England with her parents on the steamship Otway and arrived in Fremantle, Western Australia on 12 May 1914 [P43]
Shortly after their arrival in Western Australia she settled with her parents on farmland in Carnamah [P12]
Her father had purchased the 475 acre Lot M945 Ready-Made Farm in Carnamah from the Midland Railway Company [27] [34]
Resided with her parents and siblings on Grianaig Farm near Prowaka Siding in Carnamah 1914-1928 [P12]
Member of the Carnamah Sunday School in 1914 [7: page 238]
Won the 12 to 16 Years Girls Race and the Skipping Race at the Picnic Races in Carnamah on 24 June 1915 [39: 7-Jul-1915]
Educated at the Carnamah State School and then as a boarder at Presbyterian Ladies College in North Perth [P12]
Entrant in the Popular Girl Competition conducted in Carnamah by the Carnamah Hall Committee in 1920 [10: 10-Sep-1920]
      To raise votes and money she held a Euchre Tournament & Dance in October, which was a "great success" [39: 23-Oct-1920]
      The tournament and the following dance, which included an auction of goods, raised £45/9/- and gave her 10,908 votes [39]
      When the Popular Girl Competition was finalised in early 1921 she was announced the winner with 21,145 votes [10: 1-Apr-1921]
Member of the Carnamah Amateur Concert Party in 1922 [9: 15-Sep-1922]
Accompanist on the piano to the songs sung at the at the Carnamah Amateur Concert Party's Concert on 7 September 1922 [9]
Member of The Spinsters of Carnamah - was Secretary in 1923 [197]
Attended the Carnamah Race Club's Ball at the Carnamah Hall on 10 April 1924 in a dress of black crepe de chine [10: 24-Apr-1924]
Attended the Grand Plain & Fancy Dress Ball held in the Carnamah Hall on 6 August 1925 dressed as "Dots & Crosses" [9: 21-Aug-1925]
Member of the Carnamah Girls Club [4: 31-Mar-1928]
One of the four organisers of the Masquerade Ball held in Carnamah on Saturday 14 May 1927 [4: 21-May-1927]
Member of the Carnamah Tennis Club for at least the years 1927-28 to 1949-50 [4: 10-May-1930, 22-Apr-1950] [9: 23-Mar-1928]
     Social Committee Member of the Carnamah Tennis Club in 1935-36, 1936-37 and 1937-38 [5: 16-Aug-1935, 24-Jul-1936, 13-Aug-1937]
Married "Charlie" Charles ROBERTSON on 28 March 1928 at the Presbyterian Church in Carnamah [4: 31-Mar-1928, 7-Apr-1928]
     Entered the Church on the arm of her father charmingly attired in a dainty dress of white georgette and silver lace [4]
     Her veil, which was lent to her by her sister, Mrs Jenny MCGILP, was held in place by a coronet of orange blossoms [4]
     Her bridesmaids were her sister "May" Mary L. LANG, Isabel D. FORRESTER and her niece "Maise" Mary L. MCGILP [4]
     Following their wedding ceremony a reception and later dance were held in the Carnamah Hall to celebrate their marriage [4]
Among those they invited to their wedding included John and Louisa ROOKE, Bill and Isabel SARGENT, [4: 31-Mar-1928]
     Bob and Effie FORRESTER, Jim and Chris FORRESTER, Harold and Eva NAIRN, Lou and Ettie PARKER, Annie ROSS, [4]
     Robert NIVEN, Elizabeth TULLY, Ann LEASK, Gladys HAIG, Jack and Alma CULLEN, Bert and Gladys MORTIMER, [4]
     Annie NIVEN, Alf and Hannah HOLLINGSWORTH, Angus MCGILP, Arnold BIERMANN, Neil GRAHAM, John LEASK, [4]
     Robert PALFREYMAN, John and Maggie BOWMAN, Hans HÄUSSLER, John LANG, Kim HOLMES and John TULLY [4]
Resided with her husband on Woodbine Farm on the Carnamah-Perenjori Road in Carnamah from 1928 [P136]
     The farm was 969 acres in size and consisted of Lots M951, M1112 and M1122 of Victoria Location 1934 [3]
Attended the wedding dance for Alexander J. F. BROWN and Clara V. BERRIGAN in Carnamah on 28 August 1928 [4: 8-Sep-1928]
She was among the 400 people who attended the Matrons and Benedicts Ball held in Three Springs on 31 August 1928 [4: 8-Sep-1928]
Attended the Show Ball following the Three Springs Agricultural Society's First Annual Show on 20 September 1928 [4: 29-Sep-1928]
On 8 August 1929 attended in ivory georgette and silver lace the Plain and Fancy Dress Ball held at the Carnamah Hall [4: 17-Aug-1929]
Attended the Grand Ball following the Carnamah Show and opening of Centenary Park on 19 September 1929 [4: 28-Sep-1929]
Attended the Ball in Carnamah in aid of the local Roman Catholic Church's building fund on Thursday 24 May 1930 [4]
     She wore a dress of "apricot georgette, skirt consisting of peaked flares dipping at back" [4: 31-May-1930]
Won 1st prize for Cakes in the Confectionary section of the Carnamah Agricultural Show on 18 September 1930 [4: 27-Sep-1930]
Attended the evening Ball after the Carnamah Races on Thursday 2 October 1930 in a dress of champagne crepe de chine [4: 18-Oct-1930]
Ran the Fancy Stall at the Carnamah Presbyterian Church Ladies Guild's Sale of Work held on 13 December 1930 [4: 20-Dec-1930]
Member of the Carnamah Golf Club 1930-1937, and a Committee Member in 1936 [4: 8-Nov-1930, 7-Aug-1937] [5: 24-May-1935, 26-Jun-1936]
     Runner Up of the Ladies Approach & Put at the Carnamah Golf Club's Season Opening on Sunday 2 May 1937 [5: 7-May-1937]
Attended the Show Ball following the Carnamah Agricultural Show on 15 September 1932 in a gown of blue georgette [5: 23-Sep-1932]
Member of the Carnamah Repertory Club in 1933 [5: 2-Jun-1933]
Attended the Carnamah Football Club's Monster Ball on 2 September 1933 in a dress of cornflour blue figured voile [5: 8-Sep-1933]
Played Marie in "The Bishop's Candlesticks" at the Carnamah Repertory Club's 2nd Concert on 30 November 1933 [5: 1-Dec-1933]
She was among the 150 who attended the Carnamah Tennis Club's Dance at the Carnamah Hall on 9 December 1933 [5: 15-Dec-1933]
Attended the Carnamah Church of England's New Year Ball held at the Carnamah Hall on Saturday 30 December 1933 [5: 5-Jan-1934]
Attended the Dance conducted by the Carnamah Toc H at the Carnamah Hall on Saturday 24 February 1934 [5: 2-Mar-1934]
On the evening of Thursday 15 March 1934 attended the Carnamah Race Club's Annual Dance at the Carnamah Hall [5: 16-Mar-1934]
Attended the Farewell Social to Miss Doris MCLEAN at BERRIGAN's home in Carnamah on Wednesday 11 April 1934 [5: 13-Apr-1934]
Attended the Carnamah Golf Club's Opening Season Dance at the Carnamah Hall on Saturday 21 April 1934 [5: 27-Apr-1934]
On Saturday 12 May 1934 attended the Carnamah Football Club's Grand Opening Ball at the Carnamah Hall [5]
     Wore a dress of "powder blue lace prettily embossed with dainty white stitching, and taffeta bow to tone" [5: 18-May-1934]
Attended the Carnamah Roman Catholic Church's Ball held at the Carnamah Hall on Saturday 26 May 1934 [5: 1-Jun-1934]
Attended the Repertory Social, of plays, community singing and dancing, held in Carnamah on 15 August 1934 [5: 17-Aug-1934]
Sent a wreath for the grave of Christina B. D. FORRESTER of Carnamah at the Winchester Cemetery on 31 August 1934 [4: 8-Sep-1934]
Hosted a complimentary afternoon tea at her home to bid farewell to Mrs Olga GRAHAM in late November 1934 [5: 30-Nov-1934]
Attended the Official Opening of the Coorow Golf Club's golf course in Coorow on Sunday 23 June 1935 [5: 28-Jun-1935]
Winner in Newmarket at the Parkinson Tennis Club's Presentation and Card Evening in Carnamah on 3 July 1935 [5: 5-Jul-1935]
Attended and helped cater for the Super & Social held after the Carnamah Repertory Club's Concert on 25 July 1935 [5: 2-Aug-1935]
Attended her parents Golden Wedding Celebration at Grianaig Farm in Carnamah on Sunday 18 August 1935 [5: 23-Aug-1935]
Won 1st for Plain Cake and Shortbread at the 1935 Carnamah Show, and was smartly gowned in blue at the Show Ball [5: 20-Sep-1935]
She and her husband were among those from Carnamah who attended the Royal Show in Perth in October 1935 [5: 11-Oct-1935]
Chief mourner at the funeral of her sister "May" Mary L. LANG at the Winchester Cemetery on 26 November 1935 [5: 29-Nov-1935]
Competed in the Parkinson Tennis Club's New Year Tennis Tournament in Carnamah on Wednesday 1 January 1936 [5: 3-Jan-1936]
Along with her husband and children travelled from Carnamah to Perth by train on Thursday 6 February 1936 [5: 7-Feb-1936]
     At the conclusion of their extended holiday in Perth they returned to Carnamah on Thursday night 12 March 1936 [5: 13-Mar-1936]
Played for the combined Carnamah-Parkinson tennis team against Winchester-Waddy-Coorow on Sunday 5 April 1936 [5: 3-Apr-1936]
Came 2nd in the Ladies Putting Competition at the Coorow Golf Club's 1936 season Opening Day on 17 May 1936 [5: 22-May-1936]
Member of the Carnamah Social Club in 1936 [5: 7-Aug-1936]
Attended the Carnamah Repertory Club's Social Evening & Play Presentation at the Carnamah Hall on 17 June 1936 [5: 19-Jun-1936]
Played for the defeated Carnamah Social Club in badminton against the Carnamah Badminton Club on 5 August 1936 [5: 7-Aug-1936]
Attended the Show Ball after the Carnamah Agricultural Show on 10 September 1936 dressed in dusty pink Chantilly lace [5: 18-Sep-1936]
Competitor in the Parkinson Tennis Club's Tennis Tournament held in Carnamah on New Year's Day 1 January 1937 [5: 8-Jan-1937]
Journeyed to Perth with her husband and children on 4 February and after a holiday returned on 23 February 1937 [5: 5 & 26-Feb-1937]
Competed in the Carnamah Tennis Club's Easter Tennis Tournament at Centenary Park in Carnamah in March 1937 [5: 2-Apr-1937]
Attended the very largely attended Carnamah Tennis Dance at the Carnamah Hall on 17 April 1937 in black georgette [5: 23-Apr-1937]
Travelled to Perth during May 1937 to bid farewell to her mother and brother John before they sailed for Scotland [5: 21-May-1937]
She and her husband were among the 80 who attended the Carnamah Repertory Club's Social Evening on 25 June 1937 [5: 2-Jul-1937]
Responded to "Our Audience" toast proposed by her husband at the Repertory Club's Concert on 20 August 1937 [5: 27-Aug-1937]
Steward of the Cookery section at the Carnamah District Agricultural Society's Annual Shows in 1940, 1941 and 1947 [13]
Member of the Carnamah Air Observation Corps during WW2 - filled the first daylight shift on 10 February 1942 [0: image 04066]
Member of Carnamah's branch of the Red Cross Society - was Vice President in 1942 and 1943 [141]
Steward of the Cookery section at the Carnamah District Agricultural Society's Victory Show on Thursday 13 September 1945 [13]
Secretary of the Management Board of the Carnamah Presbyterian Church in 1947[0: image 04468]
Member of the Carnamah Presbyterian Ladies Guild 1948-1952 [0: image 04502] [12: 24-Mar-1952]
In 1951 meetings of the Carnamah Presbyterian Ladies Guild were held twice a month at her home [0: image 04622]
Committee Member in 1951, Captain 1954-1957 and Champion in 1956 of the Carnamah Golf Club [7: page 213] [0: image 04616]
Helped run the Nondenominational Sunday School in Carnamah in 1943 [4: 17-Oct-1953]
She was later made a Life Member of the Carnamah Golf Club [7: page 210]
She and her husband resided in Caron Street, Carnamah 1945-1948 and then at 45 Macpherson Street, Carnamah 1949-1966 [60]
They were telephone number Carnamah-2 at their home in Macpherson Street [60]
In about 1966 they sold their house at 45 Macpherson Street, Carnamah to John E. and Verna B. HAYES of Carnamah [3] [19]
After an absence from Carnamah she and her husband had returned by 1974 [3] [19]
She purchased the house at 43 Macpherson Street in the Carnamah townsite (Lot 81 of M1354) from Ronald J. CATTO [3]
Resided at 43 Macpherson Street, Carnamah 1974-1977 [3] [19]
Later resided in the Perth suburb of West Perth [2]
Mother of Betty and Richard [P136]
Died 27 May 1982; ashes buried at the Winchester Cemetery in Carnamah (Row B, Plot 10)[2] [14]

Reference:  Carnamah Historical Society & Museum and North Midlands Project, 'Winifred Margaret Lang / Robertson' in Biographical Dictionary of Coorow, Carnamah and Three Springs, retrieved 25 August 2019 from  [ sources ]

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