Burial Index of the Moora, Winchester, Perenjori, Three Springs and Mingenew cemeteries

Surname, Given Names Age Residence Date of Death Cemetery Links
WOODLEY, Madelene5 monthsMoora2 January 1922Moora
WOODLEY, Mary9 monthsMoora3 August 1937Moora
WOODLEY, Philomena81Moora29 September 1965Moora
WOODLEY, Philomena46East Perth10 July 1990Moora
WOODLEY, Richard Kenneth38North Perth12 February 1987Moora
WOODLEY, Ronald James53Moora14 June 1989Moora
WOODLEY, Rose76Midvale19 April 1994Moora
WOODLEY, Selina Elizabeth Maria55Langford19 April 1994Moora
WOODS, Clara Maud23Moora27 September 1924Moora
WOOLEY, Richard James32Moora17 July 1913Moora
WORRALL, William62Walebing12 March 1931Moora
WORREL, Dolores76Moora15 July 1957Moora
WORRELL, Nita May32Medina6 January 1981Moora
WORTHINGTON, Francis Mabel53Moora3 June 1972Moora
WORTHINGTON, Joyce11 hoursThree Springs2 December 1954Three Springs
WRIGHT, Christie Marie11 daysSwan Districts Hospital15 December 1987Moora
WRIGHT, George Malcolm82Moora4 April 1962Moora
WRIGHT, George Martin63Mount Claremont28 June 2000Moora
WRIGHT, Malcolm George68Moora12 August 1979Moora
WRIGHT, Raye Lillian66Moora26 November 1991Moora
WRIGHT, Wilhelmina Margaret Jane84Moora5 November 2000Moora
WYALLA, childStillbornCarnamah15 June 1916Moora
WYALLA, Darcia25Moora30 May 1921Moora
WYATT, Ada11 daysMoora11 October 1910Moora
WYATT, Ada Eva Frances34Moora5 March 1913Moora
WYATT, Albert John60Moora26 June 1978Moora
WYATT, Alice Louisa48Moora16 September 1932Moora
WYATT, Arthur5 monthsMoora16 July 1920Moora
WYATT, CarmenStillbornWalebing21 March 1927Moora
WYATT, Charles22Dandaragan16 September 1938Moora
WYATT, Charlotte Willagan84Dandaragan25 June 1944Moora
WYATT, childStillbornWalebing24 December 1932Moora
WYATT, Edward63Moora3 August 1974Moora
WYATT, Erington10 daysDandaragan13 December 1909Moora
WYATT, Evelyn1Moora5 March 1913Moora
WYATT, Frances Martha4Moora9 November 1912Moora
WYATT, Frederick William10 monthsDandaragan16 October 1906Moora
WYATT, Fredrick William48Geraldton3 March 1959Moora
WYATT, Henry James73Moora2 November 1977Moora
WYATT, Henry Joseph17Moora19 February 1938Moora
WYATT, Henry Mervyn84Gosnells17 February 1977Moora
WYATT, James79Dandaragan31 August 1959Moora
WYATT, Mervyn5½ monthsMingenew15 September 1949Three Springs
WYATT, Patrick George42Moora9 May 1959Moora
WYATT, Robert Maxwell64Moora1 October 1998Moora
WYATT, Susannah Milicent14Moora7 June 1912Moora
WYATT, William JamesStillborn-9 September 1937Three SpringsBiography
WYDHAM, TopsyMoora16 August 1910Moora
WYLIE, Norman Reginald10Carnamah26 August 1929WinchesterBiography