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Biographical Dictionary - Coorow, Carnamah, Three Springs


"Theo" / "Davie" Theodore Twison DAVIESON

Born 2 May 1892 in Fremantle, Western Australia [30: item 3491387]
Son of "Dave" Edgar DAVIESON and Annie MCMAHON [15]
On 20 February 1914 became the first person to own a block in the then recently surveyed Carnamah townsite [27]
     Purchased 1 Yarra Street, Carnamah (Lot 1 of Victoria Location 1936) from the Midland Railway Company [27]
     Paid a £4 cash deposit with £16 payable by instalments over two years, however the sale was rescinded on 4 November 1915 [27]
     His mother purchased the block from the Midland Railway Company four months later on 1 March 1916 [27]
Farmer in Carnamah 1915-1919 [6] [30: item 3491387] [50]
     As he owned no farmland in Carnamah he was presumably share-farming or leasing a property [44]
     Helped run his mother and sister Winifred's General Store at 2 Macpherson Street, Carnamah 1916-1920 [6] [19]
     In July 1920 he purchased his mother and sister's storekeeping business in Carnamah [9: 16-Jul-1920]
Storekeeper of the General Store at 2 Macpherson Street in Carnamah 1920-1924 [6] [9: 16-Jul-1920] [19] [50]
     In 1922 was an agent for A. Leslie TROTTER's bakery in Moora and sold his bread at the Carnamah store [9: 3-Mar-1922]
     Seller of The Midlands Advertiser newspaper in Carnamah in 1921 and 1923 [9: 11-Feb-1921, 27-Apr-1923]
His horse Bon Ami won the Handicap Hack Race at the Sports Meeting held in Arrino on Easter Monday 1 April 1915 [10: 15-Apr-1915]
Secretary of the Committee which conducted the very successful Sports Meeting in Carnamah on Thursday 4 May 1916 [10: 16-May-1916]
     His horse Homeland ran in the races at the Sports Meeting and came 2nd in both the Trial Stakes and the Losers Handicap [10]
He and Donald MACPHERSON called a meeting in May 1916 for the forming of a Race Club in Carnamah [10: 16-May-1916]
Applied to enlist on 27 September 1916 and enlisted in Perth on 9 October 1916 in the Australian Imperial Force [30: item 3491387]
     On enlistment he was recorded as 5 feet 9 inches tall, weighing 135 lbs., with brown eyes, black hair and a sallow complexion [30]
     Under distinctive marks it was noted that he was missing the first joint on the first finger of his left hand [30]
     After training at the camp at Blackboy Hill he was appointed to the 25th Reinforcement of the 11th Battalion on 1 March 1917 [30]
     Discharged from the Australian Imperial Force at his own request on 30 August 1917 and returned to Carnamah [6] [30: item 3491387]
Vice President of the Three Springs Saint Patrick's Day Committee's Sports Meeting held in Three Springs on 17 March 1919 [124]
     At the Sports Meeting his horse Gabalong came second in the Saint Patrick's Day Handicap horse race of eight furlongs [124]
His horse Gabalong came second in the Carnamah Handicap race at the Carnamah Picnic Races on 27 March 1919 [10: 11 & 18-Apr-1919]
     A week later his horse Gabalong won the Forced Handicap at the Picnic Race Meeting in Arrino on Thursday 3 April 1919 [10]
His friend "Jack" John Scally HEALY of the Perth suburb of Maylands was Killed in Action in France on 11 April 1917 [39: 11-Apr-1918]
     He placed a notice in The West Australian newspaper on 11 April 1918 in "tribute to the memory of one of my past pals" Jack [39]
     "I often sit and think of days gone by; When we were together, But a shower o'er my life is cast; My dear old pal gone for ever" [39]
During the first half of 1919 he made numerous prolonged visits to Moora [10: 9-May-1919]
     The reason for his visits was revealed in May 1919 when his engagement to Miss Dorrie MCNAMARA was announced [9: 16-May-1919]
     Their engagement ended as he married in 1925, and Dorrie married Carnamah farmer Anstruther P. TUCKER in 1926 [66]
Member of the Carnamah Peace Celebrations Committee in 1919 [10: 11-Jul-1919]
     He was in charge of the horse racing events at the Peace Day Celebrations in Carnamah on Saturday 19 July 1919 [10: 25-Jul-1919]
Member of the Carnamah Football Club 1919-1923 [10: 11-Jul-1919, 6-Jul-1923]
     He was Inaugural Vice Captain of the Carnamah Football Club in 1919, and Vice Captain again in 1921 [10: 11-Jul-1919, 6-May-1921]
Member of the Carnamah Hall Committee in 1919 [10: 29-Aug-1919]
Ran the euchre at the Euchre Party & Dance at Mrs Jane WOODS' home in Carnamah on Tuesday 19 August 1919 [10: 29-Aug-1919]
Also conducted the euchre at the Grand Euchre Party & Dance at Glenwilli Farm in Winchester on 4 September 1919 [10: 29-Aug-1919]
Member of the Carnamah Cricket Club - was Secretary in 1919 [10: 14-Nov-1919]
Committee Member of the Carnamah Race Club in 1920 [10: 13-Feb-1920]
On 29 May 1920 purchased 11 Yarra Street (Lot 15 of Victoria Location 1936) in the Carnamah townsite for £20 [27]
     During the 1923-24 financial year sold his vacant block at 11 Yarra Street in Carnamah to George S. FERGUSON [44]
On 27 July 1920 purchased 12 Yarra Street (Lot 16 of Victoria Location 1936) in the Carnamah townsite for £18 [27]
     His block at 12 Yarra Street appears under his sister Winifred's name in rate books before being sold to W. B. SHERIDAN [3] [44]
Ran a Euchre Tournament in October 1920 in aid of Winifred M. LANG in the Carnamah Popular Girl Competition [39: 23-Oct-1920]
Won the Gent's Raffle Prize at an Euchre Party & Dance in Carnamah to raise funds for the Football Club in July 1921 [9: 15-Jul-1921]
Donated the prize back to the club to be auctioned and then obtained the prize back by being the highest bidder [9: 15-Jul-1921]
Best man at the wedding of George E. WHITE and Emma M. MCNAMARA in Moora on 14 January 1920 [9: 23-Jan-1920] [66]
He attended the Perenjori Race Club's Race Meeting on 29 April 1922 in his new Chevrolet car [9: 12-May-1922]
     The car was licensed with the Mingenew Road Board and contained number plate MI-23 [325]
     In early 1923 he purchased a new Hupmobile car from the Skipper Bailey Motor Company in Perth [225: 17-Feb-1923]
Signed the petition in February 1923 for the Irwin Licensing Court to grant a hotel license for Carnamah [10: 9-Mar-1923]
Executed a Deed of Assignment under the provisions of the Bankruptcy Act Amendment Act 1898 on 17 October 1923 [10: 25-Oct-1923]
     On the 31 October 1923 the trustee for his Deed of Assignment declared that a first dividend would be paid to creditors [10: 8-Nov-1923]
     It was advertised in late 1923 that he wasn't authorised to collect monies owed to him as his estate was assigned [512: 14-Dec-1923]
     A third and final dividend to his creditors was declared on 15 November 1924 [10: 23-Oct-1924]
Sold his General Store at 2 Macpherson Street, Carnamah to Linley Scott WYLIE in about 1924 and left the district [19] [51]
Married Annie KERSHAW in 1925 [66]
Resided at 1 Enfield Street in the Perth suburb of Victoria Park in 1926 [6]
Resided at 8 Norseman Street in the Perth suburb of Victoria Park from 1927 until at least 1949 [6]
Resided of late in the Perth suburb of East Victoria Park [2]
Died 18 April 1970; cremated at the Karrakatta Cemetery in Perth, Western Australia [2]

From The Midlands Advertiser newspaper, Friday 16 May 1919:
"The engagement has been announced between Miss Dorrie McNamara (daughter of Mrs H. McNamara) and Mr T. Davieson (son of Mr Davieson of Carnamah)."

Reference:  Carnamah Historical Society & Museum and North Midlands Project, 'Theodore Twison Davieson' in Biographical Dictionary of Coorow, Carnamah and Three Springs, retrieved 4 July 2022 from [reference list]

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