Burial Index of the Moora, Winchester, Perenjori, Three Springs and Mingenew cemeteries

Surname, Given Names Age Residence Date of Death Cemetery Links
ANDERSON, Reuben Charles60Midland7 May 2009Moora
ANDERSON, Reuben Murray43South Hedland3 November 2010Moora
ANDERSON, Thomas John?34Gnangara7 July 1990Moora
ANDERSON, Veronica Jean8 monthsMiling13 June 1951Moora
ANDREWS, Eva91Moora17 August 1982Moora
ANDREWS, Frederick90Moora15 August 1975Moora
ANGEL, Irwin21Watheroo12 May 1938Moora
ANGEL, Isabella74Arrino3 January 1943Three SpringsBiography
ANGEL, John James68Carnamah25 July 1936Moora
ANGEL, Mervyn2 daysMoora9 January 1933Moora
ANGEL, Nellie R.33Watheroo19 June 1939Moora
ANGEL, Peter12 hoursMoora8 January 1933Moora
ANGEL, Roy William40 daysGunyidi20 September 1913MooraBiography
ANNEAR, Edna Joyce1Round Hill6 December 1924Moora
ANTONIO, Catherine6 minutesThree Springs3 April 1960Three Springs
ARMSTRONG, Gladys Ethel71Moora21 November 1959WinchesterBiography
ARMSTRONG, James68Carnamah14 June 1957WinchesterBiography
ARMSTRONG, James Harvey15Moora8 October 1966Moora
ARMSTRONG, James Laurence Harvey88Jurien16 March 2008MooraBiography
ARMSTRONG, Lewis Arnold13Moora8 October 1966Moora
ARMSTRONG, Thomas H.38Coorow31 October 1938WinchesterBiography
ARNDT, Franz Louis64Three Springs14 August 1934Three SpringsBiography
ARNDT, Fritz8Three Springs26 March 1916MooraBiography
ARNOLD, Helene Bernhardine Hilda66Carnamah18 January 1963WinchesterBiography
ASHBY, Albert Edward77Perth20 January 1966Moora
ASHBY, Alfred77Moora15 July 1934Moora
ASHBY, Allen Henry3 daysMoora6 June 1940Moora
ASHBY, Charles Edward73Moora10 June 1976Moora
ASHBY, David William78Moora10 March 2001Moora
ASHBY, Emily74Moora19 May 1976Moora
ASHBY, George Edward25Moora9 May 1925Moora
ASHBY, Henry Cecil65Moora20 May 1963Moora
ASHBY, Jane83Moora21 April 1944Moora
ASHBY, Mary Ann64Moora20 June 1954Moora
ASHBY, Mary Kathleen85Moora30 March 1990Moora
ASHBY, Patricia Mary73Moora3 April 2002Moora
ASHBY, RonaldStillborn-25 December 1935Moora
ASHBY, William John79Moora2 December 1965Moora
ASHDOWN, Henry Richard70Moora21 August 1964Moora
ATKINS, AlbertStillbornMoora3 September 1923Moora
ATKINS, Albert James2Moora Hospital9 April 1927Moora
ATKINS, Jean3 daysMoora19 November 1955Moora
ATKINS, Peter James21 monthsYericoin29 November 1953Moora
ATKINSON, William Thornborough673 February 1904Mingenew
AUNGER, Cyril George74Karrinyup16 September 1986WinchesterBiography
AUNGER, Eileen Ruby96Raymond Terrace NSW7 December 2011WinchesterBiography
AUNGER, Eliza Annie60Carnamah24 August 1949WinchesterBiography
AUNGER, Maurice Simon70Carnamah17 December 1961WinchesterBiography
AYLMORE, Elizabeth Jessie51Mingenew9 November 1925Mingenew
BADOCK, Arthur WilliamStillbornMoora16 July 1928Moora