Burial Index of the Moora, Winchester, Perenjori, Three Springs and Mingenew cemeteries

Surname, Given Names Age Residence Date of Death Cemetery Links
FAIRCLOUGH, Jane83Moora18 August 1943Moora
FAIRCLOUGH, Lewis Aubrey20Moora23 September 1938Moora
FAIRCLOUGH, Myrven Lewis38Moora30 April 1929Moora
FAIRCLOUGH, William69Moora2 January 1930Moora
FAIRCLOUGH, William Sims72Moora19 September 1954Moora
FARRELL, Cecil George3 hoursThree Springs25 February 1953Three Springs
FARRELL, childStillbornBuried 14 August 1920Mingenew
FARRELL, Edward William67Bassendean20 June 2005Moora
FARRELL, Eileen74Morley27 January 1992Moora
FARRELL, Ernest Alfred75Carnamah11 January 1986MingenewBiography
FARRELL, Kathleen EdithMingenew23 May 1951Mingenew
FARRELL, Maitland86Geraldton10 July 2003Mingenew
FARRELL, Ronald2 hoursThree Springs29 April 1952Three Springs
FARRELL, Terrence Bryan4 daysThree Springs9 September 1951Three Springs
FARRELL, Valerie June6 hoursThree Springs29 March 1954Three Springs
FAURE, Thomas Felix67Carnamah23 November 1976Three SpringsBiography
FAWCETT, childStillbornArrino5 May 1942Three SpringsBiography
FEEHAN, Sarah73Mingenew13 August 1949Mingenew
FENNELL, Ellen May30Winchester17 May 1928Three SpringsBiography
FENNELL, Raymond Joseph47Perenjori28 July 1936PerenjoriBiography
FENNELL, Walter George57Marchagee27 February 1955WinchesterBiography
FENTON, John76Moora19 January 1911Moora
FERGUSON, Beatrice Maud63Carnamah15 September 1966WinchesterBiography
FERGUSON, Elsie Frances94Bunbury10 June 1995WinchesterBiography
FERGUSON, George Samuel73Carnamah1 May 1970WinchesterBiography
FERGUSON, Lionel Oliver73Carnamah29 December 1971WinchesterBiography
FERGUSON, Vernon70Dongara18 December 1964Three SpringsBiography
FERRELL, Clyde Herman76Mingenew19 April 1995Mingenew
FICKLING, 1958Mingenew
FICKLING, Arthur Charles4330 October 1910Mingenew
FISHER, Henry James48Coomberdale15 March 1920Moora
FISHER, Mick55Perenjori4 October 1929Perenjori
FITZGERALD, Alice Margaret73Mingenew2 April 1944Mingenew
FITZGERALD, Andrew761 June 1952Mingenew
FITZGERALD, Anne87Scarborough7 December 1962Mingenew
FITZGERALD, Arthur90Nedlands28 May 1993Mingenew
FITZGERALD, Cornelius Joseph74Three Springs2 July 1992Three SpringsBiography
FITZGERALD, Edward93Mingenew18 November 1946Mingenew
FITZGERALD, James Bernard51Mingenew18 April 1936Mingenew
FITZGERALD, Leo Joseph18Namban22 March 1943Moora
FITZGERALD, Louisa76Mingenew30 April 1938Mingenew
FITZGERALD, Margaret MaryStillbornMoora15 October 1932Moora
FITZGERALD, Richard6524 November 1931Mingenew
FLACK, Harold James41Perenjori29 January 1963Three Springs
FLANAGAN, Eileen81Mingenew7 April 1999Mingenew
FLANAGAN, Thomas Patrick61Mingenew12 February 1968Mingenew
FLETCHER, Theodore Stanley4 months13 August 1909Mingenew
FLINT, Fredik Winthorpe67Three Springs8 October 1950Three SpringsBiography
FLOWER, Donald Roderick59Mullewa20 October 1975Moora
FLOWERS, Alice46Moora9 July 1959Moora