Burial Index of the Moora, Winchester, Perenjori, Three Springs and Mingenew cemeteries

Surname, Given Names Age Residence Date of Death Cemetery Links
RIELLY, Laurie18 monthsMoora8 February 1956Moora
RILEY, Peter2 monthsWongan Hills10 January 1956Moora
RILEY, Victor22Mingenew12 May 1959Mingenew
ROBERTS, G. F. (Private) *Moora15 March 1943Moora
ROBERTS, Greville James6 monthsMingenewBuried 27 April 1963Mingenew
ROBERTS, Herbert Samuel67Carnamah30 March 1953Three SpringsBiography
ROBERTSOBN, Donald23Dandaragan7 December 1930Moora
ROBERTSON, Amy Sarah41Moora5 December 1952Moora
ROBERTSON, Angus60Perenjori22 September 1930Three Springs
ROBERTSON, Charles77Carnamah9 August 1977WinchesterBiography
ROBERTSON, Hugh71Moora10 January 1970Moora
ROBERTSON, Jane Syme53Carnamah14 May 1932WinchesterBiography
ROBERTSON, Patricia Mary75Cervantes15 August 2005Moora
ROBERTSON, Richard58Carnamah7 July 1932WinchesterBiography
ROBERTSON, Winifred Margaret80West Perth27 May 1982WinchesterBiography
ROBINS, Elijah65Perenjori9 February 1926Perenjori
ROBINSON, Alexander John51Carnamah8 December 1973Three SpringsBiography
ROBINSON, Arthur Martin Chambers61Mingenew14 August 1981Mingenew
ROBINSON, Jonas William Daniel72Warriedar12 June 1931Perenjori
ROBINSON, Percival59Three Springs5 May 1953Three Springs
ROBINSON, Stanley John31Moora11 April 1917Moora
RODAN, Michael James53Moora20 November 1983Moora
RODWELL, George William8Moora17 April 1920MooraBiography
RODWELL, Harry66Moora8 May 1936Moora
ROE, Brenda Irene92Moora19 May 2007Moora
ROE, George92Moora28 July 2004Moora
RONNA, Bessie25Moora3 August 1910Moora
ROSENTHAL, Cecil Phillip50Carnamah8 April 1939WinchesterBiography
ROSS, Frank77Perenjori20 July 1951Perenjori
ROSS, John MCKenzie15Claremont18 May 1944Moora
ROUSE, childStillbornCarnamah13 June 1942Three Springs
ROUSE, John Gerrard19Irwin8 February 1958Mingenew
ROUSE, Mary Anne68Dongara5 January 1969Mingenew
ROUSE, Thomas Samuel8924 October 1989Mingenew
ROUSE, William Albert68Spalding23 February 1996Mingenew
ROWBOTTOM, Maud32Perenjori30 September 1946Perenjori
ROWE, childStillbornPerenjori29 October 1952Three Springs
ROWLAND, Albert Percy58Carnamah29 June 1971WinchesterBiography
ROWLAND, Alfred John70Carnamah19 October 1984WinchesterBiography
ROWLAND, Allan Godfrey66Pialba QLD3 May 1995WinchesterBiography
ROWLAND, Amy86Duncraig5 December 1975WinchesterBiography
ROWLAND, Beth87Mount Lawley18 June 2013Winchester
ROWLAND, Clarence Augustus99Glendalough20 December 1979WinchesterBiography
ROWLAND, Clarence John77Glendalough25 December 1984WinchesterBiography
ROWLAND, Donald Frederick Charles84Carnamah12 August 1984WinchesterBiography
ROWLAND, Eunice Maud87Carnamah9 October 1998WinchesterBiography
ROWLAND, Frederick Charles83Carnamah12 July 1954WinchesterBiography
ROWLAND, Harry Mark Godfrey83Carnamah13 August 1995WinchesterBiography
ROWLAND, Heather Margaret4 daysThree Springs4 May 1956Winchester
ROWLAND, James Hostley75Carnamah26 September 1958WinchesterBiography